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Friday, April 29th, 2005

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    wow...this is way diffrent from el jay.

    but its a good type of diffrent

    so um...this is going to be my personal no bullshit journal;.and its going to be friends only.i have a livejournal,xanga,myspace, and an old mindsay if you want to stalk me and keep up with me

    i really like this.more options then any of those sites.and its so effin (dont say fuck anymore)hard to find layouts.that i like.

    coz im weird, and picky

    right now im going threw the new stuff on hottopic.they could sell can buy a pool stick that says led zepplin on it.i really think that's waste

    but yea.friends onlty.ask if you for some reason want to be added.

    i dont know anything baout this site yet...

    bye lovers

    Current Mood: okay

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