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hahahaha suckas [02 Aug 2003|10:31pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

hey... wow a lot of people are oging on this website (friends) because they think thta no one else knows about eachother's names... well guess what I do hahahaha... alright yea my name that i write in more is piixiedustt and thats on digitalexpressions.nu
go there i like it

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Holy Shit [18 May 2003|02:23pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | mmmmm ]

I would have to say last night was one of the most interesting nights ever. I went to a communion with kC which happens to be at Mookie's house. It was soo boring there. We called Trevor to ifnd out if Sean was gonna come over and he said yea around like 7. So we call Trevor back again and he says thta he called Sean and he said to him that I might wanna do something to him and Sean goes yea I know htats why I wanna come over. So me and kC ifnally get home. I go brush my teeth and brush my hair. Then I went outside and me and kc were hanging out wiht Trevor. they ifnally come around like 8? I think. So anyways. They go inside and me and kC stay outside. Then they come outside. We hang out for a while. I didn't really talk it got me soo annoyed but I didn't have anything to say. So anyway we then go inside. We start watching goodfellas and we wtached about like 10 minutes of that then me and kC decide thta we are going to go outside. So we go outside and we hang out and they decide thta thye are going to race down the hill. So Sean gets a surf board and he ties it to a skateboard and he gets all this football gear on. Kevin got this go cart that didn't have a seta and Vinny got this tiny little bike. They go to the top of the hill and thye race down it was the funniets thing ever. Then we stop and I was sitting on the curb and Sean comes and sits rihgt next to me and then we lay down and look at the stars tey were all like fighting over something it was soo funny. Then we all get up and start walking to Trevor's house and then Sean goes and sits on the swing I was gonna join but I don't know why I didn't... I am really mad I didn't. So then he comes back and we go to the pool. We dared Kevin to jump in. He does it was soo funny he went in in his boxers. It was the funniest thing. The pool was soo dirty. It was great. Then we walk down to the basement and me and Sean go inside. They all stay outside. So me and Sean sit on the couch and we start talking. It was great we both wanted something to happen so badly but nothing happened cause Trevor went around outside and started looking through the window. We stay in there for about 10 minutes talking and then kevin and kC kick open the door and then we exit and we go outside. They started running around. Then it was 11 and they all went home and that was it. Then I went to kC's ohuse and decide to sleep over. I started tlaking to sean nline and we discussed what happened. We said thta we were going to get togteher at Greg's party Saturday. So then he said thta he would feel me up and stuff and thta if I was okai with it, finger me. I told him I have to see how the week goes. So then we talked and we tried ot figure out a way to see each other thta night but there was no way. So then he comes up with the idea to cyber. So we did it and yea... and then thats about it. We go to sleep and thats it. I am gonna go buh bye ttyl

you know you love me


*everything is spelled wrong and I am to lazy to fix so deal*

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Survey thingy [17 May 2003|12:32pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | TLC- Waterfall ]

Starting Time: 12:35 pm

* Color of eyes: blue

* Hair: brown, dark blonde

* Height: 5' 4''

* Brothers/Sisters: Chris- 19 Cliff- 17 Liz- 6

* You live with: mom, dad
-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

* Missed school Bus: yes many times
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: no

* Been in a car accident: no

* Been hurt emotionally: who hasn't

* Kept a secret from everyone: yes

* Had an imaginary friend: no

* Cried during a Movie: yeah

* had a crush on a teacher: eww

* Ever thought an animated character was hot: Umm I think it was Anistasia I saw him I was like how the fuck can they make a cartoon character so hot

* Had a New Kids on the Block Single: no

* Been on stage: yeah

* Cut your hair: yes

* Been sarcastic: Yes most of the time


* Shampoo: Thermasilk

* Soap: I think something irish I dunnp

* Color/s: turquise... to write in black

* Day/Night?: night

* Summer/Winter?: Summer

* Cartoon Characters: Hmm...

* Fave Food: Right now those tocos from toco bell that thye are advertising

* Fave Ad: Those gummybear ones where they are like tearing each other apart

* Fave Movie: I don't have one and it really annoys me.. I always seem to watch Revenge of the nerds

* Fave Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

* Fave Subject: math

RIGHT NOW------------------

* Wearing: pjs

* I'm feeling: disgusting

* Eating: nothing

* Drinking: nothing

* Thinking about: Sean and if I'm gonna see him tonight

* Listening to: Camel Toe- Fanny Pack

* Talking to: No one
---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------

* Cried: no

* Worn a skirt: no

* Met someone new: talked to people I haven't in a year?

* Cleaned your room: no

* Done laundry: no

* Drove a car: no

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------

* Yourself: yeah

* Your friends: Hmmm...

* Santa Claus: It's fun

* Tooth Fairy: hmmm It was fun while it lasted

* Angels: Yes

* UFOs: Hell no

-----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no

* Like anyone? Yea...a lot

* Who have u known the longest among your friends: Kacey

* Who's the loudest: Caitrin

* Who's the shyest: hmm... I dunno maybe kC around people she doens't know

* Who's the weirdest: Sean in good ways though

* Who do you go to for advice: Seany

* Who do you cry with:Myself

* When you cried the most: I don't know when... when people die

* What's the best feeling in the world: When I'm with the people I love the most... Sean

* Worst Feeling: Being sick.... and/or someone hurting you emotionaly

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What a Waste [17 May 2003|12:06pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | when I'm gone- 3 doors down ]


Friday was the biggest waste like ever! I was talking to Sean for baout a little bit and then he had to go eat then I talked to him again for like five minutes he had to go again. Then I had to go to kC's Play Cinderella. I went and I saw Seany Annie and Erin there. Me and Seani were on the balcony and we decided to sit all the way at the top. It wasn't the best considering how SLCT normally does it. Then the play was over and they were all signing autographs. Then I went home wiht kC cause I was gonna sleep over. I found out that I wrecked everything between Britt and Sean. kC found out from Leigh that they were soo close to going out like sean was gonna ask her that night and then He found out I liked him and that just changed everything. Now Sean is such an asshole to her and Britt hates me now cause I wrecked everything. I also found out sense he is color blind he has to ask his sister in the morning if his clothes match. How cute! Then I went to kacey's house.Didn't feel to great. I had a sore troat and I went home. I wasn't really in the mood anyways to sleep over. So yea that was my friday. Hopefully I can do something with Sean tonight. I am praying. I really want to see him. Alright I am gonna go buh bye ttyl

you know you love me,


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Breathe [16 May 2003|05:44pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | breathe- again can't get enough of this song ]


I love Sean... I went to school and in the morning I saw him and he nooded... he doesn't say hi in the hallways. Then I go to my class and then go back to my locker and see him again and I say hi and he says hi back. Then I see him again we say hi and then I see him and he nods. I saw him a lot otday. I was very happy. Maybe I'll see him tonight. I have to go to the play tonight whihc seriously wrecks everything. I was like why do we have to go on Friday. I got soo mad but we have to see kc so I'll be nice. Maybe he will be over Trevor's and then we will hang out outside. Who knows. yea I am not in the mood to writ so bye

you know you love me


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Sooo in Love [14 May 2003|09:43pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | TLC No scurbs ]

AHHH I love Sean

We just had an awesome conversation. It was great. He is just soo nice... He doens't like Brittney at all really except he said she can be really pretty and nice some dasy but some days she can be really ugly and bitchy.
Yea well gonna forget that. He said he really hates her though which is really good. Yea so There was this one part of the convo that was my fav. well never mind forget that. But he called me sweetheart!! I was soo happy. Then we were talking baout me getting like taken advangtage around the block and he said

SRM06 (6:28:50 PM): the abused block girl
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:28:57 PM): yea i am
SRM06 (6:29:16 PM): haha
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:29:28 PM): its horrible... they are like complete perverts and like soo young
SRM06 (6:29:29 PM): they take u for such a hoes
SRM06 (6:29:31 PM): hoe*
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:29:43 PM): thanks
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:29:47 PM): i don't act like one...
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:29:51 PM): well I don't think so
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:30:24 PM): they take advantage of me cause i don't do anytihng back like hit them or soemthing when they do something
SRM06 (6:30:35 PM): yeh i know
SRM06 (6:30:51 PM): they think ur like the marycrest bicycle but ur not
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:30:58 PM): exactly
SRM06 (6:31:32 PM): haha
SRM06 (6:31:38 PM): u can be my hoe though
SRM06 (6:31:46 PM): ;-)
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:31:47 PM): sure
SRM06 (6:32:01 PM): awesome
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:32:08 PM): lol
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (6:32:57 PM): I gotta be somebody's hoe so why not you
SRM06 (6:33:14 PM): i like the way u thik
SRM06 (6:33:17 PM): think*

Yea so thats good. I am his hoe lol!! O man I love him.... I am gonna go buh bye ttyl

you know you love me,


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Boring [14 May 2003|05:34pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]
[ music | Breathe- Blu Cantrell Sean Paul ]

Yea today was pretty boring, good, and then embarrassing. Okai so nothing really happened really... hmm..
1st- Test me and sinead compared answers I used the book
2nd- We talked abpout Drugs then Mer started crying and ran out of the room
3rd- We took notes...i'm hopeless for the state test in June
Hallway- I saw sean yay!
4th- Boring but went by really fast
5th- I went and did the oral part of the spnaish state test and I got 8 out of ten because she is nice that ONE time then I went bacl to math... fun
6th- Lunch. I went in to go buy something to eat and I passed sean and we said hi... I was pretty happy... then I went sat and ate kc said that sean looked over a couple of times. Then at the end of the pd. mostly Britt came over to our table and started talking to gel and she said that she is mad at Sean because they were making fun of her in Bio they were like No Britt no .. just shut up... and while she was telling us this I got up and started laughing and then sean saw that she was at our table and started laughing so much.
7th- I was getting chnaged and we had a sub so then steve took advantage of that and ran into the locker room and saw me get changed I was gonna kill him
8th- Sooo boring
9th- We had a sub and he told us his life story he was soo annoying.

Track- I went and kc and Kt didn't go. So I went down to the track and I did 3 laps for a warm up then went and did the long jump. And I jumped 15 feet 7 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am was sooooo happy!! Then I went again and when I went the guys were passing by so I jumped and when I landed my knees gave in and I collapsed in the pit and feel and I got sand all over me. Then Matt yelled yea Suzie. And everyone laughed. I was gonna fukcing die. And Sean saw me.. he probably doesn't wanna talk to me..we will have to see. After I did that I got up and left to go somewhere else I was soo red it was horrible. I went to the high jump then left and got a ride home from James.

I took a shower... and now I am here. I am gonna go and doing only the homework feel like doing

you know you love me,


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Sean and some problems [13 May 2003|05:14pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Justin T ]

Omg hello! I have sooo much to write its crazy

so Maryann told Sean at Lunch while I was right there I got sooo red. Then I went to kC's and we went got clothes and stuff. Then I went home and went in the shower. Blowdryed my hair and then strightened it... it looked soo nice. So then I went online and I started talking to sean. I had such a good conversation with him. Then while I was talking to him kC was to and this is what happened

knuCklehead077: so u found out today suzayn likes you
SRM06: yeh
knuCklehead077: what do u think
SRM06: hmmm shes cool and all but like id like to chill more until we did nething
knuCklehead077: ok cool
SRM06: cuz like i got a lot a girls in the lineup right now
SRM06: its crazy
knuCklehead077: haha
knuCklehead077: ur a busy one
SRM06 (8:12:28 PM): i got a crammed schedule for summer man i might b able to slip and appointment in for her
knuCklehead077 (8:12:40 PM): haha
knuCklehead077 (8:12:58 PM): maybe a 3 o clock or 7 o clock mite be good
SRM06 (8:13:33 PM): hmm icic
SRM06 (8:14:50 PM): hmm ill pencil her in
knuCklehead077 (8:16:42 PM): would u hook up wiht her
SRM06 (8:17:10 PM): hmm possibly
SRM06 (8:17:15 PM): would she?
knuCklehead077 (8:17:22 PM): yhe def.
knuCklehead077 (8:18:18 PM): ?
SRM06 (8:18:38 PM): hmm possibility in the summer
SRM06 (8:18:45 PM): its gotta b DL though
knuCklehead077 (8:18:52 PM): DL?
SRM06 (8:19:27 PM): down low nigga!?
knuCklehead077 (8:19:41 PM): o ok
SRM06 (8:20:02 PM): haha
knuCklehead077 (8:21:51 PM): get it
knuCklehead077 (8:20:57 PM): how far would you go with her
SRM06 (8:21:14 PM): hmm whats she willing to do
SRM06 (8:21:20 PM): i dont wanna push ne limits
SRM06 (8:24:48 PM): hmm i didnt know she likes to suck stuff
knuCklehead077 (8:26:15 PM): lkol
SRM06 (8:27:31 PM): haha tell her to save that saliva up and ill tt her when everythings cool
knuCklehead077 (8:29:23 PM): she said ok]
SRM06 (8:29:45 PM): :-D
knuCklehead077 (8:30:06 PM): your a happy one
SRM06 (8:30:25 PM): yeh i like to hear things like that
knuCklehead077 (8:33:00 PM): lol
SRM06 (8:32:57 PM): i gota wait for brittany to like settle down cuz right now shed kill me if i hooked up with someone and who knows could b soon could b summer

so as you can see we are gonna hook up... to third... maybe probably...gotta see... This is some part of the convo with hooking up and stuff

SRM06 (8:40:36 PM): dude brittany is addicted to me
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:41:00 PM): brittany who>
SRM06 (8:41:08 PM): goldsmith
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:41:16 PM): ooo
SRM06 (8:41:45 PM): ahh i mean i like her and all but i cant get addicted
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:42:15 PM): i see
SRM06 (8:42:50 PM): but like i need to have other chicks man
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:43:17 PM): haha... gotta share your 'pimp juice'
SRM06 (8:43:26 PM): yeh man
SRM06 (8:43:30 PM): she wants it all
SRM06 (8:44:54 PM): aight kacey told me that u liked me n shit and were def hookin up sometime whenever i work this shit out
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:45:30 PM): ooo okai..
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:45:32 PM): thats good
SRM06 (8:45:45 PM): yeh just whenever these hoes chill out
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:45:52 PM): i get some of your 'pimp juice' now
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:45:56 PM): alrighty
SRM06 (8:45:59 PM): hmm or mayb when brittany goes on vacation
SRM06 (8:46:13 PM): when shes in a different area code its legal right?
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:46:26 PM): i guess...
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:46:30 PM): you two are together ight?
SRM06 (8:47:04 PM): nah shes just gay bout nething i do
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:47:14 PM): oo i see
SRM06 (8:47:43 PM): so we gotta keep it DL
RiDicuLoUs Xc129 (8:47:59 PM): sure

I love him... this is great so thta happened yesterday.

So today I told some people and kc told people and right there I am telling you thats not good.

I told Kt and Nicole 1st then when me and kc walked to science she told caitrin then we told maryann and Erin and Kim overheard. Then kc told seani and then seani was cornered by megan and now megan knows. And some other people know to but i don't know exactly who. So there goes keeping it DL. then Brittney came up to Lidia and Erin and goes is suzanne and Sean together they were like no and she was like good cause I really like him or somehting like that. I gotta talk to Sean and figure out what is seriously happeneing I am not really sure if he is mad at me or not because of britney but I don't know. I shall keep you updated. I am gonna go buh bye ttyl

you know you love me,


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School [12 May 2003|09:20am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | gRACE yelling like a fucking idiot ]

I'm in school right abouit now. I look like wreck... hmm... I got these really ugly pants ands this half shirt from hollister that I but it looks really bad with the pants. Hmm.. with my pink etnies. Yea so the communion was awesome. I went I saw Tom. I have decided that I really don't like him anymore. I know I was going all crazy about seeing him but I decided it is time to move on. Okai so then I had a really fun time. I was outside with kc and seany then trevor brendan sean cueva danny harding and some other kid came over. We were talking and stuff. I really talked tralking to Sean and I had a lot of fun with him. I like him. It's great. Like he kept looking at me. I dunno how to explain it. I just really really like him. So then I got cold and I was like omg I am freezing and he offered his sweatshirt. !!!! I said no though cause I hasd to go and and I was like I have to go bye and he was like bye and I just love him. It's great. So then yesterday I was talking to him for the first time. He is sooo nice he like kepts talking to me ands is just soo nice. We had this whole conversation about Treevor it was funny. He was like I am going to make future visits to the block soon and see you soon. So yea that was great I lvoed it. So kC went and told everyone including Maryann and James. Maryann is talking to him! I really don't want her to because I look so stupid and I really don't think that he would say ayes or anything. I really wqould rather her wait till like tomorrow at least so that way I am more prepared but she refuses to. This sucks ass!!! Hmm... this will ruin our conversations and he will then be scared of me. Yea so I am really worried right now. rfeally really worried. OkAi so I have to go and help kC with a project gotta go buh bye ttyl

you know you love me


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Fairytale! [10 May 2003|10:35am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | jump off- lil kim ]


Once upon a time there has a young MODEL named BRIAN. He was THEY MODELING in the LOUD forest when he met HUGE CHRIS, a run-away ACTRESS from the SMALL Queen ADRIEN.

BRIAN could see that HUGE CHRIS was hungry so he reached into his JAR and give him his UGLY FRECH FRIES. HUGE CHRIS was thankful for BRIAN's FRECH FRIES, so he told BRIAN a very GORGEOUS story about Queen ADRIEN's daughter ABERCROMBIE. How her mother, the SMALL Queen ADRIEN, kept her locked away in a PENTHOUSE protected by a gigantic CAMEL, because ABERCROMBIE was so DISGUSTING.

BRIAN JUMPED. He vowed to HUGE CHRIS the ACTRESS that he would save the DISGUSTING ABERCROMBIE. He would MODEL the CAMEL, and take ABERCROMBIE far away from her eveil mother, the SMALL Queen ADRIEN, and RUN her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a HOT RAIN and HUGE CHRIS the ACTRESS began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic CAMEL from his story. SMALL Queen ADRIEN ACTED out from behind a PEN and struck BRIAN dead. In the far off PENTHOUSE you could hear a VROOM.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

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Personality disorders [10 May 2003|10:28am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | It's about time- lilix ]

Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Low
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv
URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/disorder_information2.html

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Saturday [10 May 2003|09:52am]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Dumb girl- lucy woodword ]

hey hey hey

I am seeing Tom in appr.5 or 4 hours. Can't wait! I am babysitting my sister and her friend right now until like 1. Yea so maybe time will go faster. I wonder if I am really as excited as I am writing it down...hmmm... we'll have to see when I go over there. Wow I'm tired I just sprinted up my stairs to go pick up the phone. I must really be out of shape. I was talking to Seany last night and she apparently sent something to Sara yesterday saying that she is a dumb blonde or something and sent it under my name. But she didn't mean to ... I'll just have to explain a lot.
I decided that I will talk about my friends because I am extremely bored... [.[.changing the names.].]

Ann- she is like my best friend... I've known her since kindergarten and we are still friends. We do the stupidest things together it's great. I mean when we are bored we would do things such as decorate Kessler's room. We once drove around in the powerwheel cars that don't work and we made Jamie push us around. We have done the talent shows doing SNL... best times. There is really nothing about her that bugs me excpet for a few things. Like she likes this one guy and I'm sorry but I really don't think that he'll go out with her. I'm sorry but its ture. Sometimes she'll ask people to ask him out for her and when they do she'll be like omg why did you do that and she'll completely deney that she ever asked them to do it. Just those little things. She is also very protective of everything like you'll say that wow you leave track early a lot she'll be like NO! I do'nt I only did it once. Just a little too protective... but whatever I will stop so that way I don't end up hating her in the end.

I don't know who else to write about... I mean I do like seany annie and megan and vic and some other people but I am really lazy... maybe I'll get back to you on that... I have an idea on every entry I'll write about one person. Yay!

Alright I believe that i am gonna go now... buh bye..

you know you love me,


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New Comer [09 May 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | poem- Taproot ]

I just switched from digitalexpressions to here to see what this one is like... I am probbaly gonna use this one but who knows. If you wanna check out my other one its kissmedeadly. Yea so this is cool. Yea I wonder if anyone here isn't 18 or older... hmm... cause I'm not. yea well... I was just offered to go out to eat but I turned down the offer so I could sit at home and od nothing. What a Friday... maybe I'll hang out with the people around the block. Fun! Yea so I believe that Mike likes me... fighting against it. I don't want to get hurt again. yea... so I am really bored. This is werid... I wonder if this site is like the same company or creaters as deadjournal and livejournal cause its exactly alike... watch they are and i'm just the most stupid person there is. I am so nice to myself. Everyone is at rec... I was offered to go but once again I turned down the offer to be by myself. Yea so I am really bored...yea I am really ichy in this one spot... It is really annpoying me. I am gonna go and not bore you probably write later...

you know you love me,
Suzanne(I lied at the top like I lied with my age)

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