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Sunday, December 26th, 2004
4:30 pm
Haven't updated in quite some time, but I don't feel too bad becuase it seems that you've all moved on from the whole blurty.com phase as well.

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
6:28 pm - U p D a t E s & S t u F f
* I streaked my hair w/ blonde.
* Sean is going to Spring Fling w/ Sam.
* Danny is going w/ Kerie.
* Kacy and Angie made up effing finally.
* My leg hurts.

[Describing My Room To You!] Well, my room is small, and my roof slopes. My room looks like this.
l...........................l <- About that big too. Haha no just teasing. But, it is small.
So the wall farthest to the left and the one closest to the bottom are painted a dark/medium blue. The smallest walls going up and down on the right side, and the roof, are painted a cream color. While the two walls that are going across and at the top of the little diagram that I made (I'm so proud!) are painted a light blue. Anyways, in there you have my bed, my dresser, my nightstand, my smaller little dresser/nightstand thing, and my big dresser. All over my walls are Tube lights, and around my closet and main door are christmas string lights. I have other neon lights and such set up all over my room. Then, I have an Orlando Bloom poster <3, a Good Charlotte poster, a spongebob poster, and then I have an entire HOT GUY wall. So, when I find a picture of a hot guy, he goes on the THE WALL! I also have random other things up on my wall, like Guys 101, and a few picture frames w/ pictures of my friends. Uhm. . . yeah and thats about it. My floors full of clothing right now :) I'm in the process of cleaning. And there are books upon piles of books all over the place as well. Tehe! Now you know my room. Enjoy <3 MwAh!

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Sunday, April 4th, 2004
3:04 pm - $hopping $prees
Let`s see what I bought in the past week.

Pink pinstriped pair of capris.
White jean pair of capris.
Cookie monster tee-shirt.
Pink and black tee-shirt.
White belt.
Clear/Rainbow belt.
Gum and Mints and stuff.
RUN ALONG AND DIE NOW happy bunny magnet. (4 my locker)
SAY NO TO CRACK (has a picture of a guy and his asscrack is hanging out.) (4 my locker)
Bought Sam a tee-shirt with duckies on it.
Bought Sam a Good Charlotte poster.
and Food.

Woot... good-bye Money!

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
5:08 pm
[Saturday] Caitlin, Sam, Danny, Anthony, Sean, Dave, and Angie came over my house. At first we were eating and watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Then we all began to get a bit restless with that, so we stopped watching and sat around for awhile. Then, me and Caitie decided we wanted to watch Unbreakable while everyone else talked about penis's. So, we're laying on the ground laughing at how when you laugh your boobs and body bounce... so then someone goes "Let's play Twister!" So... we do! HaHa... yeah we played twister for awhile. First 2 boys and 2 girls, then all boys, then all girls, then just whoever the hell wanted to haha. It was quite interesting.. and pretty challenging. It looks easy, but oh it's not! So then we just got a whole bunch of CD's and for the last like 3 hours me, Caitie, and Anthony danced. Sam and Angie jumped in occasionally, but it was so much fun.

[Sunday] Worked.

[Monday] Went to DC. We went to the Holocaust Museum, but didn't get to see anything else. We saw the Washington Monument (Of Course) It's really hard to miss, and we saw the back of the white house. We got our pictures taken with Einstein, and yeah that's about it. The bus to and from took about 8 or 9 hours alone. So, we weren't there very long, but I still had a good time. We watched Escape from Sobibor on the bus to, and Dumb and Dumber on the bus ride home

[Tuesday] School. Typing for the Doctor's office.


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Saturday, March 20th, 2004
11:28 pm
Mended things with Kacy.
We didn't really talk about it, I just kinda forgot about it.
We just basically started talking again, and now we're cool.
I can joke with him again and everything, so things are getting back to normal.
Ang is still being stubborn and not talking to him.
She claims everything he says is so ignorant.
I don't care anymore, I'm not going to fight away the best years of my life.
He's one of my best friends, and I refuse to loose him.
She's just being stubborn, as always.
But, other than that, not much to talk about.
I hate being single, and I hate love songs.
They make me want to throw something out the window. :-D
I'm jealous of all you happy in love people!
Grraaaaawl! But other than all that, nothing else much to talk about.
Um... I'm going to Washington DC on the 29th.
I'm doing a few projects now... 1 on the Holocause and 1 on Pearl Harbor.
I'm doing English Festival with Sean, Angie, Kacy, and Caitie McCalla.
We're going to have a blast if Ang quits being so fucking stubborn.
I'm addicted to shopping.
The past 2 nights I've been loosing my phone in my bed.
It always turns up under my chest, and vibrates and scares the shit out of me.
I'm always up late text messaging Keith... this 9th grader.
He was on soccer and he was a wrestler.
He's so skinny and small, and hes kind of weird.
But, when hes not trying to show off, hes actually really cool.
He's on crutches now. Not that any of you really probably care haha.
So, HOW IS EVERYONE? Long time no talk girlies!

<33 --KAyla

We go down to the river! And into the river we dive! Oh down to the river we ride!!!!! :) :)

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Monday, March 15th, 2004
2:54 pm - King Peanut . . .
We got our new puppy.
His name is Zeus Kocowate (It`s Spanish for Peanut).
My sister wanted to name the dog Peanut.
But his name was already Zeus.
So she settled for for the middle name.
Zeus Peanut didn't sound right.
So we went for a different language.
That leaves us with
1 Cocker Spanial -- Guten Mana
2 Boxers -- Bootz Carl and Zeus Kocowate

Yes. I know. Weird names. =) But that's just us!!
I`ll have pictures of the doggies and other stuff up soon.

<33 @%!~ Kay

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Sunday, March 14th, 2004
12:33 pm - Sticky Situation...
I`m in tough situations with my two best guy friends... Sean and Kacy. I've known both of them since 8th grade, when we saw each other like once every week. Then, in 9th grade we had every class together, so it`s pretty obvious that we bonded. Now, this year, we have every class together again... but now... things have gotten.. weird. Here's the situations.

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Life's too complicated.

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Thursday, March 4th, 2004
4:29 pm - Kiss Me @ Midnight ...
Sorry guys... I haven't been on for a while. I've been so sick, I have strep throat, and I had to work last night, and it's just been a bit hectic. Anyways, I'm back now! :-P! Sean's trying to make an effort to make everything right between us, acting like nothing happened. But Kacy, he's just being a complete asshole. He started freaking at Angie today because she sprayed me with her Vanilla Spray, and he was like "OMG GO TO THE BATHROOM IF YOUR GOING TO DO THAT, IM SICK OF HAVING SHIT SPRAYED ALL OVER THE PLACE, BLAH BLAH" I was like "wow... MIDOL!" So then later, this kid Brian put a hot frie in Ken's hoodie, and Kacy pointed it out, and Ken threw it on the table. So then Kacy breaks it in half and starts throwing it at Ken. So Ken throws it back. So Kacy grabs Ken drink *which was more than 3/4 full* and put the fries and the crumbs in there. Ken was so mad, but didn't act like he was. Kacy just laughed, he's such an asshole. Something is definatley stuck up his ass lately, and I think he likes it. I couldn't honestly care less whatever happens to our friendship, becuase hes being so rude to everyone lately, he needs a fucking reality check, and fast.

If you get bored later, go to this website. It's actually kinda fun. HaHa. My Mom sent it to me.

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Saturday, February 28th, 2004
7:47 pm - updates*
[Thursday] School was boring, we were all ready for the ski trip. The bus ride up was pretty uneventful. Me and Ang listened to our CD players and watched Remember the Titans. Then we got there and we put all our stuff in the locker and I realized I locked our Rental Cards in the locker, then I forgot to put my glasses in the locker, so we had to keep going back. So we finally get out there and we are practicing on the little bunny hill, Dave and Tom come over. They take us up this semi-steep hill and are trying to show us how to keep our balance and stop and all that, and what do I do? I fall and hurt my butt. HaHa. But, we get up and go back up to the top of the Bunny Hill. So then Sean sees us and he comes over to us and we're just kinda sitting around for awhile and they decide they want to take us up to the top of the hill. So, we're on the ski lift and its all good, but me and Ang aren't too good at getting off. So, we go to get off and I'm doing okay but Dave grabs my back and Sean holds my front so that I don't fall. I'm like guys I'm not illiterate, I can do it. It was funny. So we're going and I'm trying to do S's so that I can slow down when I'm going down the hill, and my board gets stuck on this patch of ice and flips up infront of me, so I flip backwards and realize that either my head or my back and my ass are smashing off the ice, so I pull my head into my chest really fast and my tailbone smashes off the ice and my head flips backwards and hits the ground. So, my board is on the ground and I'm lifting my ass off the hill while my hands are behind my head. My skull was on fire and I couldn't feel my legs. I was panicking. So Angie and Sean laugh. They didn't know I was really hurt, but I was. So Angie comes over and sees that I'm hurt and not moving, so she picks up my head to make sure I'm not bleeding and I just lay there for awhile. Then Kacy and Bobby come and decide to spray snow all over me, which made things 100 times worse. Then, Kacy sees that Sean is sitting there with me and Angie and he goes, "Okay Sean, your branded. Your officially whipped." I was so pissed off, and I was hurting so bad on top of that. I didn't want any of them to see me cry, Angie I couldn't care less if she saw, but no one else. So, I kept pulling my hat over my eyes. But, finally I decided that I would get up and attempt to get down the hill, trying to ignore the pain circling throughout my body. So, I get up and kinda glide over to the side, and I stopped next to Angie and just started bawling. Then, Kacy said something else to Sean about being whipped, and Sean just walked away. We get to the bottom of the hill and we're eating and Sean and Kacy come in. Sean sits down next to me and Kacy goes "Okay Sean... Okay" and started saying stuff agian, and what did Sean do? He got up. So, me and Angie got up. Then, about 15 minutes later Sean has the balls to come over and try to ask me out. Uh Uh... I was like this is SO not a good time for you to say that after what you and Kacy just did, not once, but twice.

[Friday] I was very tired so I wore pink ducky pants and a big white tee-shirt to school. I was comfy, but I was so sore and in pain. Its so hard to sit down, my ass and my back are killing me. My Mom said I fractured my tailbone, do you know how bad that hurts?

[Saturday] I had to work this morning, and now I'm sitting here doing homework. Sean has really been online for the past 2 days and hasn't said a word to me or Angie. Kacy was honestly supposed to be one of my best friends, as was Sean. What the hell did I do to deserve what they did to me...? Not so much Sean as Kacy. How could Kacy say those things about me? That I have Sean whipped and all... and Sean... how could he OBEY Kacy? If anyone has Sean whipped, it's Kacy. Ah they both make me so mad. I HATE GUYS!

[Tomorrow] Gotta try to attempt to run for Track, then Im' watching the Oscars. Woo.. haha.

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
4:12 pm - Wednesday
Geez I can`t believe it`s only Wednesday! This week is going SO slow. Yesterday I spent the day typing for the doctor`s office and filing at the doctor`s office. Geez I really hate that job sometimes. Anyways... last night 1 Tree Hill was on <33 Love That Show! =)

Today I woke up feeling sick as ever. But, I went to school, and basically spent the day regretting that I went. It was SO boring. We didn`t do like anything. But, I`m excited... I get to go snowboarding tomorrow. YaY :) Can`t wait. Of course... I have to deal with a day of school first... BUT THEN I GET TO GO!

It`ll be fun.. hopefully. Alright, I guess I better get going and continue to type for the office. Have a good night girls.

current mood: discontent

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
8:48 pm
Lets see... Monday was pretty uneventful. I had to work after school, so didn't do much. I'm reading this real good book about the Holocaust... It's called Night. It's short, easy to read, and really good. Anyways... today I went to school SO not feeling good. It was a pretty terrible day, I took my little elephant (I hold him whenever I feel sick... superstision I guess... but I swear he works) and I had him sticking out of my purse (he wouldn't fit all the way in) and Brandon "Cocks" Carter named her Winky. Why he named her Winky... I'm not sure. But, today was pretty lame, nothing too eventful. Stayed after for a while and chilled out with Keith, Dave, Kacy, Jordan, and Sean. Kacy was all sweaty and he hugged me, then he called me Sean's girlfriend and it was like someone kicked me in the stomach, I went instantly sick.

I'm going snowboarding on Thursday :) WOO CAN'T WAIT! Tomorrow I'm spending my day watching Brashear wrestlers after school (yummy!) and going to the bank, then coming home and typing for the office and then getting all my stuff ready for Thurdsay. Ah I can't wait. It's gonna be a fuccccckin blast. Anyways, going to go. My show is coming on. One Tree Hill <33 hehe!

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Friday, February 20th, 2004
9:13 pm
Wow! I'm finally allowed on the computer again! Ahh its been too long. Nothing too much has happened... I guess things with me and Sean have progressed a little, which is really weird because, I'm not too sure about it. I mean, yeah I do like him, but its so weird.... before all this we were best friends. It's like dating my brother. Anyways... the wrestling championships were today. Aww this real hot kid Bryan got hurt :(. I felt so bad, I wanted to give him a hug.

Well, not much to update, surprising for not being on for 2 weeks. But I'll update later. Cya

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9:13 pm
Wow! I'm finally allowed on the computer again! Ahh its been too long. Nothing too much has happened... I guess things with me and Sean have progressed a little, which is really weird because, I'm not too sure about it. I mean, yeah I do like him, but its so weird.... before all this we were best friends. It's like dating my brother. Anyways... the wrestling championships were today. Aww this real hot kid Bryan got hurt :(. I felt so bad, I wanted to give him a hug.

Well, not much to update, surprising for not being on for 2 weeks. But I'll update later. Cya

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
3:53 pm - Open `Dat Can Of Whoop Ass!
Yesterday I didn`t go to school `cause it was freezing outside, and because I didn`t feel good. But today, OMGOSH... today was hilarious. My day started out bad `cause my hair wasn`t working the way I wanted it to, and I got a short temper so I started freakin... but anyways. I find out that I got a C for the 1st semester in Spanish, and like a C is unacceptable for my parents, I`m gonna be dead when I get my report card. The day was pretty boring until lunch. I`m sitting there and all of a sudden this girl drops the napkin dispenser, and then I look over and this girl Amanda Morel punches this girl Leah. Ah! It was so funny. Amanda punched Leah like 2 times in the face, then she grabbed her hair and smashed her face on the table, then was kneeing her and Leah fell on the ground and Amanda was kicking her and shit... AH it was great! I hate the girl Leah though, so I was glad she got her ass beat. It was hilarious...

Then I found out Caitlyn gave Gary head... so next time I see her Imma ask her how his dick tasted. She`ll be so pissed ... HAHA! It`ll be funny...

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
8:27 pm - P A T R I O T S are W I N N I N G the B O W L
L E T S G O P A T R I O T S ! W O O H O O !

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Saturday, January 31st, 2004
7:38 pm
Went to see Butterfly Effect. Good movie. Went to Wendys. Good food.

That`s the extent of my exciting Saturday. Woot.

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Thursday, January 29th, 2004
10:05 pm - Hardcore Snowboarding
Wow... the snowboarding was SO fun! It was honestly awesome. So, me and Ang spent like a half an hour stuffing all our stuff into a locker, then we called Sean and Kacy to come down and help us tie our boots because we couldn't get them tight enough. So, then we get our boards and walk outside to the snow lol. So Sean is holding me and showing me how to put my feet into the bindings and all that, while Angie puts on her gloves and stuff. Then Kacy grabs me and pulls me to the ski lift and tells me to go. I'm like AH! So It's Me, Sean, Angie, and 2 random guys on the ski lift. So when we are going to get off...the 1 guy trips Angie, who falls into me while Sean hangs back and gets hit with the ski lift and tumbles on top of me. So, when we untangled ourselves we moved and Sean was helping us to get our other feet into the bindings and how to get up when you fall and everything. So, more or less I got the hang of it quicker and Sean was trying to help Angie get up haha and so Jordan kept telling me to go, and I was all excited I could do it.

So the first run Angie just kept getting really broke. She just fell one after the other. So I finally made it down with Jordan's help, Sean's help, and Dave's help. So, we get to the bottom and we sit there for about 20 minutes waiting for Angie to come down. She took a hard fall, flipped 3 times and landed -- ouch! Yeah, so we finally get down there after an hour *haha* and we ate with Dave, and Tom. Then Kacy and Stadleman joined us, then Sean kinda popped up out of no where.

So, we went out and I was helping Angie on the little bunny hill just to like swirve and everything so she didn't tumble and fall. So, they all went up and about 10 minutes later we met up with Dave and Tom (who came back down the hill). So anyhoo... they all come down and we get on the ski lift and this kid sat right were I was supposed to so I almost sat on him. So, I was all seperated from all my friends. I fell getting off haha. But that's okay. Anyways, the 2nd time down I was speeding down this hill and I was heading right for this cliff, so I tried to stop but I skidded and my board went over the cliff. I almost died! Anyways, then I was speeding and hit ice and fell and road my face down the rest of the hill. Scraped up my chin and stuff and my nose was bleeding a little bit. Hard core snowboarding! Then, I did a flip and landed sideways on my ankle and limped the rest of the way down the hill with the help of Kacy and Angie. It was REALLY so much fun. I had a BLAST. Ahh I wanna go back!

But now comes the intersting part. So we're on the bus, and Sean and Mr. Novak (a teach) are sitting in front of us. So I fell asleep in the worst position. I had my CD player on and I was listening to it and I fell asleep with my head on the back of Sean's seat with my hand like resting on the side of the seat. Well, 2 hours later I wake up and I go to move my fingers and I'm like *Woah.. someone is holding my hand* It was Sean. How it got there... I don't know. What happened... I don't know. But, I was like woah! Now, I don't know what to do. Sean was flirting with me, but so was Kacy, his best friend. AH! I don't know what to do. Cause I like them both you know... Sean a little more... but it's really weird to even think about going out with Sean. It's like that best friend thing. :-\ I dunno.

But the trip was SO MUCH FUN! I'm getting my own board and snowboarding whenever I can! WOo!

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Monday, January 26th, 2004
9:58 pm
Sunday night I spent the night studying for finals (which were to start today) and watching How To Deal and feeling bad because I don't have a boyfriend and the one person that I would do anything to have next to me doesn't even realize that I exist. Anyways... last night it started to snow and sleet really bad and school was delayed 2 hours. This morning around 5 I woke up and glanced at the TV and school was canceled, so back to sleep I went. Now I`m slammed with finals tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm going snowboarding wednesday too.

Tonight I had to work. Worked with Sean, Ryan (not my Ryan) and this kid PJ. For 3 hours I bagged salt into bags and had to estimate what was 10 pounds. Don't ask.. haha. Yeah, but the night went by pretty fast.

Just got done eating and watching Everwood. I'll be up in the shower soon, then taking medicine and hitting the bed to get some well needed sleep. I'm so tired, my eyes are hardly staying open. Oh well, I'll write after tomrrow. Some people are saying we might have a delay or a cancelation tomorrow. I sure hope not. Me, Maegan, Paul, and Angie have to turn in our ski money, and the trip is Wed. If I can't go I will be really mad because this is the 1 thing I've been looking foward too.

I realized, Valentines day is going to be yet again lonley. It's the same every year. I have no one. :(

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Friday, January 23rd, 2004
11:33 pm
Well... I`ve always been really interested in playing the guitar. Not so much an acustic, but an electric guitar. So, I was talking to my sister, and she played for a while and advised me that I should start on an acustic and once I get the hang of it I can start with an amp and an electric. So I`m like cool.. that`ll work. Yeah so about 11 tonight I decided "Hey~! Why not start!" So... I`ve been doing "Guitar's For Dummies" *FYI* (not a real book) and playing some chords and all. It`s really rough on the fingers but once I get used to it, it`ll be all good. I already knew some of the basics, how to hold the pick, the scale, blah blah. The boring stuff I knew... but it`s harder than it looks. Damn, this may take a lot of practice =)!

Wednesday I`m going snowboarding. What`s up with me starting new stuff? I don`t know... but I like this. I`ve always wanted to snowboard, and now I`m finally doing it. Sean`s gonna help me get started. This is going to be once interesting lifestyle for me... guitar, snowboarding, and midterms to look forward to. Bring on the weekend. Rock On!

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4:58 pm
Well... I went to the doctors yesterday and had to get shots in my back. Ouch! :( And today I started to go to the tanning beds w/ my sister. She went in for 10 minutes and was freaking out saying she was "Clostraphobic" I told her she needs to chill out. I have to work tomorrow, but I think I'm going to be taking my school stuff with me and study like crazy for mid-terms, which start Monday.

We had a 2 hour delay today because it was below FREEZING outside. Winter is terrible. I love the snow, and Christmas, but it can be such a hassle sometimes. Like, when you can't feel any of your body becuase its that freezing. Yeah, winter can suck.

I got my haircut... I'll have my friend send me pictures of the new do so you can all see. And, I'll put up some updated ones of Ryan and all the gang that I hang out with. Byee

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