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Saturday, June 14th, 2003
7:04 pm
>sighs and runs my hand through my hair slowly< 2nd Breakup.. Maybe I should give up on relationships . Sorry, theres nothing special about this update.

>Hits Update<

Edit: I've realized I have no friends. Alright, I'm not wearing my hair in my little mini-mohawk anymore. Its gonna look like it is here in the icon all wettened down. Its 'cause I'm lazy. >nods head

current mood: Heartbroken
current music: She Loves Me Not_Papa Roach

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Thursday, June 12th, 2003
7:38 am
>sighs slowly as I run my hand through my wettened jet black hair<
I haven't seen her in a while. Its wierd how our "relationship" is. Its like I'm all mushy and stuff while shes calling me nicknames like "Kid". Oh well. I still really like her. Heheh.
>smiles<I did remember her kissing me in the theatre though. That was nice.

current mood: Neglected??

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
8:29 am
>A large, musty sort of looking van pulls up to the front of Dover with the music blaring loudly; The van slides open as a sort of farmiliar figure walks out but, with a different look so its not noticable unless coming in close contact. The figure begins to walk down the hallways he approaches a bulletin board and pulls out a crumpled up piece of notebook paper laying it against the bulletin board he takes out his pen and begins to jot onto it leaving 'I'm back -Ken' he laughs and tapes it to the bulletin board and proceeds walking down the hallway he then approaches his old dorm and opens the door realizing his door mates not here he sighs in relief<

Thank god.. Hes the last guy I wanna see right now.

>throws a dirty gym bag onto the floor he then crouches down and takes out the laptop and places it on his old desk he smiles looking at all the old stickers he left there then opens up his laptop and begins to type on the machine apparently updating his journal.<

I'm baaack. Well, some of you may not know me 'cause theres alot of new kids around and theres some stuff I need to clear up. Well, my brother _paul_ has been saying I was in jail. Sorry but, thats not the case bro whoever called you up and told you that. Well, it wasn't me thats for sure. I just went to Japan 'cause I been saving up for a long-ass time to go and I finally had enough so I guess it was a little break from Dover 'cause I had already passed my required classes. Anyhow, I saw my parents it was fun etc. They don't know about my secret but, I plan on keeping that for a while 'course Paul don't know about it either. Only 2 people know and they better not tell because I will be very mad. Anyhow, I can be a pretty nice guy and I'm kind of a class clown but, I can also be very serious at times. I play guitar also used to sing but, I got tired of that. END.
>logs off<

current mood: groggy

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