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    Saturday, September 13th, 2003
    10:28 pm
    Loooooooooong week. But a good one. Haven't been able to update but now am able which you'll understand as to why once I explain my week.

    Monday I got ready for practice and told the coach my knee was killing me and I was going to ask for tape and all but Coach Price said "My knee hurts too honey."

    So I got my pants and didn't say anything. They'd peeved me off already by saying things like that. The coach then asked why I wasn't in practice thursday which he'd asked the same Friday when he tried to catch me going to Math. LOL. Then he said "Why'd you skip"

    Okay skip means to not go on purpose. I didn't go because I had a migraine and was in the nurses office. I told Coach Williams to tell Lane and he didn't not my fault there. I said no I didn't and that I'd been in the nurse go check with her. Then he called me a crappy player and that I didn't seem to care and gave me a chewing out. Instead of getting mad about it I cried. I then took my shit out of my pads pissed while they went on the field and instead of doing what I wanted to do ((Which was to call him a Sanctomonious Sonnuva Bitch which he is)) So I called my mom in the coaches office and she came to pick me up thinking I'd quit. I explained the situation and she was mad more at Lane than I. She called the principal ((next is the schoolboard)) and there's a meeting monday. The silly little bastards probably going to deny it.

    Anyways I was glad to leave I was tired of some people ((i.e. Glendan the shittiest quarterback known to man, and Branson the she man himself)) and some coaches ((Lane LOL)) They lost by one point last thursday. Speaking of "thursday" I am still doing physical conditioning and since I'm not a player I don't get game days off anymore to study. ((During that period)) So I ran around the track for about 2 and half to 3 miles. Surprisingly I came in first place due to the people who weren't in football not really caring. But that day I was faster than hell and my knee wasn't bothering me until the end of running.... Ouch and it still hurts from that. LOL. Kirby cheered me which I gotta think him since She Man and Glendon were heading up the "Anti-Josh" cheers. Now that I"m off the football team I don't gotta be worried about getting suspended for spearing one of them. One day there going to shoot off there mouth and BAM spear straight into the wall.. ^.^

    My mom told me the truth about my knee. The Doctor HADN'T Released me and she wanted me back so made the doctor force a release.... >.< No wonder it hurts. He wanted me out till my knee was Painless. Now I could of done more damage to it >.<

    School... I love school. For the first time in years I'm happy as could be. Without some people in my life it's better((Few internet freinds)), and with some people without them it makes it worst((Old freinds..... I've never been so happy))

    Happiness, Contentment, and Joy. I think I'm going to play a game with my comments. Whoever correctly guesses what positive feeling I have in my comments... correctly guessed it.. Geez I got nothing to offer so just play it! ^.^

    Last night I went to Chris Alleys and spent the night over there. He's got a pretty cool house and place. He's even cooler out of school. LOL. His dad was funny and pretty cool his mom was cool too. I got there 'bout 6:30 and we left for the bowling alley they had to compete in a league I played my GBA and played some music on the Jukebox played some Metal Slug. Cool time all the same. Then we got home played NCAA, Madden 2003 all night long. Then we got on the computer at about 2:30 PM. Later I decided to IM Sir Frenchman((Duchamp, Nick, Zeshen)) Chris and I laughed our ass off at the silly little bastard.

    He always feels threatend cause he has no good arguments so he falls on religion to try and save him I hate people like that. God said to fall to religion first not last. He also said not to always use it as a shield. He knows he's in the wrong he's just scared.

    We're studying Hammurabi and his "codes" in World History Honors. The Code said "An eye for an eye" which would mean I would be allowed to do the same thing to him that he did to me in Mesopotomia. But I don't want to don't care to and won't. Because honestly my life is better without him or the people around him as there all interwined to him.

    I didn't go to the wrestling event tonight I wanted to see John Cena rap. He's the man. Cooler than LL Cool J and the best white rapper. Even better than Eminem in my oppinion.

    Anyways guess my feelings lol... Comments or IMin me.

    Current Mood: good
    Current Music: "Higher" by Creed
    Saturday, September 6th, 2003
    10:51 pm
    Saw American Wedding. Great movie. The bachelor party was hilarous. Stiffler is still THE MAN!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Gonna boom boom with the brides maids.

    Nick IM'd me asking why I blocked him. Well I WONDER WHY!? Maybe cause I don't want to talk to him again?

    Current Mood: devious
    Current Music: "My Will" by Dream
    6:26 pm
    Turns out Drews mom changed plans again at the last minute. >.<

    We're still going to see a movie. American Wedding.

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: "Evolution" by Motorhead, "My Will" by Dream
    3:59 pm
    Okay so I got up this morning early with my grandma annoying me I thought she was drunk or something the way she kept talking nagging me to death. 8:00 I told her to leave me alone and she left for work finally. I slept till 10 then got up so I could catch X-Men Evolution at 10:30 cause I had to go home. I got ready quick and my sis was on the comp at my grandparents we left and I been messing around with things since.

    The plans changed instead of going to the football game we're probably going to go to a movie instead haven't decided which but I think, am praying, and hoping that it is American Wedding.

    I watched bubble boy last night and was saddend even though it was a comedy. Then I changed the channel and saw Spider Man's ending when Peter Parker said he couldn't be with Mary Jane ((Due to his secret identity and not wanting to hurt her.)) Then I caught an episode of Suddenly Suzan the memorial one about that guy who commited suicide and "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind came on, last night there was sad things on TV but I cheered up lol.

    I have the urge to hit someone with a steel chair right now. Fall through tables, jump off ladders, and wrestle. That's why I want to be a wrestler LOL! Good thing they have the smackdown game or else I"d be in trouble. The latest in the new one you can make people bleed FINALLY what I've been waiting for. I can bust Triple H open by throwing him off the top of a hell in a cell through a table like Undertaker did to Mick Foley. Mick Foley=God!

    I'm going to play Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth! right now so I can maybe get rid of the hardcore urges for a while.

    Let's hope we/they don't do anything too crazy. I wouldn't mind jumping out of the van while it's moving, throwing popcorn and other things at people, and acting like complete and total idiots in front of people and yelling innapropriate things out like were wacko.

    Just go listen to "Fat Lip" by Sum 41 and you'll understand.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind
    3:14 pm
    I’ve lied / to you
    The same way that I always do
    This is / the last smile
    That I’ll fake for the sake of being with you

    Everything falls apart / even the people who never frown / eventually break down
    The sacrifice of hiding in a lie
    Everything has to end / you’ll soon find we’re out of time left / to watch it all unwind
    The sacrifice is never knowing
    Why I never walked away
    Why I played myself this way
    Now I see your testing me pushes me away
    Why I never walked away
    Why I played myself this way
    Now I see your testing me pushes me away
    I’ve tried / like you
    To do everything you wanted too
    This is / the last time
    I'll take the blame for the sake of being with you

    Everything falls apart / even the people who never frown / eventually break down
    The sacrifice of hiding in a lie
    Everything has to end / you’ll soon find we’re out of time left / to watch it all unwind
    The sacrifice is never knowing
    Why I never walked away
    Why I played myself this way
    Now I see your testing me pushes me away
    Why I never walked away
    Why I played myself this way
    Now I see your testing me pushes me away

    Were all out of time / this is how we learn how it all unwinds
    The sacrifice of hiding in a lie
    Were all out of time / this is how we learn how it all unwinds
    The sacrifice is never knowing why...

    Why I never walked away
    Why I played myself this way
    Now I see your testing me pushes me away
    Why I never walked away
    Why I played myself this way
    Now I see your testing me pushes me away
    pushes me away

    Current Music: "Pushing Me Away" by Linkin Park
    12:38 am
    Would you know my name... If I saw you in heavan?
    "Tears in Heavan"=Prettiful like crazy.

    Here's something interesting "Comrade((The communist name for each other as that's what Nick is a french communist)) Nick Duchamp/MysticZeshen" IM'd me today.

    MysticZeshen: You get mad too easily.

    Of course I didn't reply because I was too happy and didn't want him to ruin it plus I said I wanted him to leave me alone. He won't leave me alone. I wish he would. He keeps saying "You have a weak backbone" and how he's so much better than me and crap. It's ridiculous. Honestly I'm over that stage in my life. To those that know me you know Nick Duchamp is lying out his teeth. Thank god I finally see clear.

    It's been a hellashish week. A very hellashish week. I had a migraine game day and was checked out the game got cancelled and I didn't know about the practice we were having anyways so I now have an unexcused abscence and Coach Lane annoying me.

    I keep getting a migraine. >.<

    Oh well everything else has been fine for the most part.

    eastcoastryder13: What chu doing up so late
    XxoAshleyDawnoxX: lol
    XxoAshleyDawnoxX: falling asleep on the key board
    eastcoastryder13: LOL Go to bed
    XxoAshleyDawnoxX: lol
    eastcoastryder13: LOL Your really not used to staying up this late I"m betting.
    XxoAshleyDawnoxX: yeah haha
    eastcoastryder13: You'll regret it monday especially if you do any sports.
    eastcoastryder13: I regret it every monday... LOL
    XxoAshleyDawnoxX: i do sports

    Do not stay up late on weekends unless your a trained proffesional like me.

    Today in Information Tech some two newbies at computers were trying to make a website with HTML they were bragging and all and i just laughed my ass off all class at there work. I'm not doing a web page over nothing I'll write it about something besides what your supposed to. Much less use such shitty HTML as <___br___> and crap. They kept putting font color="0033FF" and crap like that. What imbeciles.

    The game was postponed to Saturday and now postponed to the 22nd. Lane told me to tell "everyone" lol. I'm sposed to be going to the cougar games with Drew and them tommorow but who knows.

    Current Mood: peaceful
    Current Music: "Your The Best Around" The Karate Kid Theme Song
    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
    9:40 pm
    Hard Knocks, and Cheap Pops.
    For the first time in a LONG time I'm actually happy. I went to practice and right after the sprints the coach got mad cause I was slower than the rest so they up downed me 10 times then made me go back to the excecise lines do the Jumping jacks, Hit its, push ups, and sit ups. Oh well.... BECAUSE YOU CAN KICK ME WHEN I'M DOWN BUT I"LL KEEP GETTING UP! I hurt my knee again today but I got up and walked it off, I had an asthma attack and went to the sideline for 10 minutes and GOT BACK TO THE GAME, I kept getting hit in the funny bone and I walked that off, HELL I got speared in the lungs and heart and I KEPT trying. You won't keep me down. I may hate doing the excercises and work but by god if I'm playing football I'll do them.

    I've been exhausted for the past two days been through abunch of crap, tired of people posting unnescessary comments. If you know me in real life feel free to post, if your a good freind on the internet post, but if I've said I don't want to talk to you anymore or something along those lines.. GET A LIFE AND GET THE F OUT.

    Despite what I've said up there I'm HAPPY! I'm so very happy. See Drew and his mom came over and my mom cut Eleanor/Drews moms hair. Drew and I talked abit and joked around about high school and things going on in life. It's the first time I've smiled and laughed in a long time.

    I've gotten caught up in internet freinds to where I don't see what's around me. Who really cares about someone who lives thousands of miles away? What's here is here. Some may call them rednecks or other stereotypical names but hey there Human and nice people. In lunch today Jason and I talked alot as we do every day. Luke Fisher keeps checking women out and to see if they wear the same clothes within two weeks. Apparently he didn't notice I wore the same shirt I wore the first day of school LOL.

    I'm ready to kill Patrick Henry. I haven't practiced all this time for nothing. When I get in and I will get in, I'm going to KILL someone. They say don't hit your team mates full speed you might hurt them to some people I've always thought that. Then they bitch when I don't hit hard enough. Well tommorow night I'm going to show em.

    Forget woes, pain, suffering, tommorow night I'll be the one dishing it out. All the pent up aggresion I've had unleashed.


    YK and I have both come up with a theory that people aren't how they are in the net.

    I've been noticing Mick Foley and myself have alot in common I'm buying his books to learn more about him.

    I still don't know what to make of some things but oh well "welcome to the jungle".

    Lately I been listening to the "Growing Pains" theme song. That song is so awesome so is the show.

    Now with a funny quote from YK

    YukionLOD: can u saw idiot?
    eastcoastryder13: LOL!!!
    eastcoastryder13: "Can u saw idiot?"
    eastcoastryder13: Can you say idiot I think you meant
    eastcoastryder13: and yes
    eastcoastryder13: Idiot Idiot Idiot LOL
    YukionLOD: <.<
    YukionLOD: i high
    YukionLOD: have an excuse
    YukionLOD: -_-'

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte
    Monday, September 1st, 2003
    8:17 pm
    I woke up at 6:15 and got up at 7:00.. Until then I was staring at the celing and wall not wanting to get up. I got up and drank choclate milk and ate 1 waffle. I got to practice got a new belt and a PERFECT FITTING SHOULDER PADS ((THANK THE LOOOOORD!!!!)) The belt works well too. It was my first day back. I was late though getting out as I had to put my pads in again. I wasn't the last though Chris Ashworth was. Well they'd already stretched so I ran to the field and got in the sprint lines and ran fast doing my sprints to make up for it. About full speed every time instead of "Half speed"/"Three Quarters" then afterwards they did kick off and I was blocking for kick return. Then once that was done I ran to the sideline and wasn't feeling too well so I didn't do much after that. I then puked. I kept putting my helmet on then off for puking about 9 times in a row then Wall eye said "Go over to the side don't get any on the field" so I sat down helmet off puking some more. Milk and waffles... and all over my helmets face too.

    Despite this I got up and did the rest ran the fifths at the end and made it through the day. Then I went home drank gatorade, choclate milk, then coke to hydrate myself. Ate something then fell asleep for about 5-6 hours. Then I went to Andrews practice and here I am((I actually ate a pizza before I saw the practice while watching anime))

    I fell asleep watching 10 Things I hate about you. That movie is the greatest teen movie ever. I absolutely love the theme song. "Didn't I didn't I didn't I see you crying."

    It also corelates to meh life as usual. I put songs as how I'm feeling.

    I want you to want me
    I need you to need me
    I beg you to beg me
    I love you to love me
    Didn't I didn't I didn't I see you crying Ooooh
    Didn't I didn't I didn't I see you crying oooooh
    Didn't I didn't I didn't I see you crying.

    See it's addictive.

    TNN tonight at 9 o clock EST RAW you'd best watch it. Kane got hit in a flaming pit of oblivion known as a "Garbage dumpster" due to shane O mac drop kicking his ass into it. Hey he was going to throw him in so I can't blame shane. Plus Kane hurt Shanes mom. We dont' know if Kanes alive dead injured or what but I have a bad feeling.. SOMETHING HUGE IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: "I want you to want me" The 10 things I hate about you
    Saturday, August 30th, 2003
    9:45 pm
    Removed as of June 12th, 2008

    Current Mood: amused
    Friday, August 29th, 2003
    10:05 pm
    Today we got out at 1:00 due to the heat.

    My knee bothered me a little bit today but is doing better now.

    First block-World History Honors ((My favorite class lol))
    Mr. Peterson had a substitiute in. It was easy work copy the notes answer the questions in the book and that's it. Though the class kept questioning the substituite we cut up even the substituite joined in. They kept asking him personal questions like why he was filling out his taxes at the table. The sub laughed and joked around with that saying "Don't ask questions like that." XD((Reminder I gotta stop using that emoticon as it hurts)) It was great. In the class is people I know and don't know. I don't know how to explain some things there. All I can say about a girl in the class is she is perfect((Furi Kuri song had to be put in here at some point! w00t.)). Maybe I'm mis reading it but I like her alot I think. LOL It's so confusing to know how people feel now a days much less your own feelings. Pos Understanding.

    2nd block Physical Conditioning.

    I made it through the class better than I thought I would though again I was doused in my own sweat.

    3rd Block 1st half Information Tech

    The class was boring as we jut did pre tests.

    Lunch-Jason and I talked about cougar football with CB as Luke tried to understand what the hell we were saying LOL.

    3rd block 2nd half-Did another pretest before we do our post test ((We already went through an entire course or at least most of us v.v. At least at the end I saw her again as I headed to the next class. ^.....I'm not doing that face w00t!

    4th block
    Mostly consisted of us screwing with calculators. Zian kept saying "Your smart" cause I kept saying answers and predicting what the teacher was going to say. "Your quiz will be" she said then I said quickly "Tuesday" and at the same time she said "Tuesday." LMAO. Word life it's basic thuganomics.

    Got home at 1 and took a 6 hour nap. ((Took 30 minutes to get home cause the damn traffic plus I had to actually find the car in the parking lot and walk around))

    Went to my grandparents with my sis I just chilling now..

    I wish I'd never moved. >.< Pos moving.

    Current Mood: Fiery
    Current Music: "Alive" by POD
    Thursday, August 28th, 2003
    10:53 pm
    Nick is even a bigger bastard than I thought. All I can say is fuck him he can go to hell. I don't give a damn. Kelli unblocked me for some reason hahahahahaha. I don't care really cause I still hate her. I got a little pay back list I made. Everyone will pay. Hahahahaha.((Might be jokng ^.^)) Z is saying I have a weak backbone and shit. He's the french bastard who runs away. So let me say for the last time.... leave me the hell alone.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: "Your Gonna Pay"
    Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
    10:19 pm
    School was fine and I told em all I was coming back monday to practice. Then some bastard football players made fun of me cause I was injured calling me not a part of the team. Well Pointdexter ain't no part of the team he doesn't listen and just jukes away not even going up the field he goes and cuts to the outside cause he won't trust the lineman so he shouldn't talk. As for Branson he'll geth is. I'm tired of there asses. When I get the chance I'm going to hit the hell out of them.

    "Dead man walking, You've done it now, you've gone and made a big mistake, and I can't allow, for you to think you can, just walk away. so turn around, and face my wrath, cause your gonna pay."

    Your gonna pay. Hahahahahahahahaha.

    You could be the chemicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

    I love Slow chemical by Finger Eleven it totally pisses me off at everything and everybody.

    I always apologized to Kelli whenever something went wrong whe never did. I'm sorry to say but I'm never saying sorry. The only way I'll forgive is if I forget which is about as likely as the country of Oman becoming a super power by tommorow ((I run Oman now on a game LOL!))

    "And the flame returns."

    Lyrics are great.

    My mom rushes me all the time she apologized for being a bitch yesterday. I was annoying her very little, I asked her to re wrap my leg when she was done she moved it left and right hard hitting me. Then we argued and I said that hurt like hell, it did too it ripped at my cartilidge. She said "If you don't like it here so much then leave right now." Well I got my shoes and took 50 cent to call my grandparents to pick me up when I got to the pay phone. Then she was whining and all again so I just said "FUCK IT!" in my head and ran to my room slammed the door and locked it. She knocked two times the first I finally answered after about 20 minutes of her knocking and I told her to leave me alone I didn't care if she was sorry cause she hurt me. Then she tried to knock a second time saying goodnight. Then I went to get a drink before I went to bed and forgot to lock the door again and she opened the door and said goodnight and hugged me. I don't forget and it's harder than hell for me to forgive. She apologized this morning I still haven't said crap she apologized this evening I ain't saying crap. Now she trying to get me off the comp.

    The only thing that keeps me sane is nothing. So I'm a lunatic.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: "Your gonna pay" Undertaker 26th theme song
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
    9:45 pm
    I hate life.

    I had a good day mostly....

    1st block I listened to history man people have changed.

    2nd block I did physical conditioning cuz my f***ing mom made me.

    3rd block Computer I replied to jackass Z's things and Bitch Kellis shit. They are so annoying. I don't mind that they don't matter. (Mind over matter.)

    4th block-Boring Math.

    Football okay except people made fun of me because of my knee people made fun of wall eye too. I hate people like that (Example-Kelli, Jamar)

    I got home and was okay then YK called me and rome told me about and I'm playing Oman

    It's a country political etc. game.

    Anyways my mom was being a bitch, she hit my knee cause she was mad at me it hurts worst now. She grabbed my knee and shook it the cartilidge hurts like hell. She then shook it hard ripping into it. I think she hurt it worst it's hurting like hell. I don't hit her so why can she shake my damn knee like that. She needs to watch what she does.

    Life isn't worth living if this is how it is.
    The only people who can cheer me up are either mad at me, not talking to me, I hate them, or haven't spoke to me in such a long time we haven't talked just to sort of further it.

    It's sad....

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: "Last Resort" Papa Roach
    Monday, August 25th, 2003
    7:50 pm
    A song for Kelli.
    Here's a song just for Kelli ^.^ w00t LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA And it's 100% true as if Trapt were thinking of you

    I can't remember / The last time you cared about anything / The last time you allowed yourself to be seen / so pretentious your lies unrelenting disguise / Creating tears in your eyes your mind withers and dies / pretending to be something you are not / somewhere in the middle you are now caught / You’ve never seen who you really are / No life breathes in you / All the time you laugh you wait you cry / No part of your life is true / All the time your life passes you by / I don’t ever want to see I don’t ever want to be like you, Hollow Man / I don’t care what you give / Hollow man you can’t live like this // Your voice is just a whisper / You call upon your blank thoughts as you try / To fit in where you missed her / You missed the chance to stop living a lie

    Current Mood: cynical
    Current Music: "Hollow Man" by Trapt
    6:49 pm
    Fudy Cudy, Fooly Cooly, Furry Curry.
    First day of highschool.......... ^.^

    When I first got there the entire place was jampacked with all 4 we had to get to the freshman list of our first class. ((I already knew which))

    After I got there I went and sat with Anthony Moliongi and some others talking bout the summer. We then headed to our first classes and I departed.

    Block 1 Mr. Petersons World History/Geography Honors

    I headed out from the cafeteria following Peterson and the group. I then noticed Chandish from Vacation bible school was in my class ^.^ then also Rachel chitwood was there ^.^ w00t sweetness. Then I noticed daniel from kindergarten was there.. >.< I didn't like him. I don't really care for Micheal Warburton either. But he's in none of my classes thank GOD. Anyways Rachel looked different so did chandish. Then again we're aging. Mr. Peterson was cool and his class was over too soon ((Then again my eyes wandered some...))

    Block 2 Physical Conditioning.

    Ignoring my injuries Coach turner still made me and cole stretch etc. and do 6 inches i sorta don't like this class cept for the lifting of weights. Bad part about this class is the big walk all the way to the field house and back.

    Block 3 Information Tech with Ms. Rowell
    Jason Cash who was also in Block 1 joined me again we sat together the first half and talked then went to lunch clueless of where to sit We had lunch 2 which had nobody we really knew. I wish rachel were there ^.^.. mebbe I just didn't see her. We went back to class and she discussed what we would do more cept me and jason couldn't sit together as some girl took his damn spot. >.< Jason sat in my spot then and I had to find a new damn seat. >.< Overall cool class.

    Block 4 Algebra I fast track class ((As I missed so many damn abscences last year.))((All in one semester weeh))
    This class reminded me of Mrs. Burton she kept making me go to sleep Zach my old freind joined me in this class. Jason was still with me sitting beside me cody sat in front of me two seats and cole sat one seat ahead. Then Rabago sat beside Cole. So we were sitting there acting cool. Greg came and sat near Rabago for some reason he looks younger now... Go figure. Anyways the class was boring as hell cause she just spoke and was really reaaaaally tiring me. Then we had to walk to the field house for football practice.

    Football practice
    Very boring as I didn't get to do shit since the DOCTOR hasn't got my damn MRI's back. I had gone to school without my crutches and was limping worst. It hurt like hell and I was getting dizzy I had to get a few drinks but I liked what I saw at practice I'm hoping we lay a licking on Giles this thursday they won't soon forget.

    And yes Kelli is still a bitch.

    And yes Nick is still an idiotic peon who doesn't know pain, suffering, sensitivity, or anything to due with humanity. There perfect for each other aren't they ^.^ XD

    "Headstrong" by Trapt

    Circling your, circling your, circling your head / Contemplating everything you ever said / Now I see the truth / I got a doubt / A different motive in your eyes and now I’m out / See you later / I see your fantasy, you want to make it a reality paved in gold / See inside, inside of our heads, yeah / Well now that’s over / I see your motives inside, decisions to hide // Back off we’ll take you on / Headstrong to take on anyone / I know that you are wrong / Headstrong we’re Headstrong / Back off I’ll take you on / Headstrong to take on anyone / I know that you are wrong / And this is not where you belong // I can’t give everything away / I won’t give everything away // Conclusions manifest / Your first impressions got to be your very best / I see you’re full of s*** and that’s alright / That’s how you play I guess you get through every night / Well now that’s over / I see your fantasy, you want to make it a reality paved in gold / See inside, inside of our heads, yeah / Well now that’s over/ I see your motives inside, decisions to hide // Back off we’ll take you on / Headstrong to take on anyone / I know that you are wrong / Headstrong we’re Headstrong / Back off I’ll take you on / Headstrong to take on anyone / I know that you are wrong / And this is not where you belong // Where you belong / I can’t give everything away / This is not where you belong / I won’t give everything away //I know, I know all about / I know, I know all about / I know, I know all about / I know, I know all about your motives inside and your decision to hide //
    Back off we'll take you on / Headstrong to take on anyone / I know that you are wrong / Headstrong we’re Headstrong / Back off I’ll take you on / Headstrong to take on anyone / I know that you are wrong / And this is not where you belong // Where you belong / This is not where you belong / I can’t give everything away / This is not where you belong / I won’t give everything away/ This is not where you belong //

    I'm finding other ways to be amused.

    eastcoastryder13: Haven't found anything yet?
    rome7878: no
    rome7878: don't worry
    rome7878: the battle will occur next weekend
    eastcoastryder13: I'm just gun happy right now.
    rome7878: let me just put it this way...
    rome7878: when it hits, it'll hit
    rome7878: you're about to embark on one of the bloodiest battles this war may see
    eastcoastryder13: Who us hitting them or them hitting us lol
    rome7878: the survival rate will be low
    eastcoastryder13: Cause I don't plan on dying any time soon I'm going to kill some zeeks
    rome7878: i know
    eastcoastryder13: Don't care bout the odds I'll be coming out alive.
    rome7878: good
    rome7878: if you keep telling yourself that, you will make it out alive
    rome7878: but there is vicious combat ahead
    rome7878: be prepared for the worst
    rome7878: 2 armies are about to collide
    eastcoastryder13: I'm prepared to have to fight hand to hand or hand to mobile suite if I have to
    rome7878: k
    rome7878: good

    Man looks like we're in for a big ass battle.

    eastcoastryder13: FLCL
    anime genesis25: ?
    eastcoastryder13: I just download the ending song
    eastcoastryder13: It kicks ass
    anime genesis25: i know
    anime genesis25: get all of the songs from the pillows
    eastcoastryder13: I need to learn how to play then learn how to play that
    anime genesis25: lol
    anime genesis25: i can play it
    anime genesis25: its easy
    eastcoastryder13: Awesome.

    Fudy Cudy is awesomeness...I found out his name which is eric or aric he's from FL.

    Current Mood: pleased
    Current Music: "Headstrong" by Trapt
    Friday, August 22nd, 2003
    8:16 pm
    Kelli and Z HAVE TICKED ME OFF!

    I'm tired of there bitching over there petty relationship problems they say it's serious but there both immature twits.

    But what pisses me off the most is I've said I'm sorry to Kelli for no damn reason to much.
    Cause she'd always be pissed. But the truth was I was pissed at her. See she used me played me said "I love you" and lied about that she's never loved me it was a bunch of bullshit she said it just for some damn scheme and I'm no puppet.

    Kelli is a kiniving bitch wiccan who is working of evil. See I prayed for her I guess god doesn't help those who can't see the faintest light. She's already dug her damn grave.

    She hurt me way too much I'm tired of both of them so FUCK IT! Once and for all..


    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: "St. Anger" by Metallica
    1:26 pm
    Knee is still injured they took the MRI test results should come soon

    You are an eight-winged Archangel!
    You use your eon-old wisdom to lead the armies of
    Heaven, should the need arise. You are
    extremely powerful and a trusted advisor. Most
    of your time you spent meditating on the riddle
    of time and space and the purpose of life, and
    it is not easy to call upon you.

    What kind of supernatural being are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Current Mood: uncomfortable
    Current Music: "Here comes the boom" by P.O.D.
    Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
    9:30 pm
    Met Urobi. Met Jin.

    Is it worth it?

    Current Mood: gloomy
    Current Music: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem
    Saturday, August 16th, 2003
    11:59 pm
    I'm just like Fei... never changing... never wanting to face the truth... the truth is... what if I knew people earlier on.. what if it were different. It'd all be different. But you can't look back and say things like that you can only look ahead. Life is a bummer when your flying solo. It's even more a bummer when you think you have freinds but they don't think the same. Mehhhhh.. I used to think that I'd found kindred spirits that thought like me and were a bit like me and understood... unfortunately I was wrong.. They don't think the same. They don't care the same. etc. Then again I'm a fool. A worthless fool who is worthless in value and at everything. Just by not acknowledging someone. You open up scars that just split open. I wish they would just take a knife and stab me with it instead of the former of not acknowledging, not feeling the same. Sometimes it's as if people weren't ever supposed to meet. I was probably never supposed to meet anyone.. No one understands these dreams.. no one understands anything..

    Dream I will...

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park
    11:47 pm

    It's like.... sadness... only worst.... because... no matter what I do... it won't get better...
    it won't change... I can't change... I'm alone.... everyone has somebody but me....
    Everyone has there own freinds... everyone has there own gang... everyone has there own people... there own lingo... there own way of life... mine faded away along time ago... it seems... If.. I could be like that.. I would give anything just to live one day.. in those shoes if I could be like that... what would I do.. lord what would I do.....

    I Stand Alone
    (The Scorpion King)

    Now I've told you this once before
    You can't control me
    If you try to take me down you're gonna break
    Now I feel your every nothing that you're doing for me
    I'm picking you outa me
    you run away
    I stand alone
    I stand alone

    You're always hiding behind your so called goddess
    So what you don't think that we can see your face
    Resurrected back before the final fallen
    now they've arrest utill I can make my own way
    I'm not afraid of fading
    I stand alone
    Feeling your sting down inside of me
    I'm not dying for it
    I stand alone
    Everything that I believe is fading
    I stand alone
    I stand alone
    And now its my time (now its my time)
    It's my time to dream (my time to dream)
    Dream of the sky (dream of the sky)
    Make me believe that this place is invaded
    By the poison in me
    Help me decide if my fire will burn out
    Before you can breathe
    Breathe into me
    I stand alone
    I stand alone

    Feeling your sting down inside of me
    I'm not dying for it
    I stand alone
    Everything that I believe is fading
    I stand alone
    I stand alone
    I stand alone
    I stand alone

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack
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