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    Friday, April 11th, 2003
    12:14 am
    kibune and sumikou
    Well, my girls are up and running now, although I'm not sure how I'm going to work this whole thing out, really. Yuri's been a blast to play, but I think the twins were more fun as concepts than actual characters, and I hadn't really planned on playing this many characters at once. ^.^; That's overenthusiasm for you, I suppose.

    Ah, well, I'll figure something out. *G*

    -- Ko-chan
    Thursday, April 10th, 2003
    2:21 am
    I've started to RP Yuri a bit. *snerks* I almost want to apologize here for the sheer level of bitchiness in her posts, but she *is* the Professor of Bitch, Whine and Snark (BWS?), after all. ^_^

    Suffice it to say, though, that her views are not my own. Personally, I enjoy the company of each and every person at MSAS, and I even like butterflies. *GGG*

    And now for the twins...

    -- Ko-chan
    Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
    11:22 pm
    MSAS is open for business - YAY!
    The Mary Sue Academy of Suewarts is now open for business at msas. Woo-hoo!

    I've decided to make individual journals for my characters - 'cause, y'know, what the heck - so hopefully I'll have those set up sometime today or tomorrow.

    Yuri feels a blinding need to keep up with evilpiratequeen, after all. ^_^

    -- Ko-chan
    Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
    12:20 am
    MSAS teacher stats
    And now for the professor:

    Full Name (Plus titles if any): Sensui Yuri

    Age: 28

    Class: Bitch, Whine and Snark. She was originally up for the Martial Arts position, but lost out to Professor Ichijouji. Still, everyone knows that it's the Martial Arts she fancies. (*G*) She was also up for Head of Hadesian House, and has been very bitter ever since the position went to Professor Latrec, although this is somewhat hard to tell as she is very bitter in general.

    Fandom(s): Yuu Yuu Hakusho / Harry Potter Crossover!Sue

    Species(es): Human

    Hair Colour: Her hair was the deep, dark black of a midnight sun, the shining darkness of a raven's wing, flowing freely down her back like a lake of onyx. (*twitches*)

    Eye Colour: Her eyes were colored like the softest of orchids, narrow and hardened like shards of amythest, and filled with a fierceness and determination that cowered students and staff alike. (*gags*)

    Unusual Markings/Colourations: Dark skinned, with a small black dot on her forehead. If asked about the dot, she will merely glare, but that's mostly because she can't actually explain its origin. (Heh.) She also has the Dark Mark on her inner arm.

    Build: Tall and lithe, but with an ample bosom. Very long legs.

    Special Possessions: All of Sensui's memories from all personalities, as well as his fighting powers (but she always gets the attack names wrong). Also has a gay male youkai boyfriend.

    Animal Friend(s): Does the gay male youkai boyfriend count? *GGG*

    History/Origin: Sensui Shinobu's female personality, who was inexplicably able to split off into an entirely separate person before his death. Also, since Sensui was actually Severus Snape's long-lost half-brother on their father's side by a heretofore-unknown Japanese mistress, she is also sorta kinda Snape's half-sister, and will insist on calling him "Sevvy-kins" or somesuch at very inappropriate moments.

    Connection To Canon: As above. Also, she somehow managed to find Itsuki in his homemade pocket dimension and drag him back to the real world with her, incredibly OOC but otherwise none the worse for wear, so he could be her boyfriend help her continue Sensui's quest to destroy the Ningenkai. Oh, and since Sensui spent some time as a Death Eater prior to his unfortunate demise, she's met Voldemort and has the Dark Mark and all that, too.

    Special Abilities: Supreme bitchiness. Sensui's fighting skills. Snape's glare. Can make gay male youkai named Itsuki fall in love with her. (*g*)

    Other Traits: Bitchy and evil. Hates humans. Did I mention the whole thing about how she wants to destroy the world? Basically a female version of Sensui, but bitchier and without the part where you feel bad for him and think that his reasoning actually kind of makes a twisted sort of sense. (And, no, this is not at all what Sensui's actual female personality was like canonically, nor was her name *snerk* Yuri, but she's an MS so what does canon matter, right?)

    Likes: Itsuki, fighting, killing humans, destroying the human world, glaring, snarking, being bitter, torturing her students.

    Dislikes: Humanity. People who point out that her boyfriend's gay.

    Hobbies: Thinking up ways to destroy the human world. Torturing students mentally. Envying the Martial Arts / Head of Hadesian House positions. Letting her bitterness eat her up inside. Snarking. Being an evil bitch.

    Anything Else? Not that I can think of, nope!

    Not as cliche as the students, I suppose, but still fun in her own Mary Sue-y kind of way. ^_^

    -- Ko-chan
    Monday, April 7th, 2003
    1:12 pm
    MSAS student stats
    Since this account is currently being used primarily for the Mary Sue Academy of Suewarts RPG (link coming soon!), I thought I'd start off by posting my character stats (mostly so I won't forget them myself, but still...).

    First off, the students:

    Full Name (Plus titles if any): Kibune (Sakura Kazuma) and Sumikou (Hitomi Kazuma)

    Age/Year: Both are 400+ years old in their demon forms, but were reborn into human bodies fourteen years ago and are therefore third year students at Suewarts.

    Fandom(s): Yuu Yuu Hakusho

    Species(es): Human / Youkai

    Hair Colour (Don't forget the flowery adjectives!): In their human forms, both have hair of deepest crimson that frames their faces like fire in the sun, flowing over their shoulders in thick red waves and cascading down their backs to end at just above their hips. In youkai form, both have long straight hair that caresses their flawless bodies like living waterfalls, but Kibune's gleams like burnished silver while Sumikou's glows like ebony flame. (And, no, none of that makes sense, really, but they're Mary Sues, so it's okay. ^_^)

    Eye Colour (Remember: adjectives are your friends.): In either form, Kibune has eyes like living pools of deep dark amethyst, sparkling and multifaceted (sorry, bad pun, couldn't help it), sometimes shining with hidden mischief and other times shuttered in pain and sorrow. Sumikou has deep blue eyes, like a stormy sea or the darkest midnight (no, those aren't the same color, but does it really matter at this point?), ditto on the mischief and sorrow bit.

    Unusual Markings/Colourations: In youkai form, Kibune has silver fox ears and tail, while Sumikou has large black bat wings that she will *insist* are raven's wings if asked.

    Build: As humans, they are tall and willowy, with ample bosoms and unearthly beauty and grace. They look exactly alike because they are identical twins, which they will continue to vehemently insist even when it's pointed out to them that their eyes are different colors. In youkai form, Kibune is a tall, voluptuous and strikingly beautiful silver youko, while Sumikou is slightly shorter and looks vaguely like a really girly Kuronue with big boobs. (Sorry, ran out of flowery adjectives there for a minute. ^_^;)

    Special Possessions: Sumikou has Kuronue's red gem pendant, which the girls risked their lives to go back and recover, despite the fact that she's since reincarnated and there's no possible way that she could actually have the damn thing. Kibune has the power to control plants (but prefers using a sword over a whip), as well as a mysterious plot hole surrounding her person that causes Hiei to sprout up to approximately Kurama's height whenever they're near each other. Oh, and both have angst. Lots of angst. Oh, and the bad-ass psychic powers, too, can't forget that!

    Animal Friend(s) (if any): Since both have animal forms (a small four-tailed silver fox and a beautiful black raven, respectively, despite the raven making no sense), they are their own animal friends. *G*


    And now you shall know true pain! MWAHAHAHA*hackcoughwheeze*

    Originally a pair of tough but fun-loving best friends that ran a band of thieves in the Makai, Kibune was the younger sister of the legendary Youko Kurama, while Sumikou was his partner Kuronue's twin. They pillaged and looted and generally made trouble, until that fateful day when they were betrayed by a trusted lieutenant and assassinated. Rather than dying, though, they fled to the Ningenkai, where they took refuge in a pair of unborn identical twins and were reborn as the younger sisters of Kuwabara Kazuma, complete with bad-ass psychic powers and the names Sakura and Hitomi Kazuma (which they will insist is correct because they are under the impression that "Kuwabara" is his given name).

    Unfortunately, though, their birth killed their human mother, and their father later killed himself out of grief. Their angst over this caused them to grow up as ruthless and tough-talking street punks with only themselves for company (since they were the only ones who knew of their true origins as youkai, of course) until that fateful day when they were fourteen years old and unexpectedly died while saving a busload of nuns from crashing into an orphanage. Their good deed was so unexpected that they were given a second chance at life, and they have now become Reikai Tantei, along with (shock!) their older brother Kuwabara and (double shock!) Kibune's *other* older brother Kurama, who was also Sumikou's childhood crush and whom they'd both thought was dead.

    Oh, and Hiei! Can't forget Hiei! ^_^ (Note that I did, in fact, leave out the show's MAIN FRIGGIN' CHARACTER, though, as most Mary Sue writers generally do. *sighs*)

    Gods, I think I hurt myself writing that. *shudders*

    Connection To Canon: See above. Their story would take place after the timeframe of the series, though, with Kuwabara in high school and Kurama in college. Hiei would still be in Ningenkai, Yuusuke (There he is! Finally! ^_^) and Keiko would both be working at her parents' restaurant (*sighs*), and the Reikai Tantei would never have been disbanded. Oh, and Hiei's tall. (*sighs some more*)

    Special Abilities: Mad fighting skillz. Kibune has plant controlling powers, Sumikou can fly in her youkai form. Both can turn into their youkai forms and their animal forms at will. Faster than Hiei, tougher than Yuusuke, smarter than Kurama, more psychic than Kuwabara, etc. etc. etc. The standard stuff.

    Other Traits: Sumikou is convinced that her brother Kuronue is alive somewhere, and is searching desperately for her long-lost twin. (And now I've co-opted *everyone*! Go me!) Also, both girls try to show up everyone with both their fighting skills (which really aren't all that good, but they always beat everyone anyway) and their witty and intelligent repartee (which is generally neither witty nor intelligent, but everyone thinks it is). Oh, and they angst a lot over their dead human parents, which makes all the canon characters worry about them (despite two canon characters having the same parents). Plus, Kibune hopes to someday win Hiei's heart through sheer force of will, though she'd never admit it to anyone (read: will attempt to fit it into any and all conversation at least once) because she's a cranky little wench.

    Likes: Kibune is madly in love with Hiei, but will never admit it (except to anyone who asks, of course). Sumikou is madly in love with Kurama. Both like flowers, chocolate, long walks in the park with their respective but severely OOC loved ones, and killing youkai.

    Dislikes: People who stand between them and their men, and people who point out the copious flaws in their backstories. Oh, and anyone who's better than them at anything, of course.

    Hobbies: Killing youkai, disrupting the hell out of YYH canon, and forcing everyone into OOC behavior.

    Anything Else? "Kibune" is the name of another mountain in Kyoto, right next to Mt. Kurama. "Sumikou" is just a horrible butchering of the kanji that make up Kuronue's name, with the kanji for "charcoal" substituted for the one meaning "black" (even though that doesn't really make all that much sense, as far as I'm aware - it wasn't meant to, anyway *g*). Oh, and "Sakura" and "Hitomi" are the two Japanese names that I think I see most frequently for really bad Mary Sues in fanfic (not that I have anything against those names - they're actually rather pretty - it's just that they're commonly used by English-speaking fanfic authors trying to sound like they're writing Japanese characters, so that's why they're there).

    So, that should be about that. Feel free to send suggestions, though, if I've missed any of the major cliches. ^_^

    -- Ko-chan