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[09 Dec 2002|08:46am]
~Sweatdrops slightly as he watches Aya-chan be a human vacuum before looking away at everyone else. He picks up a napkin, tearing off abit from the corner and balling it in his fingers. Then he tosses it over the booth hitting Nagi square in the back of the head. Repeating until the napkin was completely gone. Boredly he looks around the dance floor. He pays no attention to the kiss, as Aya leaves, watching until she out of sight then looking back at the table, wondering if anyone is gonna stop Ken from leaving into the night by himself, his golden eye now focused on Omi~
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[09 Dec 2002|11:33am]
*yawns and walks over to his bike turning it on and placing on his helmet . he sighs and then turns off the bike looking up at the stars for a second slipping off his helmet and looking back at the bar's door before putting on his helmet back on*
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[09 Dec 2002|06:04pm]
*blinks, then sits his head up looking behind him at Farfie, he blinks a few times looking at him, then turns back around laying his head back down*
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[09 Dec 2002|08:05pm]
*he shakes his head sliping off his helmet and walking back in the bar and shaking out hiar and wraping his arms over 2 waitresses shoulders walking through the crowd then spining them off into the dancers sitting back down picking omi up and sitting him on his lap. * gomen for leaving. i needed to think about something. *kisses omis cheek and pokes farf.*
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