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    Sunday, November 7th, 2010
    12:07 pm
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    Kim Kardashian and Ray J Tape Now

    Kim Kardashian is no doubt one of the prominent personalities in Hollywood today, thanks to reality television Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the California society pages that keep on featuring her, her very wealthy family, and of course, the Kim Kardashinan sex tape that brought her popularity to a global level.

    What makes people want to want Kim's sex tape is her celebrity status itself. A hot, sexy, attractive, and rich, lady, Kim is the daughter of two influential figures in California-Los Angeles attorney Robert, who played a significant role in the O.J. Simpson trial, and socialite Kris Houghton. Kim has been reared living the California dream-luxury home, posh clothes and cars, exclusive Catholic school, and all the perks. When school was over, Kim became an executive in her father's business Movie Tunes, one of the top companies working on promotions of the biggest Hollywood musical artists.

    Before the Kardashinan sex tape surfaced, Kim underwent failure in her initial career. Having not succeeded enough in the business that her father had given her, she attempted making a name in the interior design industry. She became a fashion interior professional who designed and systemized closet spaces and clothing management of the wealthiest socialites in California. This job eventually led her to the house of Paris Hilton, a former classmate. Her creative work in Hilton's humongous closet space gained media attention and was received well by local fashion and interior designers. After this she, woke up one day as California's society darling.

    As one of the state's most eligible bachelorette, Kim became the girl being run after by a mob of suitors. In this mob she met the blues music artist Ray J who became her steady boyfriend. Three years ago, in 2007, the Kardashinan video showing several minutes of Kim and Ray J spread virally over the Internet. Hundreds of still photos of the video got immediately uploaded on a plethora of social networking websites, Hollywood online magazines, and email groups. Kim Kardashian became a top searched word in major search engines. Vivid, the porn company that discovered and distributed the sex tape, earned several thousands of dollars selling copies of the woman's steamy escapade.

    Kardashian sex tape opened a lot of Hollywood doors to Kim. A few months after the tape surfaced, she was contacted by Playboy magazine for a spread in their December cover. After this, Ryan Seacrest produced a reality television series that would follow the daily lives of Kim and her family-Keeping Up with The Kadashians. A few months later, she won a gig on the show Dancing with the Stars. A stream of many Hollywood treats came to her way, including several product endorsements, a movie, an exercise video, and guests appearances in popular television shows including Beyond the Break and CSI: New York.

    Kim said that she regretted doing the sex video because of the embarrassment it brought to her family, but obviously this very same sex tape was what gave her the Hollywood celebrity status she's enjoying right now. The embarrassment was a blessing in disguise indeed.