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Thursday, March 6th, 2003
9:43 pm - Chicken tastes like Ham.
Hey hey there. Kit here ^_~. Lessee...what happened Not much. O.o; Really. Truly. Absolutely. Postively. Ok, so not really. Today was a day where I chased those annoying little goldfish in the creeks, hung out under Fred's cool shade with 'the gang', and waited for my mate to come on.

Mom came on, and so did my brother. Other brother...not my mate-brother :P. I haven't talked to my 'other brother' like...ever. He's just there. I'm just here. That's the way it is I guess. He's a lot bigger then I last remember seeing him. And no sign of Ebil yet. I was told to stay up in Sleepy Hollow late tonight, and he'll come. I sure hope so. I only need to wait another ten minutes...

Hm. I'm hanging out with Awau right now under Fred and next to Brae. She's about to leave any second to wherever she goes. *shrugs* but I'm not gonna leave til I see him...even if it's only for a minute. xoxo

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