Darkest Hour   
07:17pm 10/05/2003
mood: pensive
You'll never know
How hard I tried
And even though
I reached out for you
You wouldn't lend a hand
In my hour of need
You're not here

Did you ever think
That I get lonely?
That I needed love?
That I hurt?
Did you ever think
To stop thinking?
To feel?
Feel for me?

It feels so cold
So very cold
Here all alone
Where no one cares
No one cares for me

You'll never know
The pain I'm in
Don't try to understand
Knowing you
I'm probably wrong

You're the only one
I'm thinking of
In my hour of need

Did you ever think

You'll never know

Things will be better
When I'm dead and gone

Performed at our last concert 05/03/03
Language: Ancient Greek
Lyrics: L
Love Flies   
09:29pm 26/02/2003
mood: complacent
music: radio...not know what is song playing
darkness lifts from snowy plains
our parting coming nearer
the last embrace
the final touch
with nothing more to say
no goodbye

close your eyes
let the rain fall
all around you
you don't need a reason
just let the day
surround you

silence fell along the shore
not a word was spoken
a bitter breeze
a lonely sea
sounding cold and harsh
not goodbye

only feel alive
take the time
to breathe a sigh
you'll find everything's fine
let it all go
on and on

distant memories burn
refusing to fade with passing age
in forlorn hope we wait
old shores still haunt us now
until the end of time
sweet goodbye

the moon will glow
the rain will fall
the snow will pass
the sun will shine
only time knows
where the road goes
only find the answers
find out who you are

do you know why
yet another goodbye
there's a reason to sigh
no reason to cry
don't aim too high
for only time knows
where the road goes
if it goes
to goodbye

Is very loose English translation from Mandarin.
Sweet Nectar   
05:54pm 21/02/2003
mood: accomplished
clicku )

Lookie here, you get another sneek peek. Lucky K├Ątzchens.
^^ Figure it out *grins*
Japanese once again.
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A Kiss   
02:02pm 16/02/2003
mood: busy
He came to me
Uner the moonlit night
My secret love
He stood there silently
Staring at me
His eyes lit, glowing bright
My heart beat hard
Til in his embrace found
Lips on my neck
He kissed me tenderly
Breathing heavy
Sharp teeth slip in my skin
A heavy sigh
He pulls back all to soon
Looking at me
Hard lips pressed against mine
Taste of hot blood
Giving back all he took
Look in wonder
He knelt down beside me
Whispering air
Plying me with kisses
He left me
As silent as he'd come
But I know
He will return to me
Tomorrow night

Another song from our first 'story', again, sung in japanese.
Watching You Sleep   
01:57pm 16/02/2003
mood: bored
You're so beautiful
Watching you sleep
I cannot help but wonder
Why you are here with me

I feel so helpless
Watching you sleep
Knowing you're slipping from me
More and more ev'ry day

There's naught I can do
Watching you sleep
Knowing our time soon is through
Your heart I cannot keep

You're so beautiful
Watching you sleep
I cannot help but wonder
Why you are here with me

I lay here and weep
Watching you sleep
You're slipping away from me
Your heart I cannot keep

Since I have some spare time today, here's one of the older ones. This one was sung in...greek.
04:45pm 27/01/2003
mood: blah
Ok, here it is. You get a sneak preview of sorts. Once again, this is the english translation. However, this was written in Japanese first, rather than having been translated from English to Japanese. Therefore, it has lost quite a bit of its original meaning. This song is also sexual, in case you hadn't figured that out by the title...if you even understood it that is >.>

Please use your judgement and don't read this if easily affended or underage )

...please don't ask me what had gotten into me when I wrote this >
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Look at Me   
01:58pm 20/01/2003
mood: busy
When you look at me
What do you see?
Do you see me?
What I want you to see?

I long for your touch
I ache so much
Yearn for your touch
For I love you so much

Have you ever felt?
The way I melt?
The way I felt?
Your knees suddenly melt?

Did you ever see?
The love I hold?
For you to see?
Only for you to hold

Can you feel for me?
The way I feel?
And as for me
Do you know what I feel?

When you look at me
What do you see?
Can you feel for me?
Did you ever see?

...sung in Latin
Don't Say Goodbye   
06:24pm 18/01/2003
mood: worried
I want to hold you in my arms
And find this is all a dream.
I wish your eyes would open...
Grace me once more with your sweet light.
You never even said goodbye.

I want to feel your soft arms around me...
Held in your eternal embrace.
But you lie still on your bower
Surrounded by a garden of white.
I never got to say goodbye.

**Claudia, open your eyes once more
And let the world shine
With your pure light.
Claudia, open your eyes once more
and let your smile bloom
On rosebud lips.**

Life doesn't last forever, I know,
But here, in your garden of white
As I reach out for eternity...
I never thought you'd leave me alone...
This love of mine will never die.

I'll dry my tears, put a smile on my face...
Life doesn't last forever and I know
The sands of time will keep your memory
Locked within its beatless heart...you see
Even love everlasting fades away....


There are no answers...this isn't forever...
I'll say goodbye if it should be,
For I know I'll see you again someday
And hold you in my arms once more.
This blind love...it will never fade away.

Claudia, open your eyes once more
And let the world shine
With your pure light.
Claudia, sweet time will set me free
Out of your embrace
'Til I see you again.

And so I say goodbye
'Til I see you again.
Looking on your still form
There'll be no more tears.
...I love you...
...my beloved....

written by L
Sung in German
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Autumn Leaves   
06:45pm 17/01/2003
mood: bored
The moonlight strikes
The walls of my ruined castle
And I wake to the smell
Of fearful, sweating bodies;
To the smell of blood.

That deliciously sweet nectar
Made the sweeter by their crimes.

As the moonlight strikes
The ruined walls of my castle;
As the stones lay toppled
And below me mortals pray,
The dagger slips into my breast
Filling my lungs with blood.

The blood that once gave me life
And that now rises to reclaim it.

And so the moonlight strikes
The walls of my ruined castle
Where mortals lay afraid
And where my life
Finally reaches
Its mournful end.

One of the last songs that make up our first 'story', sung in Japanese.
All I ask   
02:01pm 15/01/2003
mood: amused
Would you ever look at me
In the way I look at you?
Will we ever be
The way I see us to?

I want you to see my soul
I want you to let me in
You make me feel whole
Where my world is so thin

Time and time again you see
I have thought this question through
Would you ever look at me
And let me live through you?

I find I'm outside your world
And there's nothing I can do
All I ask is for a sign
Please, let me live through you

Do I even stand a chance?
I want to get to know you
If you have the time
I'm asking for a sign

Would you ever look at me
And let me live through you?
All I ask is for one chance
One, to see if this might be

Would I ever look at you
And let you live through me?
I have thought this question through
Please, all I ask is some sign