Day After...   
09:41pm 19/02/2004
  Today was the first full day of having to accept Fredrick's death. It was hard... but it's over. Last night, I didn't sleep at all. Kinda strange. But today everyone was super-nice, and that was a good change. Even though most of my friends are super nice. I talked to Mrs. Mendosa, and then like... four crisis manager peoples. I still have a hard time believing that he's dead...I had so much fun with him. I got some bad papercuts on my fingers though... it hurt like a mofo. Yup. Anyway, The next few days are going to be harder. I'll need lots of hugs. Waiting to find out when the memorial thingy is. I know he's getting buried in New Orleans.  
Fredrick Memorial   
04:33pm 18/02/2004
  Fredrick Conner, you were one of my best friends. Since 6th grade, you'd been in most of my classes, and we'd play tricks on each other and the teacher. Mrs. Ford got so mad at us. I miss you. You've been gone for forever it seems. You'll always be in my heart, my tears. I never thought you would live such a short life. You deserved better. I love you, man. I miss you so much.

Love Always,