06:12pm 04/05/2003
mood: okay
music: Finger Eleven "Drag Me Down"
eh, nothing has happend yet today.. no one is here.. for the first time in along time, nick is out with some chick.. i dunno where kelly is and eveyone else is doing something else. SO IM ALONE.. for once.. its nice. But i miss kelly.. lol. so.. what did i do today.. hm. walked to the store to get cigarettes and condoms.. went to go take my stupid test to get me drivers permit.. but i "dont have the proper id" so.. we went home and got what we thought was what we needed.. but NO. cockfaces.. wouldnt take it so i have to wait now.. and im afraid im going to fail the eye exam.. because i have bad eyes.. and i really dont want fucking glasses or contacts.. to much work, fuck that... id rather have bad eyes. ack. well im off to do nothing. so maybe i will post later tonight.

Ja Ke