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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
12:33a - Danielle and the others.
Danielle White from American Juniors made it. Jordan you felt really bad because you didn't go in the group. Well that doesn't mean you dont have talent you always did ok. And I am really happy for Danielle she wanted to go in the group and she is. You know what I did for all of yous? I told all my friends to vote for yous. Jordan I am very sorry you didn't go in the group just remember you had fun and you got to sing and have fun and dance and do a lots of stuff. I am really sad when you cried you start making tears coming out of my eyes. I felt very bad for Aj he has a lot of talent every one loves him. And he had lots of fun. I can tell when he went on the stage. Danielle I am happy for you. You have a strong voice and good luck! May be your the winner! Or its some one elsa you never know good luck!!! Big hugs and *kisses*

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