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    Thursday, August 5th, 2004
    1:29 pm
    Last night I went over Toyas house an played with babe Michel an took him a
    bath an tucked him in for bed an watched Charlottes Web... sounds boring but it
    was fun! Hes soo bad but soo cute got ta love um when there 3 haha...

    2maro is Friday and I don’t have any major plans other then Saturday during the
    day im going of my BESTFRIENDS house Jessica to there
    housewarming/Stevens Birthday thing... SHOULD BE FUN... I love that family
    there just soo sweet to me... I call them my happy family an then my real family I
    call my real family but aint nothing to happy about them haha

    lets see what else is new today...
    IM HORNEY an I hope it don’t show to much haha
    But that’s not really new

    OH OH OH yeah im getting my system in my car today WAHOOO
    im sooo excited an I plan to go show Jessie after I pick it up!

    Im outie for now

    Love Pease & chicken grease ~~KIMMY

    Current Mood: excited