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And if I haiver..... [31 Mar 2003|05:23pm]
Da.... da.....

It's shoo hot out today >X_x< I did more painting.... yesh... just when you think it's done.... there's MORE!

I think I'm over the painting *nods* most indefinately=P

On the other hand I've been on a requestin/creatin' roll!XD I finished tanpopo/sohma's icons, I know you said you only wanted like one, but I couldn't help it with how Hiro looked >*_*< s'okay if you don't use all of em' Though I'm really proud of the second one >^_^<;; it was effect I've been thinking of doing for awhile and finally got to try it out!X3

I wouldn't walk 500 miles.... )

I'm gonna continue with more requests, I'm far from done and I'm lovin' it=x

An actual post may come later=P

When all ish said and done...

PlEaSaNt SoMeThInG
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