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[25 Feb 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | 50 Cent - In Da Club ]

So, this is where I'm supposed to spill out my life story and beg you to love me, right? OK, well since I'm no different from the rest of you here it goes.

I'm Mackenzie. I've grown up my whole life being called Kenzie or Big Mack. Yes, as in the McDonald's food. *laughs* It doesn't help that when I go out to McDonalds with friends thats what I get. But, I'm almost 21. And I'm sure just about like everyone else around here I don't follow the law so I've had a few drinks in my day.

I grew up here even though I've changed houses so many times. At one point I was living with my parents, then my grandparents, then my aunt, then some friends, then finally my mom, then my dad. *takes a deep breath* It's hard have divorced parents. This is why I rebel against marraiges. I'm not putting anyone else through what I had to go through as a kid. I'm not that mean.

I've been in my share of relationships. Nothing has ever worked out though. But who can say they've actually had a succesfull relationship? Eventually everyone splits for one reason or another. But, you can't say I don't try. And, I'm not looking for a relationship. If its meant to happen, it WILL happen.

You can reach me at mmmm mackenzie. I'll get on if I get some comments with someone actually willing to talk to me.

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