Caroline's Day

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

11:41AM - Suicidal

Last night I got so depressed I desied to take over 1000 mg of sriqual after taking all the pills i took my little brother out fot ice cream he as out of conrol picking like ten ice sceems and all this oher shit but then on the way back to our house we were talking about what a little pig he was being and i s tart to vomit my head was spining and my stomic hurt so bad it flet lke being stab over and over again a billion times. so whne i got home icouldn't make it up the starts to my room so i just liad on my coach with my head pounding and my stomic hurting i didn't think things could get any worse but at 8:30 my parters kept shaking me awake i coulnd't keep my house open i couldn't even wolk yet they wanted me to go to my class i thought there were fucking joking but i was wrong so final was able to gather enough engry to move and my dad kept coming in my room to bother me it was so fucking annoing my mom was being fucking annoying to you know i still can't fell my legs and my head hurts but all and all i think i just might pass out again

Current mood: depressed
Current music: none
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