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*thanks 4makin' me a fighter [23 Feb 2003|05:42pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | *Faith Evans- You gets no love ]

I'm so stupid. I just want a cute layout for my journal. And I can't even do that. I need one. But I ish too stupid so fuck it. But if anyone would LOVE me enuff to do it. I would LOVE you back. Eh heh...yet I have but one friend, on blurty. Anywayz I'm in the city! I got my hair done at like 9 A.M. this morning and now I'mm in the city with Evan, Lauren and Fiorella. We had a sleep over last night at Lauren's house. I slept in the same bed wit Bigs. He grabbed my thighs while I was sleeping. He was a horny bastard. We got into a fight this morning at the train station. We're not even a couple but we fight like one. He was like, "Corky, most of the time you're MY bitch. The rest of the time you're just a bitch." And I got pissed. And then I was like, "Shut the fuck up. That was so foul. How can you say that about me?" And he's like, "Easy...I just use my mouf." And I just blew him off and stopped talking to him. And I sat at the edge of the train thing wit my legs hanging over and I was just blowing smoke.
So Lauren (his siter) started crackin' on him and he went home. Other than that I enjoyed my day. Last night I had this dream that me and Stephen had crazy sex, then I had a baby. And we named her Tia, and when I took her to the hair salon, she was wearing this pink J.LO baby velour suit and she started to nag. And then she got a wedgie, and I got pissed off. And since Stephen lives like 2 blocks away from my hair salon I walked over to his house and kicked down the door. And his dad was like, "What the fuck! You can't see him!" And I was like, "I don't wanna see him. His baby wants her father!" And his dad just blew me off as I ran upstairs to his room. He was sitting on his bed and Angel and Vince were there too. And Stephen was like, "Uh...Corky. What the hell are you doing with a baby?" I got so pissed I started yelling, "A BABY! YOU MEAN YOUR BABY! OUR BABY! Here, you don't spend any time wit Tia. Take her, love her, and care for her until I get my hair done. I'll be back in an hour." And as I was leaving Angel was like, "Y'all two had sex?!" And Stephen was just laughing. And hen I didn't come back until 4 weeks later and asked for Tia and Stephen said he got full custody of her, and I started pushing him and then he went to hit me in the face and Tia just dissapeared. And I was crying.
Some dream, huh? lol.

xoxoxoxox buttah
(my new A.K.A)


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*no matter what people say, I'm gonna love him anyway [22 Feb 2003|05:44pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | *Faith Evans- Can't believe ]

Eh heh. I'm Francis's girlfriend. Can we repeat that? I'm Francis's girlfriend. I'm Francis's girlfriend. I'm Francis's girlfriend. I'm Francis's girlfriend. I'm Francis's girlfriend. I want to be Jeff's girlfriend. <--- AH HA!! You see it. There it is again. WHY THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN! I like Francis, a little bit. But I nevber really like him as much as I like Jeff. I told Jeff I like him. It's really sweet. He's really sweet. We'd make a erm...colorful couple. I'm serious. He's that nice, sexxi tan colour. And I'm this um..milk chocolate colour. That's where my mom's side comes in. She's Hispanic from Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatamala and Nigara (sp?) and she might be white from England. Becuase her father's family and my mother are really plae. And my dad's really dark, because he's black from Belize. And look at me, I'm going on about my nationality.
Anywayz, since I lost the conversation, I'll tell you how it went. I IM-ed Jeff and told him I liked him again. He told me he would ask me out but he's already a couple wit Jeannie. -stabs Jeannie- lol. So I told him I was going out wit Francis. He automatically said, "Break up wit him". So I was like, "What about you and Jeannie?" And all he said was "I'm real chill wit Jeannie. So I don't see us breaking up any time soon." That got me so pissed. Hopefully they'll break up in March, he'll ask me out in March. And we'll HAVE to break up in like August. Becuase he won't be in school for September. Yeah, I've really had some time to plan this out.

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*first entry [21 Feb 2003|05:15am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | *the T.V. ]

Hey hey hey. This is my first entry. And I know all of you want to get to know me. -smiles- My real name is Courtney. But I call myself Charli or Chuck. Smart asses call me Corky. Like it's funny...dumbasses. It's not funny. lol. Anywayz, that's it.

babu wuz here________*@#%!

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