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in 9th period again.. [10 Nov 2003|02:20pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | THE USED! ]

it's 9th period again and im kind of awake... but i can't wait to sleep late 2marrow! i just found this concert online and THE USED, the ataris, blink 182 are all in it ... plus hoobastank and die tryin it sounds like such a cool concert but the only prob. is is that it's in Calfornia.. why can't it be in NY! It's the used ... oh well i'll see them another time. i still have 10 min. till the bell and then school ends :-) but i dont know if im gonna walk home it's soooo cold but still i kind of want to walk home cuz i have a jacket so i'll be alright... and the best thing about my day off is i have no hw too :-) um okay i got nothing else to say so later

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