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Sunday, July 20th, 2003

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    And so it begins
    Yawn! This is such a bore. So yeah, I'm here at an internet café, and I decided—since my life is just so unexciting that I ought to get a journal like everyone else seems to be doing. Blahblahblah. I’ve nothing to really write about—Oooh, look at that young man… Mm.. Yeah, long black hair goin’ down to his ass, and these gorgeous ruby-red eyes. That’s odd, ‘cause usually I don’t care for red eyes, or the combination of red eyes and black hair. Too gothic for me (Says the man who wears black combat boots, black leather pants, a black sleeveless shirt with different colored neon splashes on it, and a mesh shirt over that.). But that guy just really pulled it off well… Yum.

    Oh, yes. Anyhow. I have some strawberries with me—OH THANK GODS. ^_^;; I love strawberries. And if anyone tries to take ‘em away from me, or says I can’t eat at the computer, I’ll shoot ‘em, dammit. My strawberries~

    So yeah, about me. I’m just your average, bouncy nineteen-year-old quarter-pixie. Who has an obsession with all things strawberry. Oh, yes. You know, I’m thinking about getting a job. A real one, mind you. Living off of whatever you can get by doing the odd job, or picking a few pockets (I’ve only done it a couple of times! Honest! No, really!) to get some spare change… Eh, I get tired of such living.

    I need to remind myself to get a hoverboard. Soon. I mean, sure, they’re fairly expensive, but I should be able to afford one.

    Straw-ber-ry, straw-ber-ry, straw-ber-ry~~! You know, I’ve always thought that the sidewalks are too crowded. Just a few weeks ago some chick got tripped in the flock of people rushing to or from work. I ended up helpin’ her out and all, got a good wad of cash from ‘er, too. She really wasn’t all that bad in bed. What was her name, anyhow? Hakuri? Or was it Haruki? Ah, forget it. I dunno. She was a brunette, anyhow. Had blue-green eyes, kinda like looking into some sort of sea. Not that I’ve had the chance to see the sea, mind you.

    This is so fun. ^^; I’m blasting some techno (With the use of a pair of borrowed headphones) and getting odd looks. Maybe I’ve got it up too loud. Fine, I'll ditch the techno, but Imma have other music. ...Well, until they start throwing things at me, I’m good. I guess. Or something!

    Damn. My time’s about up. Pfft. Guess I’ll update whenever I get a computer myself.

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Pink Dinosaur - 3:07

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