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[07 Oct 2004|07:00pm]
i got a new journal. www.greatestjournal.com/users/stacyishot
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fun quiz!! yay!! [12 Aug 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | deftones- passenger ]

Fav band starting with the letter A::amy lee and annie lennox are both bands now lol. ooh i know!! alice in chains.
Fav band starting with the letter B::bare naked ladies, bad religion, blondie, boston, breaking benjamin
Fav band starting with the letter C::coheed and cambria, cat power, chicago
Fav band starting with the letter D::deftones, distillers, disturbed
Fav band starting with the letter E::evanescence, eurythmics
Fav band starting with the letter F::fleetwood mac
Fav band starting with the letter G::greenday, grateful dead, guns n roses
Fav band starting with the letter H::hot hot heat, heart
Fav band starting with the letter I::incubus
Fav band starting with the letter J::jack off jill, journey
Fav band starting with the letter K::korn, kansas, kittie
Fav band starting with the letter L::lostprophets, lillix, lacuna coil
Fav band starting with the letter M::MADONNA, my chemical romance, murderdolls, mudvayne, mest, michael jackson heh, msi...hmm i think i like bands that start with m lol
Fav band starting with the letter N::nirvana, no doubt, nin
Fav band starting with the letter O::orgy
Fav band starting with the letter P::the pixies, pat benetar, prodigy
Fav band starting with the letter Q::queen
Fav band starting with the letter R::roxette, radiohead, reo speedwagon
Fav band starting with the letter S::slipknot, styx, stevie nicks, seether
Fav band starting with the letter T::taking back sunday, thursday, three days grace
Fav band starting with the letter U::the used, U2
Fav band starting with the letter V::umm
Fav band starting with the letter W::wham!, the who
Fav band starting with the letter X::heh
Fav band starting with the letter Y::lol...
Fav band starting with the letter Z::umm. no?
Fav band::evanesecnce, korn, slipknot, deftones
Fav song::madonna- nothing fails, the beast within, crazy for you, lament evanescence- lies, anything for you, my immortal korn- thoughtless
Fav type(s) of music::everything cept rap and country pretty much lol. ooh and whatever britney spears is. yes.
Fav member of a band::amy lee!!! <33

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IM ACTUALLY HAPPY!! [25 Jun 2004|10:07pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | nothing ]

today was an awesome day. i met this girl, tanya. she is so awesome. her mom has bipolar and she has depression, OCD and trichotillomania...just like me!! she loves madonna and has been to an evanescence concert...just like me!! shes been through tons of the same stuff ive been through and she even watches what not to wear and loves how stacy always says 'shut up!'. i am SOO glad i met her. we are dealing with the same stuff right now...two "coping mechanisms" ive been using that arent very good. we have decided we are going to get through all this together and i couldnt be happier about it. ooh and she has all kinds of piercings and she used to have blue and purple hair! she dresses crazy like me and...omg we have both decided we're twins. i met her at a trich support site and i am soooo thankful that i got to meet her. i get to talk to her in a trich forum and we got eachothers sns so i can talk to her on aim too!! we're gonna talk on the phone too. she is 17 and she lives in canada. kinda far away lol but we're going to keep in touch. we might be penpals too!! oh i am sooo happy.

anywho...i just came back from watching what not to wear. it was, once again, hilarious. aww stacy had part of her hair back and she looked so pretty!! oo and i made quesadillas for dinner and they were awesome.

::sighs:: this is the first day ive felt happy in a long time. i had forgotten what it was like to actually be happy. my day started out bad but then god gave me sooo many gifts today with meeting tanya and everything. and it even gets better! my dad wants to take me shopping tomorrow! me and him had a talk today and i was crying a lot and i was really upset but i guess i said something that made him understand what im going through and now hes being...i dunno..different i guess. he watched what not to wear with me and it was fun.

ooh and today is the first day ive felt like going to sleep at a normal time. im going to sleep at 10:30 tonight!! my depression has been keeping me up to the point where 75 mg of trazodone wasnt even helping. its so amazing how this feeling of sudden happiness can change so much. i mean, i havent been able to fall asleep til like 5 in the morning for like almost a month now. ::sigh:: this feeling...coming out of a long period of feeling so down...well...its great!! i couldnt be happier right now. and im actually starting to see all of the things i have that are worth living for! my mom, my dad, my brother, gabby, bobby, all my friends, my madonna concert, i mean...the list goes on!! AHH!!! i am just soo happy right now!!

ok well...i think im done now. sorry if that got annoying lol. bye!

ooh and ::hugs:: for tanya!!!

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quiz i stole from bobby. [24 Jun 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Madonna- Vogue ]

[b a s i c | s t u f f]
01. Name: cassie
02. Single or taken: single
03. Sex: female
04. B'day: september 14th
05. Sign: virgo
06. Siblings: zack is 14 and he lives with me. vanessa is nine and she lives in north aurora. travis is 20 something and he is married. meagan is 19 and i have no clue where she is.
07. Hair color: its kind of brown and black. i dyed it twice in a weak so the black is kinda wearing off lol. yes.
08. Eye color: brown but it sometimes changes to green.
09. Shoe size: umm like 8? i dunno lol.
10. Height: 5'4...like madonna!!!!!
[r e l a t i o n s h i p s]
01. Who are your friends? gabby. bobby. cristin. abbey. kathleen. the other kathleen. linny. annie. amber. beth. katrina.
02. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no. and im happy with that. i dont want to bring more people into my life that are just gonna leave.
03. did you send this to your crush? no. heh i stole it from bobby!
04. did your crush send this to you? no. i already said how i got it.
f a s h i o n | s t u f f
01. Where is your favorite place to shop? kohls. target. thrift stores. hot topic when they actually have something interesting. umm...some random stores in the mall lol.
02. Any tattoos or piercings? my ears are pierced. i never wear earings tho. unless i just got some crazy one. yes i only wear one at a time lol. its just something i do and i dont know why lol.
[s p e c i f i c s]
01. Do you do drugs? no and im very happy about this.
02. What kind of shampoo do you use? whatever looks interesting at target lol. my mom told me to change it every month. i dont know why but i do it cuz my mommy told me to. =)
03. What are you most scared of? that ill go my whole life not knowing what its like to have a "normal" mom and im really scared of losing people. that doesnt seem to be something i can help tho.
04. What are you listening to right now? my immortal by evanescence.
05. Who is the last person that called you? umm my dad told me that gabby and bobby called yesterday. i sleep til like three so i was probly sleeping while it happened.
06. Where do you want to get married? thats a long way off for me so im not going to think about it.
07. How many buddies are online right now? 21
[f a v o r i t e s]
01. Color: purple. black. blue. green.
02. Food: lunchables. the taco dip from jewel. pear flavored appe sauce. quesadillas. ice.
03. Boys names: umm i dont think i have any.
04. Girls names: MADONNA!! i think its so pretty. and umm i have more but i cant think of what they are right now.
05. Subjects in school: english. lunch. art.
06. Animals: my chihuahua named oliver! lhasa apsos. boston terriors. pugs. pomeranians. heh i like doggies!!
07. Sports: dance.
[h a v e | y o u | e v e r]
01. Given anyone a bath? yea my little sister.
02. Smoked? yea but definitely not anymore.
03. Bungee jumped? haha no way.
04. Made yourself throw up? nope. but i threw up the other day. not fun.
05. Skinny dipped? in my bath tub?
06: Ever been in love? no. ive thought i was a million times but i wasnt.
07. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? not that i can remember. i dont even know if i can.
08. Pictured your crush naked? well. yea...
09. Actually seen your crush naked? ive seen pictures of madonna naked. does that count? ooh and ive seen it in movies. heh.
10. Cried when someone died? yea tons of times.
11. Lied: yes definitely.
12. Fallen for your best friend? no?
13. Been rejected? yes.
14. Rejected someone? yes.
15. Used someone? i use my dad and my brother sometimes.
16. Done something you regret? yes.
[c u r r e n t]
Clothes: red pajama pants and a red shirt that says like a virgin lol.
Music: well imaginary just ended and now it is exodus. both by evanescence lol. but im putting madonna on now. heh the soundtrack of evita!!
Make-up: none lol.
Smell: my room.
Favorite artist: can this be musical artists?? then madonna and amy lee. heh.
Favorite group: evanescence.
Desktop: amy lee!!
Belived in god: yes definitely.
Book you're reading: im not reading right now.
CD in player: im breathless by madonna.
DVD in player: secret window. heh johnny depp!
[l a s t | p e r s o n]
you touched: my doggie. and hes a person. yea.
you IMed: i have no idea.
yelled at: my brother.
[a r e | y o u]
Understanding: sometimes. some people i just dont get tho. like my grandparents and my dad.
Open-minded: im open-minded about a lot of things but some of my opinions are pretty much staying how they are.
Arrogant: no i dont think so.
Interesting: definitely lol.
Random: another definitely.
Hungry: yea lol.
Smart: people tell me i am and i know i could be but school isnt one of my prioritites right now i guess.
Moody: hell yea.
Hardworking: sometimes i guess.
Organized: well...im normally really messy for like a month and then ill get the urge to clean my room or something lol.
Healthy: no clue.
Shy: yes.
Difficult: oh yea.
Attractive: I don't think I am. But feel free to prove me wrong, I'll love you and I'll blush >//<
Bored easily: Yeah. I'm easily amused, too.
Messy: Yep
Responsible: only when i absolutely have to be.
Obsessed: with madonna and stacy and amy lee and mab and yes i am lol.
Angry: not at the moment.
Sad: yea but im working on that.
Happy: only when something very good happens.
Hyper: only at night.
Trusting: no.
Talkative: yes.
Legal: umm sure why not.
[w h o | d o | y o u | w a n n a]
Get really wasted with: i do not want to get wasted.
Get high with: i do not want to get high either.
Look like: madonna.
Talk to offline: my dog.
Chatter to online: i dont care.
[r a n d o m]
In the morning i am: i havent been awake for a morning for a long time. my mornings are like 4:00 pm lol.
All i need is: my mom.
Love is: annoying.
I dream about: madonna. weird things like school or my family.
[w h i c h | i s | b e t t e r]
Coke or pepsi: coke.
flowers or candy: well i like eating and i dont eat flowers so candy.
tall or short: tall for other people. short for me. i like looking up at people. lol.
[s a m e | s e x] (I changed this heading to fit me better :D) << haha bobby. well mine is both so yes.
What do you notice first: personality and sense of humor. ooh and hair.
Last person you slow danced with: i slow dance in my room with my doggies when i am sad lol. to madonna songs. yes.
Who makes you smile: madonna. amy lee. stacy. gabby. bobby. random people at random times lol. ooh my mom.
Who do you have a crush on: i dont right now lol. unless you count madonna or amy lee or stacy or mab.
Who has a crush on you: haha most likely no one.
[d o | y o u | e v e r]
Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone to IM you: no. that would be quite boring.
Save conversations: when they are really hilarious.
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: no lol. i like being a girl.
Wish you were younger: yes. i dont remember my childhood at all cuz ive blocked it all out. i just remember seeing my mom more. i think we had fun together. all i remember is pickle fights, trips to michigan, and going to the park across the street from our old house.
Cry because someone said something to you: yes.
[n u m b e r]
of times i have had my heart broken: way too many.
of hearts i have broken: i dont know.
of guys i've kissed: like 4 or 5.
of girls i've kissed: 1 when i was little lol.
of continents i have lived in: 1
of tight friends: 2 or 3.
of cds i own: oh god. i own over thirty of just madonna cds lol. and then theres like 50 somethin more lol. i like music ::grins::
of piercings on my body: 2
of things that i regret: like a million.
[y o u r | t h o u g h t s]
i know: that i want too many things that are never going to happen.
i want: to be happy again.
i wish: that i had my mom back, that i looked like madonna, and that i sang like amy lee.
i hate: a lot of things.
i fear: monsters?
i fight: with a lot of people.
i regret: letting certain people into my life.
i love: my doggie.

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[23 Jun 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Madonna- Cry Baby ]

things have gotten a little better since my horrible fathers day lol. i talked to my psychologist. she was a lot of help and im really glad to know her. my grandparents sent me an email today to apologize for their behavior. i replyed by saying that i accept their apology and i also told them a little about me that they didnt know so they could understand a few things. i hope things turn out ok with them cuz i would really like to go and stay at their house for a few days to get a break from my dad. i really dont like the way he makes me feel most of the time. and after treating me like shit and putting me through that day, now hes just acting like nothing happened. he bought me and my brother a shitload of food and dvds. probly to get us to forget what he did. it was awesome to have all that stuff but it didnt really work how he wanted it to. im still mad at him.

i have to go tho. my wonderful stacy and clinton are on in like seven minutes. YAY!!!

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[21 Jun 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Madonna- You Must Love Me ]

::yawns:: good morning people. er afternoon. lol i just woke up at like 2:30. i went to sleep at like 3. ugh this trazadone shit worked for like a week and now it doesnt even make me tired anymore. ahh. i need sleep!! yes. and now i cant even go back to sleep cuz my dad made my appointment with my psychologist today. i have to leave at 4. thats in 52 minutes and im still in my pajamas. and i havent eaten. ugh. i hate this.

i had a horrible day yesterday. i got sick on saturday night...i was throwing up and i hate a horrible headache. i called my dad to tell him and all he could do was tell me to clean the house for fathers day. i felt bad cuz i knew i couldnt clean it cuz i would just be throwing up all over and i knew i wouldnt be much fun on fathers day for him if i was sick. i felt really bad about that. then on fathers day he woke me up at like 8. yay for three hours of sleep. anyway...yea so he woke me up and he was demanding that i get in the car by nine or my life would be miserable for the whole summer. i told him there was no way i was going to church just to barf all over everyone. then he got all angry and stomped off into the kitchen. then he started emptying the dishwasher..all the time making sure to make as much noise as possible so i couldnt sleep. nice, huh? then he spilled a whole bag of chips all over the kitchen and started demanding that i told him why they were in some cabinet. i told him that i didnt know and then he stomped upstairs to wake up my brother. he was screaming and swearing and telling my brother to go clean up "his" mess. he was saying "is this how you say happy fathers day to me?? go clean up that fucking mess and get ready for church you idiot" and i HATE it when he does that. he shouldnt be so hard on my brother. i really dont like it when he calls him things like that. it makes him feel so worthless. its one thing for me to call him that jokeingly...but for his own dad to scream it at him...well thats just not right. yea so then my brother came down and sat with me and i said he better clean that mess before dad comes down so he started the cleaning and then came back to sit with me again. then my dad came down and gave us both this mean look and then he just left. i guess he went to church cuz he came back at like 11. then he started yelling again and then he kicked me out of his seat. so then me and zack just went to our rooms. i went down a little later and asked my dad if we were even doing anything for fathers day. he said if he did anything, he would leave me and zack at home. i said we're supposed to do something as a family on fathers day. he then informed me that he has no family. then he started complaining that me and zack wouldnt even clean the house for him. i reminded him that i was throwing up and wasnt able to clean a house for him. then he was like well you could at least say happy fathers day and i said all the screaming and swearing didnt exactly make me want to congadulate him on what a great father he is. then he went up to his office and i followed him. i told him that he has some serious anger problems and an unhealthy need to always demand that me and zack clean clean clean. then he said all he wants is a clean house. and i said that if he cant see someone who could help him with his problems, that i would rather live somewhere else. then he said fine, ill start filling out the paperwork. then me and zack went downstairs to do something other than be around my dad. then my dad called my grandma to complain about how "horrible" we were being. he brought down the phone and told me it was for me. i thought he had called my psychologist but it was my grandparents. my grandpa was saying how "disgusting and dispicable" i am. i told them that theyve only heard one side of the story and that maybe my life isnt exactly as perfect as my dad makes it out to be. then my grandma said you should clean for your father...he is always in pain. i said maybe if i wasnt depressed all the time i would be a better maid for him. then my grandpa said what do you have to be depressed about...your life is perfect. haha yea right. so then i said if i wasnt depressed, i wouldnt be on medication for it. and then my grandpa said its all lies. then i said i probly got this from mom. he was like thats not inherited. i was like grandpa, bipolar is genetic...it runs in the family. he refused to believe me. he thought it only happened after having a baby. i said that moms onset occured after having a baby and that my onset could occur after a traumatic incident, and since ive had plenty...im sure it couldve. he still didnt believe me so i told my dad to tell him it was genetic and then my dad did. but still my grandpa was being a jerk and saying youre not depressed youre just a spoiled little brat. and i said was i so spoiled that my whole life is such a pile of crap that i would want to kill myself? i said the only thing keeping me from doing it was knowing how sad it would make my mom. he said then why dont you do it...it would make it easier for your dad. god. they think they are so perfect and they think my dad is perfect too. they dont live here so they dont know what goes on. god. i hate them. so then i was really upset so i called my mom. i told her what happened and then she said she would think about it and call me back. so then she called back a few hours later and wanted to talk to my dad. they talked and i couldnt hear them. then my dad came out of the living room and hung the phone up. then he started acting like nothing had happened.

well...at least ill be able to talk to dr silberman today. ahh and i only have 30 minutes to get ready...yea i have to go.

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my day [19 Jun 2004|04:15am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | nothing lol ]

today was fun. i went to sleep at like six last night so i woke up at like 2 this afternoon. then i took a shower cuz i needed one lol. yes. it felt good to be nice and clean. anywho..then bobby came over. it was fun. we played donkey kong and sonic and we watched degrassi, what not to wear (with STACY!!!), and a madonna interview. the madonna thing was AWESOME. madonna is such a good girl now. its so awesome to watch her talking about her past and her opinions on things in such a mature manner. she was saying how she used to just push peoples buttons just for the sake of pushing buttons, and that now she realizes that that isnt whats important. she said that, when she did all that erotica stuff (taking off clothing all the time, her *interesting* book...), she thought she was liberating people and showing that women could be powerful too. but now she realizes that she was only showing one lifestyle and that all she was really doing was going "look at me!! look at me!!). lol. yea it was a really great interview. i liked it a lot. =)

hmm...ooh me and my brother were watching the ten commandments. lol. its like ten hours long at we started it tonight at like 2. lol. wow. yea and now its 4:30 in the morning. yea so we only watched like 2 and a half hours. oh well. we shall finish it tomorrow.

ok well oliver is waiting for me to put him to sleep and im really tired so i better get going. night night!

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yay! [18 Jun 2004|04:51am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | my brother singing "goo free is the way to be!" ]

i made my blruty pretty!! yay!!! its got madonna EVERYWHERE!! its so beautiful!! anywho...my brother is in my room right now. we've been doing everything together since summer started lol. its kinda weird. we are actually getting along lol. he made a huge bed on my floor out of cushions from the rat room couch and hes been sleeping there every night for like 2 weeks now lol. yea so and then i sleep in my bed and then we wake up and watch lifetime movies, play donkey kong, eat tons of food, and just do whatever we want all day. then we go up to my room and play online games til bedtime and then we go to sleep. yes. ok my enter thing on my keyboard isnt working. thats nice. anywho...i think bobbys coming over tomorrow. that should be fun. i havent seen him in a while. i miss seeing him and all my friends everyday. yes but tomorrow should be fun. all new degrassi, all new what not to wear (with STACY and clinton!!!), and a madonna interview!!! YAY!! hmm what else is new...oh yea. kevin (my youth leader) is retiring. we're getting some thirty somethin year old named john or something to replace him. im not too sure how i feel about all that yet but...i dunno. i didnt like kevin for a while and then, just when i was deciding that maybe he wasnt all that bad, he is leaving. lol. well i guess thats just how things work. ok my brother is asking me if im typing celine dion lyrics. and its almost 5 am. that is CRAZY. i forgot to take that trazodone crap my doctor gave me. well that would explain why im not tired. damn. i need to remember to take that so i can get some sleep. ok oliver is really really tired and my brother is yelling at me to get off the computer so i have to go. night night! er good morning? oh i dunno lol.

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[05 Jun 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | shaky ]
[ music | Evanescence- Anywhere ]

hmm. so school is over. yay for summer! heh. im gonna miss all my friends tho. and ms mauloff. she was an AWESOME teacher. i hugged her like three times on the last day lol. and she got to meet my dad. so that was cool. haha and she gave me a present. god i am NOT going to miss ms ramsay tho. she is er was driving me NUTS. and now i have to spend a day of my summer talking with her and officer handle. and she made me miss the last day of art. i didnt get to say goodbye to all my special art people. oh well. ill see them next year.

i went to kathleens graduation party today. it was really fun. kevin was there and robin and bill and abbey. yea it was cool. my brother was soo embarassing tho. he was like attacking kevins hat. yea...someone should kill him.

anywho...im going to florida this summer to see my mom. its gonna be for like ten days i think. funness. and we are going to see an evanescence concert together!! thats gonna be sooo awesome. im really looking forward to sharing that with her.

ooh speaking of concerts...MADONNA! omg i cant wait!! its gonna be sooo awesome. oh god..i looked at the tour apparel and i found like 500 dollars of shirts that i want. there is an awesome blond ambition shirt but its 120 bucks. thats craziness. haha i dont know if im gonna buy it. i mean...its sooo awesome and i LOVE blond ambition but...120 bucks is a lot of money for a tshirt.

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ahh [18 May 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Madonna- Nothing Fails ]

hmm. niky is making me quite angry. she is being a stupid bitch and she needs to...not be seen. yes. katrina told nicole that niky was telling ms ramsay all these lies about me to get me in trouble and ms ramsay actually believed that anorexic freak and now my favorite teacher hates me and i dont like it. i used to love that class and now i dread going there because the teacher thinks im stalking her and because its no fun now cuz ms ramsay hates me. i try getting out of my once favorite class however i can now. its ridiculous. cuz i mean...i LOVED that class. but no. niky had to ruin it. AND i heard from elyza who heard from linny that niky made out with her COUSIN. that is DISGUSTING. yes. it really is.

hmm. in two days i have to go to a doctor cuz my dad wants to see if i have some mental illness. wow. what fun that will be. well im gonna go now.

<3 Bunny

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how fucked up ms ramsay and niky are. [13 May 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | nothing. ]

ok. i am so pissed right now. ahhh. ok. you guys all know i have ms ramsay as an art teacher right? yea well i used to love her. she was awesome. and she was one of my favorite teachers. but not anymore. i am very mad at her right now. it all started the other day when me and kitty went to mr gail about this whole thing with ms hazelton. we were angry because elyza was being kicked out of the art room for no apparent reason, and i was not being allowed to finish my art project because of the fact that elyza violated the previous rule. ok well number one, elyza was only coming in to tell me we had to go, not to murder anyone or to cause any trouble, number two, i didnt even do anything so that makes no fucking sense that i was being punished for it. anyway, ms ramsay said she would talk to ms hazelton about it and that i should come talk to her after school to see if i was allowed to stay and finish my project. yes. so then...me and kitty were pretty pissed. we went to mr gail but he wasnt there so we told officer handle. we pretty much told him that we have no problem with ms ramsay and that she appears to be a perfectly professional teacher that was simply trying to do her job under the dictatorship of someone like ms hazelton. we also told him that ms hazelton has been telling STUDENTS about how i act in class and that she doesnt like me or something. we also told him about the whole staying after issue and the thing with elyza not being allowed in the class room thinger. yes so then we went to class and then i went into ms ramsays room to see if i could stay. she said ms hazelton said no so i left. then...the next day me and elyza we just sitting there at lunch, and then officer handle comes over to talk to us. we all go in a place where we can talk and he tells me that he talked to ms ramsay and ms hazelton, and that ms ramsay had told him that last thursday, she saw me and elyza following her down randall road. me and elyza were totally shocked. we did not follow her and we would have no reason to ever even WANT to follow her. we told him that we had no idea why she said that, especially considering the fact that we had no idea that she was even on that road or what her car even looked like (two very important things if youre trying to follow someone right??!) and he just said ok and that he would clear up the misunderstanding. so then i went to class (i almost didnt cuz i was fuming at what ms ramsay had told him) and i was very very angry. i tried not to start screaming at her or whatever but i dont think it worked. i was sitting in class, not feeling like working (this feeling should be expected after some crazed teacher tells a cop youre stalking her), and she kept bugging me. im just thinking 'if she thought i was following her...why didnt she confront me about it? why didnt she tell someone right away?' and i was just so mad. it was all so ridiculous. yes so then i started being very rude to her. i didnt mention anything about why i was so angry because i didnt want to bring up a conversation about me stalking my fucking art teacher...most likely because it was obviously a weird subject for me. i mean come on...i was already weirded out enough. ugh so then i came in after that day to see if i could stay after to finish my project and me and her start arguing. we eventually go out into the hall and discuss the fact that if im good in class, i can stay after but i wasnt good that day so i couldnt. we were fighting about that for a while and i got pissed to i simply told her that shes turning into ms hazelton. now i know this was completely out of line but i was just sooo pissed off and it was true, she WAS turning into ms hazelton. ask anyone in that class...they agree. lol i asked them all. anyway...then she got all angry looking and she stormed into the classroom and told me to leave. so i did. but then i was talking to marissa in the hall and gabby came out. i told her that i didnt like that me and my teacher were fighting like middle school girls and that i would really like the chance to explain to her in a mature manner that i have a lot going on in my life and i cant always control things...most likely due to the fact that i probly have bipolar. anyway...so then gabby goes in and tells ms ramsay and then ms ramsay tells gabby to tell me that she doesnt want to talk to me and then i tell gabby to tell her that shes my teacher and i need to talk to her if im going to continue on in that class and then she tells gabby that she still isnt going to talk to me. so, at that point, me and marissa are just laughing so hard because of how immature my TEACHER is being. lol. it was funny but at the same time it was very irratating. then...ms hazelton comes out and tells me not to wait for ms ramsay cuz she wasnt coming out. well...someone was listening in on a converstation between ms ramsay and gabby that she wasnt part of. as usual. so then i told her that i was actually waiting with my friend for my dad and that he would be there soon. then she went in and marissa left and i went to go wait at the door for my dad. as i was sitting there, ms ramsay came out with some cart thing and we both looked at eachother but we didnt say anything. then she went into some room and then my dad came and i left. so then that day was over. then...today i went into the art room and was sure to be perfectly good all day so that i could finish my project after school today. i was good and then i asked ms ramsay if i could come in and then she told me that she would have to talk to me about it after school. yay? so then i went to math and then school was over so i was heading to the art room and then i saw elyza. she told me that niky had told ms ramsay about something i "did" and that her friend had overheard niky saying she was going to make up lies to get me in trouble cuz i had been annoying in art class lately. she told gabby that too. anyway...then i was REALLY pissed. i went back to the library to find niky and then i asked her why she had told ms ramsay all that bullshit. she said she didnt and then tried to say something but i went off on her about lying and shit before she could. shes all "you asked me a question and now im answering it" and im like "umm i dont care to hear your lies...im interested in hearing why you did this" and then she got all pissed and started dragging her pathetic friends with her. so then i find gabby and go into the art room with her and ms ramsay isnt there so then i go to the door to tell elyza that ms ramsay isnt there and she tells me that ms ramsay is off talking to niky who is crying about what i had just told niky. then im SOOO pissed. but then ms ramsay comes back and we go back out of the room for our, what seems to be daily, talk in the hall. she says the same thing as always. i need to do my work in class. i say that she said i could come in if i was good in class and i was good in class today so i was confused as to why she was saying that i couldnt stay after. so then shes all...you were disrespectful to me yesterday so you cant stay. and then i guess i looked angry (gee i wonder why?) cuz then she was like "dont be mad at me" and i told her i wasnt mad at her and then she had the nerve to tell me to be mad at myself. WTF?? she knows im probly bipolar and there she is telling to blame all of this on myself?? yea cuz i definitely need that. between not seeing my mom since january, getting bruises from my "dad", dealing with emotions that i dont understand, possibly having bipolar, and all this stalking shit...she also informs me that i should be mad at myself????? yea and then, as if she didnt fuck everything up already, she tells me that shes calling my dad. i asked her why she was calling my dad and then she said cuz he deserves to know. i said that he doesnt and that he just deserves to die. she was all hurt looking and said that that was a horrible thing to say and that he was a good dad and blah blah blah and then i told her that she doesnt know what goes on at my house and she was all defending my dad still. so yea. i have her telling ME, the one who lives with him, that my dad is wonderful, and that i should be angry at myself for getting blamed for stalking her and having a really hard time with a million things. oh sorry ms ramsay that i dont behave perfectly in your class. yea thats the least of my problems. but now its bigger cuz of what shes making it. this is all so stupid. i just wish i had never been born. its not like i can do anything right anyway. i mean...school used to be my place away from all the shit in my life. but now its just another place where people hate me. im just really sick of everyone being so hard on me. im always doing something wrong. oh well. i guess it just never gets better.

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ahh my last small groups... [03 May 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | nothing ]

yeeaaa. i just got back from my last small groups. kathleen is moving. im really sad. im going to miss her so much. im trying to think of all the wonderful times we had together...the moments we all shared...but im still crying my head off. im going to miss her soooo much. i guess i didnt really realize what her moving meant until now. and now im crying like a little girl. i just want to know one thing. why does everyone have to leave?? my mom. bonnie. bill. jamie. kathleen. all the women in my life always leave. and i just want to know why. that would really be nice. anyway...kathleen gave me a beautiful pin to remember her by. its a little gaurdian angel with a cross. im going to wear it all the time. its going to be my kathleen. she also wrote me a beautiful note inside my card. its what got me crying. eh..well that started when i said goodbye. it was sad. i always want to remember the last way i saw kathleen at her house. her making this ridiculous face while holding her hand up in the air...and then her at her garage waving. ok now im crying again. im going to miss her sooooo fucking much. god. small groups was such as awesome experience. we were all so close. those times at panera when we had our sex talk..lol...and kathleen called her husband and accidentally told him she doesnt have her period. LOL. and when gabby was crying cuz my dad waited for her to come out or something. and cassies surgery and how she would always look at me weird whenever i mentioned madonna haha and how she refers to me as "the eater". and kathleen with peyton all the time. and abbey talking about my days as a beauty and the beast/little mermaid tutu wearer. haha. wow. im really going to miss all that. it was like...the only place i could really talk about things. important things. and now its all gone. it might continue. but it wont be the same. not without kathleen. and her house. our small groups table. and the couch. haha and the food coloring for my water. hee hee i ALWAYS dyed my water purple, blue, blue-green, or red. lol. and her ice...her ice was so good. and ill never forget when we listened to erotica. lol. and the lemon...and the sprinkles...and the shortening...and chilis...ok i need to stop before i cry out all my water supply. eh...i guess ill just go to bed now. night.

<3 Bunny...kathleen, kathleen, cassie, gabby, abbey...i love you guys <33 and kathleen..ill never forget you!!!!!

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this sucks... [03 May 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Madonna- Crazy for You ]

hmm. today wasnt the greatest. first kitty wasnt there and then ms ramsay was being a bitch. i have a lot of trouble concentrating in that class. cuz i mean..i dont like to just sit there and do my drawing alllllll 90 minutes of the class. i try and work but then i look up and see the opprotunity to talk to someone or goof around. probly to get ms ramsays attention or something lol. but yea...so shes been complaining that im never in my seat and that im always talking while i should be working. and today she pulled me out in the hall to talk to me about it. she was nice about it but...she wasnt the awesomely hilarious ms ramsay she used to be. she hasnt been for a while. yea so then...my dad calls and tells me that she talked to mr gail(gale?? i dont know) about me and now theyre all having a meeting or something. wow. isnt that just great? so yea...my teacher that im like in love with...lol...freakin hates me and is most likely going to get me into a lot of trouble. you know...she can be really cool...but she can also be really lame. or maybe its my fault. i just cant concentrate in any of my classes. grrrr. im starting to think theres something wrong with me. and..according to my dad there is. he wants to take me to a doctor cuz he thinks im depressed. i dont know. maybe i am. im totally different from who i used to be. i dont do my homework..haha i dont even care about school anymore. church is pissing me off. and yea...everything i used to love just seems so stupid and pointless now. and i dont know why. it just does. oh well...ill get over it. i just hope i dont get in huge trouble cuz of this whole ms ramsay thing. wow. and do you want to hear something pathetic? the first thing that came to my mind when my dad told me that they were gonna have a meeting is that i might get pulled out of class and would then get to see ms ramsay for an extra 30 minutes or so. isnt that just wrong? yes. it is. ok well i have small groups soon and, unless im going in a mini skirt and fishnet, i need to change. lol. later.

<3 Bunny

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hmm [22 Apr 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | Evanescence- Hello ]

my dad is being an asshole. haha again. he isnt letting me or my brother eat until we've cleaned the whole house. umm well fuck that. im going out with my kitty cuz at least SOMEONE cares about me. anywho....haha art was fun today. ms ramsay kept yelling at me for not being in my desk. and then i informed her that there were weird looking people outside the door and shes like "oh theyre probly your friends then". i was like "ooh datz real mean" and den i didnt go back to my desk to get back at her. mwahahaha. yes and den she kicked me out and locked the door. so sad. but yea its all good cuz shes hot lol. its true..

ok well im done now. i dont feel like typin anyway. so yes. byebye.

<3 Bunny

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today. [19 Apr 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | ollie barkin like crazed beast. now moanin. oh my dear lord. ]

yo. today was a real nice day. it started out real bad like cuz kittay wasnt in school nunz. but den i got da pleasurinz of makin fun of pathetic bobby and his even more pathetic love for emo. normally dat would not be so pleasin, but da fact dat he thoughtz i was kiddinz was rather amusin. haha. wow. he slow. anywho...lunch was real nice. i had sumz mini corndogs. dem was nice. and den i went to da art wit ms ramsay. she got mad at me fo sayinz somethin about kettle corn. well it wasnt mah fault nunz cuz i was simply makin fun of shaes dieting ideas involvin da previously mentioned kettle corn. so yea. it was funny tho. and then ms ramsay was convinced dat she had herself a wrinkle on her face. i was a tellinz her datz what happens when you is mushin yo face. man. art teacherinz deez dayz. dey dont make em like dey used to. oh well...SHE HOT! heh. oh yes. anyway...so den school was over after a while and den me and linny stayed afterinz. it was real nice. we found gabby and we was just a sittinz on sum random table and ms ramsay came a walkinz out of sum room. haha it was funny. we said hi and den she went into da room and den we all laughed...a lot. and it was loud. i scared sum dood. oh wellinz. it was fun. yea so den me and linny went to sit at da tree to wait fo mah dad. den we saw ms ramsay again. linny say she aint thinkin she dat hot. i say what you talkin. den she say she look like a man. den i say its cuzza her wacko eyebrows and den i say she should fix dat. den...we went to our positions at da windas to be a watchinz her go to her car. and den we'z found out dat she gotz a....PURPLE car. datz real nice. and dat be why imma thinkinz we is meant to be. its troo!!! yea so den i went home and den me and kitty did somethin. we went to steak n shake to get us sum steak n shakes. well...we got da shake but there wasnt nun steak. i gotz me sum beef tho..? anyway...den we went to da dolla sto. ::checks bag:: i gotz me sum necklaces...weirdo lookin scrunchies...bracelets...a huge sucker...more bracelets...and yea. and den we went to the OTHA dolla sto. ::checks otha bag:: i gotz me a shirt...a light bulb necklace dat lightz up...a huge cross necklace...bunny hair things...little chillinz hair things...tutu'd bear hair things...a kitkat bar...reeses stick thinger...oh and umm datz all. yea so then we left there and then we went home. and now im a typin dis. well yea im done now lol. wow.

<3 Bunny

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people that bobby has used. what fun. [18 Apr 2004|12:50pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | nothin ]

niky- i dont know much about bobbys 8th grade relationship with niky. all i know is that, at the beginning of the year, he was trying to get her into his beloved "posse" but then he kinda just went with me and elyza. THEN...niky got ddr. aka bobbys latest obsession...at the time (just to clarify...bobby finds like one thing a month that is "cool" and then obsesses over it. examples: ddr. anime. britney spears. madonna.BEING GAY. need i say more?) anyway...so niky gets ddr and then bobby is all over her. so pretty much, bobby could go over to nikys house whenever he wanted to play her video game. works for him i guess. also...bobby is constantly trying his hardest to be punk or whatever and, im sure, he thinks that niky will help him with that ambition, considering the fact that she is constantly flaunting her all-powerful knowledge on goth type fashions.

vicki- the same thing. he said she was oh so annoying but then she got ddr (or had connections with someone who had it...i dont remember) and he was all over vicki for like a week. that ended when he found out niky had ddr.

mike- bobby started obsessing over mike when his whole "gay" image came into play. i remember the first time me and kitty and bobby all went to green meadows. me and kitty hit it off with everyone right away. but bobby...he was acting soo lame that day. we were all making fun of him when he wasnt looking. hmm i even seem to remember someone pulling down his pants, making him go into a hole, and chasing him with a knife. so basically...yeeaa...they didnt like him at first..and he didnt seem to care. but then...everyone started thinking mike and lenore and all the green meadows people were cool so bobby was all "oh yea!! im friends with them!!!!" that was when bobby was still "bi". but then...shelley and ash and all his little posse people started to try and turn him gay cuz they thought it would be cute or something. at first he was actually very angered by all of this..even to the point where he made a huge blurty entry about it. if you look now, this entry was removed. gee...someones trying to hide a little something. anywho..so then he started going with what everyone else was telling him..thus his new image. gay bobby. at first...mike started liking bobby. everyone knew that. but bobby said he was really annoying and he also told me that he hated his personality and other things that i dont remember. then...like two weeks later...i find out that he has been going out with mike for like a week. so bobby was going out with a gay guy that he hated just so he could flaunt the fact that he was going out with a guy. but then mike realized what was up and dumped bobby...on valentines day hahah...and ended that whole thing. haha bobby lied to me and told me that mike didnt dump him tho. i guess mr imsogay didnt want the embarrassment of being dumped by his first boyfriend!

shelley- shelley, one of the bobby obsessors, was like totally obsessed with bobby. i think she was the worst in the bunch. she was also known as the most attractive of the bobby obsessors. so bobby saw a supposedly hot girl stalking him and then went for it. so he had himself a hot girlfriend. im sure he thought he was oh so cool. and whats more...SHE WAS GOTH!!!!! YES!!!! so pretty much, bobby went out with shelley cuz she was the best catch of all his little slaves. but while he was going out with her...he didnt even see her at all. oh no. cuz he was with me (we'll get into the reasons later). it was actually so bad that shelley would call MY house while he was over to spy on us. yeeaa..but then bobby dumped shelley when she stopped being his little bitch. so he left his so called friend heartbroken...cuz "he felt like he was kissing his sister when they kissed". wow. WHAT A FRIEND!!!

me- ok this is probly the one i know most about since i had a first hand view of the whole situation. ok...i met bobby in 8th grade. i thought he was really lame for obsessing over god charlotte and i constantly made fun of him for it. thats how we met. then...he was convinced that it was my fault that him and ashley broke up...so he didnt talk to me over the summer. since i was "in love" with him...i tried talking to him but he kept blocking me like the oh so mature person he is. but then when school started again..we started being friends. he didnt see me as someone he could gain any punk image from...so he concentrated on his "punk" friends like shelley and niky during school but only showed his friendship for me when we did stuff at my house or whatever. but then...i produced a cool looking friend with a car aka kitten. i wanted bobby and kitty to meet since they were two of my best friends and, when they did, oh my did bobby change. he started obsessing over us. he would do stuff with us all the time. why wouldnt he? he had two "cool friends" with access to a car. we had our special friday night things where me and kitty would always pay for bobbys shit cuz he was "poor". oh and then...heres the real shocker. then bobby started liking me. oh yes. but no one knew about this. and when people did find out..bobby would deny it. he could never EVER let this horrible secret get out. ah yes but that lasted about three days lol. it was fun while it lasted but then me and kitty realized we were just little toys bobby had gotten sick of. that was when niky got ddr. so bobby left me and kitty and always went with niky. one time bobby even ditched my mom and me for niky. he was gonna see my mom, who he was good friends with and hadnt seen in a month or so, but then niky said he would get ten dollars if he went with her so he just ditched me and my mom for the money er i mean niky. so then bobby started considering me to be completely annoying for some reason. most likely because i stopped obsessing over him. he did the same thing to me that he had done to shelley. i wasnt his little bitch anymore so he decided to concentrate on more rewarding friendships. besides...my friend with the car started hating him so i could no longer supply rides for him. so i was useless. and then...like a month or so later. he started hearing of shelleys plots to befriend me and elyza to "improve her goth image" (the course of this info was ashley). so then bobby started obsessing over me again. he figured that, since people were thinking things like that about me, he would act like he was my best friend...for the same reason shelley was going to attempt this. so yea...id try to ignore him cuz i knew his ways by then. so he would start inviting himself over to my house. i normally said i was busy but then one time i let him. we actually kinda had fun but then i just realized again what he was doing.

phoebe- welll....bobby saw that phoebe was into anime and, because ddr is japanese and all that shit and anime is oh so cool in da goth world...bobby saw that phoebe would be a good way to introduce the whole anime theme into his ever changing personality. out of this came his obsession with britney spears and her disgusting song toxic...and other japanese songs. oh yes. and, when i wouldnt make him a ddr cd...who did he start being friends with at that exact time?? phoebe. and what did he magicly appear with a week later? his very own ddr cd!!! another reason phoebe might look like bobby type prey is because of her sister. all of her friends are gay. so pretty much...if bobby associates himself with her, he can 1)become a well-known gay guy in our school and 2) meet more gay men to go out with to make him look cool. wow.

yea ok well i know of others that bobby has used but im really REALLY sick of typing. so im done now lol.

oh and bobby? youve been asking how you use people. so merry christmas. i hope this explains it well enough for your pathetic mind.

<3 Bunny

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quiz dat i started earlier and just finished! [17 Apr 2004|08:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | nothin ]

Which friend is...
craziest?:kitten and nicole lol.
shyest?:i dont think any of em are "shy" well...phoebe used to be but not anymore really.
most outgoing?:kitty. gabby. nicole. linny. most of em are outgoing lol.
biggest pain in the ass?:bobby. hes got da big AND da pain in da ass.
strongest?:gabby lol. she gots da muscles.
bravest?:i dont know.
melodramatic?:niky. if dat word be meanin drama queen lol.
most athletic?:gabby.
most popular?:umm im not sure.
the best singer?:gabby.
most talented?:i dont know nunz.
most trustworthy?:gabby. she never lies lol.
coolest?:all of em cuz dey friends wit ME!! haha just kiddinz..
closest to you?:kitty and gabby and cristin
funniest?:kitty. we bring out da funny in eachotha!
most depressed?:i not be knowinx nun.
annoying?:bobby and lately niky. bobbys all "ooh look at me! im *GAY*!!!!!" haha YEA RIGHT! and niky is talkin shit bout mah kitten and makin comments bout leashes.
What friend...
brags too much?:i dont rightfully know.
talks too much?:gabby lol. haha and kari in math class.
scares you?:all of em at some point.
Are you growing away from?:bobby cuz he annoys me a lot.
do you want to be closer to?:eh i dunno. i already gots me a kitty and gabby and cristin so im good.
do you talk to most online?:kitty and cristin.
do you talk to most on the phone?:nun really.
do you hang out with most?:kitty definitely lol.
have you had the most sleepovers with?:gabby and cristin.
do you get along with best?:kitty and gabby and cristin lol.
do you tell your problems to?:kitty and gabby and cristin. wow dis is repetative.
do you trust most?:gabby cuz she dont lie nun.
do you argue with most?:probly bobby cuz hes stupid and hes a POSER.
is ditziest?:gabby probly. she is blond. fo real!
do you look up to?:kitty for her strong opinions and awesome personality. gabby cuz she always tries her best to be there for EVERYONE. cristin cuz she is so sweet and i luvz her!
would you want to marry?:da ram kneez. amy lee. madonna. mab. all of dem peoples
is fastest?:gabby lol.
is smartest?:i dont know nunz.
is the best actor/actress?:umm
is most secretive?:i not be knowinz.
do you want to be like?:kitty and gabby and cristin all fo different reasons.

Which friend... brought to you by BZOINK!

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[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Evanescence- Anywhere ]

ok this old lady was sitting in da booth right behind me and kitty at east china inn today. she was with some lady in her 40s probly. anyway...she had a circular ass and it was just wrong and when she laughed...it sounded like she was fucking dying. it was sooo funny. oh and when she walked in, the whole room started sniffin like baby powder. EW. ok well this is a bunch of HILARIOUS shit that i wrote down whenever i heard her say it...

elyza burped and the old lady whispered to her table mate "id laugh but its not funny"

"i knew what i wanted before i came, egg rolls and chicken fried rice. ill have enough rice for tomorrow!"

"his wife has cancer so she cant come to church with me"

"im getting chicken fried rice. wait till you see the bowl it comes in!!"

"i think they have the best egg rolls"

"i guess the doctor gave mary a new pill for her acid reflux disease. she has it real bad."

"mmm...tastes good!"

"mary says 'you shoulda seen the size of that bowl!' i says 'well did ya bring any home??!?' she says 'oh! i brought a lot home!!'"

"her mother died last thursday"

"ben gets more than the others. i never see him anymore"

"he had to wash his grandma. he just put her in the tub"

"shes sitting there bouncing." (table mate says something i couldnt make out) "yea shes an attention getter" (about me!! how rude!!!)

"when i was a kid...backwash in the fox river."

"best way to do this is to scoop it out"

"why dont we just give them something to talk about"

"dont give him casarole!!!"

"meat and potatoes...vegetables and all!!"

"they had 18 cows to milk!"

she was givin him a bad time. not sarcastly but teasin"

"he had her upside down, dress torn and all"

"ohhh this tastes SO good!!"

"we ordered 21 egg rolls!"

::waiter asks "is everything ok?":: "PERFECT! REAL GOOD!!!"

"on sunday when i got home from church..."

"cuz i didnt sleep too good anyways. my shoulder was a botherin me."

"the best thing to do when youre on a diet is to drink a glass of water before each meal. it will make for a very satisfying meal"

"so for easter dinner i had a quarter pounder."

"yea little mary went out to her neice's...shes her daughter too."

"you sit too long and youll just stiffen up" ::moans::

"i actually managed to get my t-shirt off!!!"

oh my. and dat bitch was talkin shit about us!!?! whatever lol. she made for some quality entertainment ;). hmm...dat is all lol.

<3 Bunny

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really strange survey i be takinz from dat one really strange survey site thinger... [11 Apr 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Evanscence- Everybodys Fool. oh it over. My Immortal now =) ]

What comes to mind when you hear...
Texas?:bush. and anna.
Cucumber?:my grandma.
Chocolate Syrup?:chocolate milk.
Whipped Cream?:eating.
Hot tub?:bubbles.
Sexy?:amy lee.
Vibrations?:my recliner.
Carly?:stole my soccer ball in elementary school. damn her.
Hands?:purple. what mine are right now from dyinz mah hair.
Soft?:babys booty.
Hard?:oh god...
P.H.A.T?:not goin der.
Steamy?:MS RAMSAY!
Hotel?:room service :D
Love?:mah frayonds.

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my worstest nightmare... [11 Apr 2004|11:28am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Jack Off Jill- Chocolate Chicken ]

ok today i gots to visit mah grandma. its going to be HORRIBLE. she is nasty. she gots herself a fuckin RED AFRO and her dream is fo me to go to bootcamp. she says she saw a little girl go to bootcamp on jenny jones so now she thinks its like the latest thing or something. also, she is constantly nagging me to be nice to mah brother. "yo brother aint got it as good as you!!" oh yes cuz we dont live in da same house, under the same rules and we deffinitely dont have the same life..."remember to always help him get dressed!!!" yea cuz a 13 year old cant dress himself. riiight. the lady is CRAZED i tell you. CRAZ-ED. its true...OH! and another thing!! she buys me USED underwear and other such clothinz and then makes me try on each one. now i be down wit da used clothinz but underwear??? datz takin it waaayyyyy too far. i dont want to wear someone elses cummed in, peed in, shitinated in, and who knows what else in'd underwear. dat not be nice. yea but the clothinz...oh dey be NASTY! she be like "oh stripes with checkers are in!!" "your aunt told me that lime green and orange spandex slacks are all the girls are wearin these days" "tights are the new thing to wear!!!!!!" OH MY FUCKING GOD. its just nasty. ok spandex???? NO. tights??? NO. GOD. she be totally...WRONG. and every single time i see her she always tells me about stranger danger. "if you eva see a man in a car with candy...dont take the candy. hes just tryin to kidnap you!!" yea like im dumb enough to do dat?? dont go out at night!!!! someone might murder/rape/kidnap/molest/STEAL YOU FUCKIN SHOES!!! NOT DA SHOES!!! OHH NOOOO!!!!!!! anywho...yea dat be mah grandma fo you. oh but my grnadpa is cool. he thinks hes so funny and its hilarious. he has tons of new jokes everytime we see him. at least one or two will be funny so its all good. haha and sometimes he says hes cold or something and my grandma will be all "OMG! YOU ALWAYS SAY YOUR COLD!! AND THEN YOUR WARM!!?? WILL IT EVER ENNDD?????!???!!!!" god its crazy. and my grandpa brings his fart machine (yes...fart machine. he actually has one. lol...) to da table fo our nice dinner and in the middle of the grace he'll turn it on and my grandma will, once again, go all nuts on him. its hilarious.

anyway...yea i have to leave in 19 minutes to go through all da torturous activities i just described and, unless i want to go in mah easter get up, i gots to go change. BAH!!

<3 Bunny

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