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[07 Apr 2003|11:02pm]
i just don't think you're happy with me anymore.
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[07 Apr 2003|09:46am]
maybe i should just take it at face value. no trying to want what i can't have when i already have something good anyway.

it's good enough, so why try and go back to what it was? if i had a car that no longer ran the same way it did before, would that be means to sell it and buy a brand new car? in some cases, i suppose, but what if the car still runs efficiently? perhaps it isn't as satisfying as i would like, and it gives me troubles at times, but the car is still there, it takes me places, and it still gets from point a to point b.

things are a little shaky.

on the other hand, i hate the prospect of forgoing a part of myself. i have to keep silent and take things the way they are, and force myself to accept these things otherwise i'm destined to crack.

augh. i don't know.

sorry for the cryptic entry.
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[17 Mar 2003|12:01am]
[ mood | cynical ]

i seriously think i need a change of scenery. if not that, i really do need to go out and meet more people, because it seems like everyone i've ever known is getting lamer by the minute.

or i am. i don't know.

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[14 Mar 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | pavement... "spit on a stranger" ]

i hope i get to go to england this summer. i was offered an opportunity to take 2 courses at cambridge in july-august while living in the dorms for a couple of weeks and getting a taste of england. such a sweet deal. the courses they're offering are pretty cool too. if i go, i'm definitely going to take monarchy and pop culture in the 50's and 60's, and the other course would be either philosophy, photography, or international relations and terrorism.

just thinking about going to europe makes me excited. it's always been a dream of mine. and because i'm a nerd, i'd love to learn about things while i'm there too.

japan in two months, and possibly england over the summer. it's surreal. i love learning about the world, reading about places i can only see in glossy 8x10 pictures. and i finally have the chance to see it, to breathe it all in, to feel it, and to purchase souveneirs from every possible street vendor.

eek. if i could find a way to travel as a profession, i would.

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best dress ever: [09 Mar 2003|01:55pm]
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[06 Mar 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | amused ]

today was... today, i guess. nothing out of the ordinary, really. i realized just how much brandon likes to talk about scientific things and various other subjects. while it's cool to have someone to discuss things with, he has a tendency to keep talking. it's amusing, but he's a nice kid.

after school, lyle and i went to his house and watched maury. i saw the most adorable kid in the entire universe- he was 5 years old, about 2 feet tall, and he loved the baha men. when maury surprised him with a guest appearance of the baha men, this kid began to cry, and it was the cutest thing i've ever seen. later, maury showed the kid again doing the harlem shake. man, little kids are so cool.

and there was this girl who had a baby, and she had a dna test to find out who the father was.... after 6 different men, she had run out of men to test. bwahaha. that's what you get for being a slut. i feel sorry for her kid though.

people are so messed up. and what better way than to capitalize on that with some good old hearty talk show?

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[27 Feb 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i got my kurt vonnegut t-shirt!! i got my kurt vonnegut t-shirt!!
it's huge!!
i don't care!!

i could die happy!!!

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how can we ask for a blanket and a habitat? [26 Feb 2003|08:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | q and not u... "meet me in the pocket" ]

i am so ready to graduate.

yesterday, i ended up not doing the big paper until the period before. i rocked the last minute as usual, and now i feel like some beaten up piece of crap. so tired, so sore, so my own fault. whatever. after school, fred and i went down to lyle's to cheer the poor boy up, and we ended up getting carl's jr. hooray for artery clogging artificial meats!

school today was boring otherwise. i took 2 tests, and i've got another 2 to take tomorrow. fun, fun indeed.

atom and his package on saturday, i'm excited.
and i'm going to japan next month because jade is doing another tour over there, i'm super excited.

woop. woop.

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