okay so.   
01:40am 22/10/2003
mood: stressed
music: Sarah McLachlan-Sweet Surrenderr
okay, so i am at home dudes. i heard alot of people's blurty's are fooking up. but oh well. lets give this a whirl. i have had this for awhile, i just easily got confused updating and modifying, i dont really like the blurty. i dont care about moving pictures and such, my xanga was easy to modify. fun. well enough of my blubbering. my head was hurting bad last night, so i was like,asdjasd and i had like 9 hours of sleep the night before and yet i was still feeling shitty. and i still do? and my head for some reason hurts more...damn computers, im such a dumbass. everyone at shkool. askjd mmmm...face...alexXx face..wow. okay okay. shit load of work tommorow plus a test..im so happy. BLAH!