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grounded again [12 Jun 2003|11:37pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

everything i do always result in the same thing. grounding. there is no way i can stop getting myself grounded. ok yea i know it was bad that i was 10 minutes late coming home but my last full day in the states will be spend alone in my room. and honestly i know my friends wont horribly miss me but i want to be with them. i wouldnt care that much if i was productive at ho me but i wont be. ill sit up in my room and probably jsut watch hercules. and im gunna spend time with my mom cuz she gets back at 3 tomorrow so its not like i wont see them. and my dad is flying on saturday too so im gunna spend a long time with him at the airport. its like wow the nights i have fun always end in me stuck the next day. oh and wow tomorrow was supposed to be amazing. we were gunna see gangs of new york which was supposed to be really good them we were gunna scare the crap out of jose and bobby. this really sucks. im hoping that i can talk my mom out of it. honestly i want to follow the rules and be home its just that i cant. i could if i tried harder but its a bitch getting linds to take my home not to mention no one else wants to drive me home. im just so pissed off that i get no leniancy.

rape bobby

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