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[17 Sep 2004|12:06pm]
Today i am sick, and at school we had a half day but i didn't even bother going. Yesterday was alexisonfire, boys night out, moneen and hope falls are some name like that...it was awesome! had a blast of fun. Except for the whole fact of having all your own sweat and everyone elses on you. But it was sure worth it.
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[08 Sep 2004|07:22pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | The Used- Blue And Yellow ]

...homework....oh effing homework. stupid picky english teacher and making a title pg all my blank paper is put away in a box in the garage. 200-350 word essay =\ ...and another assignment..crazzzzzyness man, it's the second day of school. who gives out that much work. watching canadian idol jacob is so going to win, said it since the beging. this new shedual thingy at school is poo lunch is so quick, and line ups are so long...4986465 thumbs down to guiser also with the whole carrying your agenda to the washroom thing. if i were a principal id make the school so much better. not so strict and not dumb lunches that is wayyyy shorter then the classes. oh well...i complain to much. the teacher liked my socks and the other was like ask the principal if your allowed to wear those. i feel like dancing and signing. drama i was horrible today, i kept like tripping and stuff. and then in civics everyone decided to volunteer me so i had to read and im like sorry but i don't know how to read then i like messed up on so many words. and some smart girl was reading all perfect and answering every single question and putting her opinon into everything i couldn't keep up. one day one day i will become smart and be the show off and then people will be jelious. not really but that is my dream/ goal. this chair is uncomfortable it hurts my bum.

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Back to schoool [07 Sep 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | The Spill Canvas- Sunsets and Car Crashes ]

Today was the first day back to school. It was pretty fun, we did like nothing all day. First period i have religion, second civics, third a lunch, english, drama...which is crap so i think i may switch so that my schedual for next semester is better or else it will be horrible and i will fail every single course. School is cool. School rules. School does not drool. In drama class you sit on a stool. Tool is in the word stool. School is cooler then cool. I wish we didn't have to wear dress shoes though they hurt my feet. I had harveys for lunch today...yay....it was pretty gross. Then we went to Stephbahnee's and hungout in the basement like cool cats. And then we went to tim hortens because as you know we are fat. Fat rats we are. Then i came home, and talked on the phone. Caitlin got kicked out of school for wearing running shoes. So she went to go buy some. And my mom got me a lock, and its the wrong one. Meagan played maroon 5 on the phone well on her gutair. And she is obsessed with Havana Nights or whatever it maybe called. And then she helped me make this page. Now im writting such pointless things. Oh yes today we got yellow agendas they make me think of bannana's. Monkey's too. In conclusion 1 2 3 i can touch my knees.

dearest love sincerly, Kara

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