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...xD...:D...x)...:x [03 May 2003|02:09pm]
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Ok yeah. I talked to Drew last night from like.. 3:30 to 4.45. I really really missed talking to him on the phone. He also said to me that he'd go out with me as soon as he has a heart to give me and when he's sure he can take care of me. And we were all like "I love you" and blah blah blah. I really missed talking to him. And he was all sad when I told him how long it's been since we've seen eachother and he was like "Yeah, you'll see me soon. I promise" But yeah. He said he'd call me today. I hope he does, atleast. :|

But yeah.. anyway. I guess that's all I have to say. Besides that I'm listening to my mix of LAM, DSA, HIM, 69 Eyes, and another band. xD I make alot of depressing love song mixes now a days. Oh, and I'm not even looking at the screen and I'm typing. :| I feel smart. Lol.

Last night was good. I was talking to the boys. All of 'em except E n C. :( I havent talked to Chris yet, that much. But he knows who I am. :| x) I should call him when I get my cell back n shit. So yeah. I just need his number again. :\ Paul said all I have to do is ask if I want something, since I told him that I'mma go backstage at his show n rob him n Jamie of their jerseys. Lol. <3333 Paul's great. I'm glad that he's feeling better from his surgery. x) And I think I convinced him to like.. not bring Pat to the show down here since I have this thing against Pat since Pat thinks I'm a Avril-lookalike. :| Damn jewish cracker. I'm soo against him. And Paul was cracking up when I told him why. Hehe. And when I told Kali what was bothering me, she told the boys because J asked me what was wrong n shit, and Jamie bumps in and goes "dont let it bother you bunni roo." Wtf is a bunni roo? He's a fucked up guy.. but I <3 him anyway. Lol. Maybe I can convince them to give me all their cell numbers n shit and I can call 'em whenever I feel like it. AND I WILL DO THAT TOO! lol. <33

Yeah.. but anyhow.. I'm done. <3 MCL

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