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name: Dare
sex: female
age: 18
location: Virginia Beach
single: no
hobbies: drawing, cooking, cuddling with Richard
interests: japanese language and culture, music, cooking, being an internet and computer addict
favorite manga:Under the Glass Moon, Vampire Princess Miyu, O My Goddess, Chobits, Lodoss, X/1999, Fushigi Yugi, and the artistic stylings of Kang Long Kim (INVU), and CLAMP
favorite books: Memoirs of a geisha- Arthur Golden Women of the Pleasure Quarters-Leslie Downer
currently reading: Reincarnation, Ethan Frome (for school)...a few others I cant remember...
miscellanious sites: here and here and here and here
art sites I like (more will be added): Ashura's Art Gallery
I love this artist.. *^_^*
random sprites(not made by me)

kirameku feelscarefree!!

Sunday, November 9th, 2003
6:22 am
my new site that I stayed up all night to work on...o wait...I stay up all night anyway...

current mood: accomplished...yet sleepy
current music: Ayumi Hamasaki-Audience (remix)

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
7:21 pm

I've decided after long consideration that my journal shall now be
now and forevermore.
if you would like to see my entries you must first go through blurty and make an account. Tell me who you are and I'll add you as a friend.
i am not doing this to be a pain in the ass, I am doing this in case my privacy is threatened. thanks for your understanding
if you found my journal at random, and have seen my profile, and think we would get along, comment and if I like you I'll add you.
thanks to everyone once again. :)

current mood: accomplished

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