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23rd June 2003

10:38pm: Nothing at all
I write this stupid journal thing and my computer decides to delete it. Thank you so much.
I know I haven't written in this thing since April but ohhh welllllll. Let's see what's new? Uhhh Oh I'm doing Karate, I have a yellow belt which is tight. I'm doing a tournament this weekend. Wow so damn nervous. I hope I do really good at it. I'm entering in two events, sparring (fighting) and form. A form is like a bunch of moves and stuff. lol

Wow that is basicly my life, I have no boyfriend and I look forward to karate more than anything else probably. HAHA how lame am I? My life is so retarded I wonder why I write in this thing. hahaha

Anyways that's all for right now. Talk later
Current Mood: high
Current Music: Eve6- Horrorscope

17th April 2003

4:40pm: SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh wow I'm so tired. Is it just me or do we REALLY need it to be summer? Seriously there is way too much time between spring break and summer.

I'm starting Karate classes next Monday. Wow I'm so stoked about it I got my Gi (the uniform) and it's so cool! Hah that's probably not exciting to you guys but oh well I felt like telling ya heh.

Well besides that my life is blan, so I'll write more when I have something interesting to say.
Current Mood: sore
Current Music: Christina Aguilera-Fighter

8th April 2003

8:47pm: Crap Crap Crap
Do you ever have one of those weeks when everything is crap? I'm having one of those. Everything is shitty, ugh. It's like I don't even want to wake up and go to school. Okay that's not a good example because I never want to get up that early anyways, but that's besides the point. Just a sucky week. I just want it to be the weekend but who Knows what crap I'll have to deal with then? oh wow just fun I tell ya.

Besides the crappy-ness of the week there isn't much going on, how lame am I?! Haha. Sometimes ya just stop and wonder why you do some of the things you do, ya know? I mean like this journal thing. What drove me to start a journal that everyone that has the internet can read?! Does that not Defeat the purpose of a journal? Oh wow another one of my stupid ideas. Well that's it before I start on another rant again.
Current Mood: crushed
Current Music: Spice Girls- If you can't dance

7th April 2003

9:51pm: Hmmmm
Wow I have just about nothing going on. My life is so friggin lame right now, except for a few things nothing is new, ugh. I saw a movie last week-end The Core pretty good movie, at least I liked it. Technicaly I doubt that will ever happen to the Earth but oh well still good movie.

I just found my new favorite song "Courtesy of the red white and blue" by Toby Keith. Everyone should download it, it's great. I'm wierd like that.

Does anyone have any opinions on the war? Seriously a lot of people I talk to don't have much of an opinion of the war. It's a bit irritating that no one does, I mean the country you live in is saving our butts from a crazy man and you don't have a friggin opinion about it?! Are you kidding?! It's ridiculous I tell ya! But seriosly it's irritating. Feel free to discuss this topic with me :)
Anyways that's my life for now
Current Mood: irritated
Current Music: Toby Keith - Courtesy of the Red white and blue

31st March 2003

9:02pm: Vegas Trip!
Wow I went to Las Vegas over Spring break. That was the most fun I have had in such a long time!! We went shopping every single day, my feet hurt like HELL. Oww pain I tell ya, Pain. But it was all good. The food in Vegas was really good too, it sounds wierd but it is very true!! Well that's another episode of Kiwi's boring life.

20th March 2003

9:19pm: My life isn't going too well, too much homework and just too much damn drama. I don't want to finish my stupid homework but I suppose I should do so. What's with all the homeowork teachers give you all the time?! Sheesh!

Oh wow I never thought that I was going to live to see a war, wierd. I never thought this day was going to come, but I was wrong. It's amazign that it all started 2 years ago and we're going to war now. It's a scary thought if you sit down and analyze it (I analyze everything).

Well that's my boring thought for the day.
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