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    Thursday, June 21st, 2012
    6:24 pm
    How to Help the Sale Grow at Festivals for the Retail Enterprises?

    Everyone will find that all the big or small festivals have become golden opportunities for sales promotion in retail shops increasingly. When you go to a festival or fair, one of the highlights of the trip is to buy something to eat or drink and something you want before, like fashionable clothes, digital products, or something other to reward yourself.

    Here are some tips:
    1. Give some tiny free samples or some coupons can used in the whole shopping mall. It could be some delicious smoothie drink or a bite of cookie. Once your customer tastes how good your food or drink is, they are sure to hand over the cash to try one of their own. And once your customer gets the coupons, they are sure to shop in your shopping mall by those coupons.

    2. Use the smell to have they come in. If you are a beauty salon, let the ladies’ nose find you, if you are a food vendor, let your customers’ stomach find you. The power of smell is almost more appealing than visually seeing.

    3. Make a little noise to show the traffic in your shop. Hoot and holler in a positive way inviting people to come down and check our location out. Being real friendly and inviting makes people open to exploring what is going on around your area.

    4. Plan a holiday promotion or a new ad campaign themed the coming festival. Use a unique promotional event to generate a buzz about your business. How to make a unique promotion? May the innovative formats can earn the eyeballs. Those traditional ways is boring because your customers are familiar with these. If use a new or cool style to show your promotion and the discounted products, it will be more attracted. Such as using a digital flip book or digital magazine themed the coming festival to show the all products you need to promote. Your customers can be interested and sure to flip over the digital page. The cool show appeals them and then they are happy to know your promotional events or products.

    5. Design Stores. Use creative display to attract customers. Your display is everything! It is more important than the craft you are selling! How to design:
    a. It must welcome visitors and have enough to look at to encourage them to stay, and must be visually appealing from a distance and from within.
    b. The entry way should be clean and free from clutter.
    c. Lighting – lighting will make or break you. Consider the natural lighting for every place you sell on an individual basis. Adjust your lighting needs accordingly.

    6. Manage the money. You will say this is an obvious step, but after the festival promotions as retail operators we can become too involved in the little details of our business that we lose track of our financials. Keep an eye on cash flow and control the balance in the big promotional events.
    Thursday, May 24th, 2012
    12:02 pm
    5 Great Strategies for Women Marketing
    It is admitted that women are one of the biggest consumer group all over the world. They have the most desire for consumption and could become the real power that takes the world out of the economic recession. So knowing some strategies about women marketing can be very important to entrepreneurs leading to success.

    1. Learn Women Consumer Psychology
    To know what most women consumers really want is a great knowledge to sellers. Handled well, the markets could be expanded smoothly. The consumer classes and the consuming ability as well as the consumption custom are all important to the psychology research. Sellers can be easier to win the female after they know them more.

    2. Quality and Brand
    Women are inclined to buy the products that have public praise. Famous brand products are their first choices given similar prices among different products, for the quality of the brand products is usually high. What’s more, the luxurious brand products are the symbolic of status, which can satisfy most women’s vanity to some extent.

    3. Advertisement Specific to Women
    Advertisement is necessary means to popularize products, for all groups. But now, we are experiencing a time that women take more important part in deciding whether to buy or not about the products, whatever in apparel consumption or in communications, tourism, fitness, cosmetics, books or in larger parts, such as home furnishing and cars. So some advertisements should be specific to women so that female consumers would like to buy them.

    4. Festival Marketing
    Remember we have so many festivals for women: the Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and also the birthday. No matter the buyer is a mother, a girlfriend or a daughter, they are inclined to go shopping and on those days. Other festivals, such as Christmas and the New Year, would also nice opportunities for them to buy gifts to send to their family members. The shopping malls usually achieve better in the festivals than the common days.

    5. Online Marketing
    Women are one of the biggest spenders online. They love to browse and they love innovation and creativity. So this is a big market for the sellers to dig and chances to succeed. Besides building an online shop, why not deliver your products, messages and services in format as magazines, catalogs and brochures as they are in the internet for the consumers to decide what to buy through digital magazines or flipping book marketing material? This can be done easily by the flipbook maker, and can be more appealing to women than the common marketing methods.

    Those are only few strategies about the marketing for women. Generally, entrepreneurs can earn more as long as they value the female markets and provide women what they like.
    Thursday, May 17th, 2012
    12:27 pm
    What does Flipbook Tool can be used to?
    Flipbook tool is popular software that can create digital magazines or eBooks with page flipping effect. The tool can be used to create very nice brochures or magazines to popularize products online; the flipping e-books are attractive to the readers. And the flipbook tool can do more than we did.

    Maybe no one has maximized the potential of the flipbook tool. Most users just choose it to make a digital eBook for their own use. But it can be, in fact, much bigger than we ever imagined. Here are just few ideas to enlarge the usage of flipbook tool, and there are bigger markets for you to conceive.

    Page Flip books – the basic function of the tool is to create a digital book with page flipping effect. The original pages can be images, photos, PDF or flash.

    Page Flip brochures – that engages the customer and gives them an experience of what it is like to work with you, your brand and your services

    Page Flip catalogs - whereby people can be given a video call to action, demonstrations, links to buy directly from the catalog

    Page Flip magazines – Similar to e-books, online page flip magazines are more clear to telling readers information about products in a fashion and kind way, which could attract readers for further clicks hence building brand easily.

    Page Flip Resumes – A resume with page flipping effect will be more creative and attractive, isn’t it? A video can also be embedded!

    Page Flip Product Pages - you can hotspot the specials if you sell a lot of products, this attracts customers to click on what interests them and easy to take them to the product sales page.

    Readers always prefer browsing whatever catches their eyes. And most of them do not like long introductory words. Magazines with more pictures than words are usually attractive. So to promote the flipbook products, many other functions can be explored.

    The basic functions include reply/ comment, forward (Email/ Facebook/ Twitter), Print, Download, Like, Upload to Apple devices as an app, and of course the forward to buy button. These are free marketing ideas and can also be found in the digital flipbook software; and the SEO friendly codes embedded in the tool is capable for businessmen promote the digital magazines easily in the internet.

    Remember that the traditional plain pages, websites and email marketing are no longer outstanding in the internet, while flip book marketing is a wonderful to connect and interact with readers. If the features of flipbooks can be explored well, a huge opportunity can be opened to expanding markets.
    Thursday, May 10th, 2012
    5:41 pm
    How to Make Distinctive Presentations?
    Nowadays, presentations are very commonly used in entrepreneurs; most often appear in different meetings. They are usually demonstrated through some supplementary means, such as projector and PowerPoint. The following are the commonly recognized main elements or tips involved in preparing and delivering an effective presentation:

    Elements relate to contents
    Firstly, the Key objectives; State the purpose, scope and objectives of the presentation in a clear, concise manner. This can include both qualitative and quantitative elements.

    Then, the Plan; Tell the story on how to achieve your objectives. This is where you identify and describe your strategy.

    The next is the supportive evidence; Support the main body with relevant business charts to illustrate and highlight key figures. Use relevant facts to support your story.

    At the end remember to call actions. Creating a sense of urgency for the approval of what you’re presenting ASAP, and instilling a sense of loss if your idea does not proceed beyond this point.

    Elements relate to form or style
    You must keep in mind all the time that you are trying to “sell” something to the audience, whatever it be ideas, a product, a plan, strategy or anything else. All your aim of your presentation is to persuade your audience to “buy” what you are “selling”.

    In the presentation, your ideas must be thorough, attractive and convincing that the audience is eager to buy what you’re selling. Basically, you’re capturing their imagination.

    What’s more, be concise is very important to state your ideas or goals. And to support your idea and story, it is possible to use relevant facts and figures that drive home the key message that you are trying to get across to your audience.

    To create distinctive form of presentation, there are many tips to follow. And the recommended one is to use book flipping effect rather than the common PowerPoint. The book flipping effect presentation, which can be created easily by the flipping book creator is new and fantastic to present the ideas in book form pages. It helps you create an interactive document that can be embedded with videos, pictures, and other multimedia features.

    To make better presentations, we can also learn some tips from Steve Jobs, who often gave presentations when the new products coming out and the contents were really attractive from the beginning to the end.

    1. Write down your ideas before making the PowerPoint, this is more important than information;
    2. Think from the view of the audience to make it clear about what they really want, and express your opinions in the most simplest words;
    3. Always has three parts, rather than three or four points;
    4. More pictures than words in Projection;
    5. Humorous, no dull;
    6. Tell stories.
    Friday, May 4th, 2012
    4:05 pm
    Will New Publishing Replace the Old?
    For many writers, it might be difficult to choose a way to publish their books when their works are finished, especially for some infamous writers. However, with the e-revolution well underway, it has been easier to make the books published because there are so many different modern publishing methods than the traditional ones.

    With the increasing popularity of computer, digital magazines or eBooks have gradually taken the paper media's place and became the main forms of publishing. Traditional publishing usually refers to the newspaper, books and magazines, which were popular in the past centuries.

    And usually in the past, the traditional paper publishing works are finished by the writer or editors and the printers. Every book on the shelves is finished through various hard work from the author to the printers and publishers. Yet eBooks can be published easier as long as the author has the digital version of the works and know some publishing platforms.

    The New publishing platforms:

    Computer and internet has facilitated the publishing in many aspects. First, the writers can type more contents rather than write them down in pens. Besides, more digital platforms have made publishing more convenient and quick.

    In addition to blogs, there are many other ways to publish works without being examined; one is the file uploading sites, such as Issuu or Myplick, these sites provide platforms to upload files, whatever PDF or Word or PowerPoint documents, to the sites for free. The other good platform is the digital flipbooks. Flipbooks, which can be created easily with the flipbook software, are emerging digital publishing tools and are welcomed by many writers.

    A flipping book is brimming with dynamic flash which can transform the ready-print book to amazing animated one. The pages of book can be vividly flipped just as turning over pages of a realistic book. They can be well-designed and looking beautiful too. Flipbooks are good tool for self-publishing. It is new and differentiates to the traditional publishing. With the help of the flipbook maker, self-publishing is no longer a dream and has been very convenient and easy to operate. The tool is user-friendly that can create a flipbook that has virtual page flipping effect.

    Generally, the traditional print books are equal to the new emerging eBooks or self-published eBooks. Both of them have big markets as long as the contents of the books are appealing to readers. It’s difficult to evaluate whether they will die contemporarily, the readers determine the decisions.
    Thursday, March 29th, 2012
    4:47 pm
    3 Apple Apps I Like the Best
    I've played iPad for long time and was amazed by the numerous apps in the store. I downloaded many apps I interested in and also deleted some after short term experience. Yet there are also many apps that I kept them all the way and would like to play them almost every day. They are free and very good to use. I'm not an advertiser for the apps but I would like to share them with you whether you know it or not.

    1- Pinterest
    Pinterest is an app recommended from my friend. She spoke highly of the app. So I clicked it in the computer firstly, and then I was lost in it for long time.

    I downloaded the app immediately and revisit it often. I'm sure almost all visitors who came to Pinterest will be impressed by the whole contents, so beautiful and well-organized. Everything related to our daily life will be found in it, telling us that life can be so exciting like these!

    As the official site described, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find in your life. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

    2- Flipboard
    Flipboard is reviewed positively by Apple and was rated as the application Apple's iPad App of the Year in 2010. This tells us how amazing and unusual this app can be.

    Flipboard is a digital magazine, and it is more than that. It collects the content of social media and other websites and presents it in magazine format and allows users to "flip" through their social-networking feeds and other websites.

    Differentiate to the iBooks; the magazine is flipped vertically, which give users a fresh experience of reading. What's more, the contents of the magazines are subscribed according to the users' interesting, ranging from Travel, News, Design, and Music, Celebrities etc. to other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter contents. And you can view them in details by flipping each board. You see information can be shared in such wonderful fashion!

    Though there are many methods to create digital flipping publications with some digital magazine software, Flipboard is an app beyond those tools' reach. The customization access to interesting information in such an unusual fashion is the reason to success in my opinion.

    3- Draw Something
    Draw something is the most popular app now and it emerged only two weeks. The game was downloaded 20 million times in the first five weeks after its launching.

    This game is so fresh that it is not only a layout for users to show the ability to draw as well as offer us a chance to guess what the pictures name is, no matter you know the drawers or not. The app is connected with other social media to let you show the results. That's also explaining why the app gains so great fame and attention till now.

    Welcome to recommend your wonderful apps to me!
    Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
    3:59 pm
    How to Publish Books
    Publishing our own books may be a great dream for some persons, especially the unknown writers or editors. Yet it is not easy to make it if no presses appreciate the works or have interest in publishing the book, except the writer has enough money to self publish them.

    Traditionally, publishing books is not an easy issue. As the main paper media are newspaper and books. The writers or editors as well as the publishers should try their best to popularize their works in order to attract more readers enhance earn more profits and reputation.

    What's more, there is a long road for the writers and the press to go from writing the book until publishing or even selling them to the markets. Writing is not easy, so it is publishing. The finished book needs further editing, typesetting, pictures drawing, bookbinding and so on. Before the book is turned up before the readers, a series of tough work have done to it.

    Thanks to the development of mechanization and other related technology, a lot of burdensome work have been relieved during the procedure of publishing and thus speeded up the course of extensive book publishing.

    Another change that the high technology took to publishing is the popularization of internet, which has altered the layout of the publishing. The emerging media, such as blogs and Twitter and numerous e-books, have broadened the channels to publish articles, they also involved the ordinary persons in the publishing industry, hence take all persons have the easy approach to become a writer and access to build websites together; this is what web 2.0 time benefited us most importantly.

    Publishing articles to the professional article websites or some sites that can sell e-books seems to be cool nowadays. But isn’t it be more amazing if all of your articles can be collected together and published as a digital magazine by your own? It sounds difficult, but we should believe the power of contemporary science and technology.

    There are definitely some tools that can make self-publish easily. One of them is called the digital magazine software. It can easily combine your created PDF format articles together and then publish them as either HTML/EXE/ZIP or even Apple app or screensaver mode. After you created the flipping books, it is also possible for you to upload them to your own website, such as Facebook or the company sites. And all the procedures can be finished in only few steps. This flipbook creator makes publishing easy as everybody can have a chance to be a writer as well as the publisher.
    Friday, March 9th, 2012
    11:04 am
    Upgrade iPad, Upgrade Your Life
    Apple Released the New iPad on the morning 7 March, 2012 in California. The new generation iPad is featured with the more splendid display, the faster processer and other upgraded configurations. Though the creative points did not satisfy some investors, the new iPad is still worth to hold.

    The most sparking point of the new iPad to the customers might be its Retina display. Since the old iPad and iPad 2 were embedded with the common LED screen, which could hurt the users’ eyes for long time watching, has been criticized fiercely.

    Now the Retina display, as was rumored, has potentially making it the most pixel-packed slate in the market. The Current iPads have a display resolution of 1024x768; while the resolution of the new iPad is 2048x1536;—doubled the resolution, bringing the new iPad in line with the iPhone 4s’ retina display.

    There is also a new iSight camera on board that is quite similar to the version inside the iPhone 4S. It is only five megapixels, but it does have a backside illuminated sensor with a five element lens. It is also capable of capturing 1080p video, which should come as no surprise. “Put another way, you all have an HDTV at home, 1080p—an iPad has more pixels. That’s incredible!” says Apple’s Phil Schiller.

    And the new model has an A5X processor and quad-core graphics chip. Some experts indicate that the new iPad could be better than Xbox 360 and PS3 for its better screen resolution and more memory as well as no need of consoles. With the faster processor, not only can playing games on the iPad be an amazing experience, but other touches, such as flipping e-books (which is matured made by the flip book software) or surfing webpage can also be faster and enjoyable.

    We are also excited to see the new iPad possesses the function of Siri as that in iPhone 4S, but it retains partly in it, only for some command notes. The whole voice input function for iPad might be perfect on its next generation. Let’s wait for the creation.

    The new iPad will be available March 16th, starting at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model and scaling up to $829 for the 64GB version with 4G. And as usual, the old iPad 2 will decrease $100. And the pre-orders start the releasing day in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, with much of the rest of the globe to follow on March 23rd.
    Friday, March 2nd, 2012
    11:14 am
    The Future Newspaper Imagination
    iPad 3 will be released a week later. All of us are guessing what can the next generation iPad be and what more benefits can it bring to us. At the moment we enjoy the fruits created by Steve Jobs and his team, can we imagine what will the traditional medium - newspaper will become in the coming future? Just imagine!

    Imagine 1. Disappear
    Most newspaper publishers, after the long profitable years, have to face declining advertising revenues, titles and circulation in many countries these years. And the financial crisis has expanded the downward trend. Newspaper readership is usually lower among younger people who tend to attribute less importance to print media. And the large fixed costs make newspaper organizations more vulnerable to the downturns and less agile in reacting to the online news environment. All of the factors could become the last straw that may crush the camels sometime in the future.

    Imagine 2. Alive but Weak
    The decline of the newspaper release has been an unchangeable fact for several years all over the world. With the development of science and technology, getting information through the internet has been a custom for many persons, especially the young. This caused the reality that the old newspaper is only purchased or subscribed by the old men or the persons who has nostalgia feelings; while most of the young prefer reading news from the internet, or reading only the e-books.

    Imagine 3. New Material-Made Newspaper/ E-newspaper
    New material made newspaper does not mean they are not made from paper. It just means the newspaper can be read in a new fashion. It may be made by paper, but such paper is not as common as we see now. The future news-paper may become a high-tech product, which contains all information in only one page; with the titles and pictures as well as videos combined together, they can be opened by few clicks.

    Such newspaper contains news and can be as cheap as the common papers. What’s more, the future newspaper can be foldable as a paper book, and it can be recycled and the contents can be updated automatically. That can save a lot of paper and reserve our planet in an environmental protective way.

    The future e-newspaper has become to reality to some extent as the development of technology and the popularization of mobile internet devices (MID), such as the iPad. And we could read them and get information as easily as the old style. Some experts said the future newspaper news can be read with only a few clicks. And with the maturing technology as flipping books, which has been succeeded in personal computer and Apple devices by the flash flip book software, can be used into the future newspaper for further reading. Probably at that time, reading newspaper can be fashion again and will be welcomed by the young generations.
    Monday, February 27th, 2012
    2:58 pm
    The Creative Resume Ideas
    Resumes play a vital role for getting jobs, and resumes that are creative could help to get the excellent position as well as the appealing salary. It is not easy to change the basic information, such as experience, knowledge and degrees of the appliers, yet it is possible to show them in a unique fashion, which is sure to impress the receivers at the first sight.

    1. The CV conveyer
    The common resumes are printed on the ordinary A4 papers with the contents written in well- shaped charts. But it is so boring for the HRs that if all of the appliers' resumes are all the same fashion. It is said that if the contents can not appear to the human resources in 10 seconds or less, your resumes will be last in the rubbish. So just be a little more creative from the first sight.

    If it is an interview face to face, why don't you print your CVs in round shape instead of the common A4 papers; it can be easily made in the printing shops. What’s more, if you are major in design, other shapes, such as a paper box, or packing box is also a good choice.

    If the CVs are delivered online, then an attached power point, which analyze your advantages and strengths that might bring profits to the entrepreneurs, must impress the receivers deeply.

    2. Social Networking Sites
    With the popularization of social networking sites these years, a well-updated blog, Facebook or Twitter have been amazing places that can prove your infectivity and influence, and such personal sites have been important test items by the executives. So if you are still blank in the SNS, create a new one and update them occasionally.

    3. Flipping book resumes
    It is said that good resumes should be limited in only one paper, for the human resources will have no patience to read through the whole pages if it is too long. But things are not always the same. As long as the resumes are creative, the HRs must be having a special eye on it. And the flipping book resumes are among the best ideas.

    Though flipping book resumes are limited to online delivery as attachment, they are very innovative to collect information about the appliers of all information together. The flipping book, which can be made easily with the page flip software, is more like a personal magazine. With good templates and the amazing flipping technology, as well as the unordinary fashion to show the contents, the particular magazine-like resumes will be very eye-catching to the human resources and then a greater interview chances will come along.

    The creative CVs can narrow the way to successful interview. During the job interview, personalized and outstanding appliers can be succeeded, the same is the resumes. Everyone can win the job as long as he or she can be creative to the point. Good luck!
    Friday, February 17th, 2012
    1:43 pm
    How to Save Paper in the Office?
    There is the stastics goes that a tree will be reserved if 1,500 sheets of paper are not be wasted. i.e., if human beings save one million sheets of paper, we could reserve 680 trees, that can be a small wood! Office is a place where we might use a lot of paper, so how can we try our best to save them as well as our environment? It is time to stop wasting paper in the office now!

    What can We do to Save Paper in the Office?
    Though the environmental protection conscious is increasing during the past decades, there are still a lot of actions we should take to decrease the utilization of paper. Let us conclude some effective methods to save paper in the offices.

    Firstly, Build Paperless Office
    Building paperless office has become the common sense after the popularization of personal computer and the conscious of environmental protection. To fulfill the aim, it is important that we use e-mails and telephones as much as possible to replace other paper correspondence.

    We should also pay attention to the details to build paperless office. For instance, let us use mechanical pencils instead of wood ones, since wood pencils are also made from tress.

    Secondly, Save Paper When Print
    Print only when necessary is one of the best choices to save paper. Remember to print on both sides and try to use recyclable paper as much as possible. And if the documents are for private use, try to narrow the fonts and shrink the gap between the passages. Zeroing page margins if you do not need the blank parts is also an advocated manner to reduce paper utilization.

    Thirdly, the Flip Page Book is Helpful
    A lot of brochures, instructional manuals, and reports will be printed out to the employers in the office, leading to an overuse of paper and the waste of printing cost. In these cases, the flip page book, which is a book with a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change, can do us a favor.

    With the help of the flip book maker, all kinds of electronic files, brochures and reports from PDF form can be converted into digital flip page e-books. The pages of the e-book can be vividly flipped just as turning over pages of a realistic one. And it can be uploaded to the intranet for employers' convenient reading. It can also be published to the official site of the company to impress the clients. Well-designed and looking beautiful, it can enhance sales promotion by perfect marketing.

    The most important to reserve paper in the office is having the conscious of environmental protection in our mind all the time. Remember every one's little action can do a lot to save our big world!
    Friday, February 10th, 2012
    6:26 pm
    4 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her
    Is the arrival of another Valentine's Day rendering your emotions? Then let's start preparing the gifts for the Valentine's Day in 2012. It's not only to set off romantic atmosphere, but also to deliver the treasured love between you and her.

    The Best Valentine’s Day Gift 1 for her: Chocolate and Rose
    Love is chocolate; love is dissolved heart. Matched up with roses, which are the symbolic of pure and sincere love, they can be the most cherished and classic Valentine’s Day gifts.

    The Best Valentine’s Day Gift 2 for her: Lovers’ Card
    Lovers began to use this method to deliver love since many years ago. If you are shy or ineloquent persons, these cards could be your best choice.

    The Best Valentine’s Day Gift 3 for her: The photo album
    Nowadays, the spring-up of digital camera keep us away from the old photo shops for a long time. But the happiness of flipping photo albums cannot be substituted by the digital images, especially the ones that you selected by your heart. It’s the way to show your love passages. If possible, writing some explainable words besides the photos can be a perfect present.

    Anyway, if you feel old style is overstated; the modern flip book would be a kind of fashion. The flip book is more like a digital fashion magazine, which collects you and your lover’s photos together as an e-book. It can also become a particular digital photo album as the real one. And such flip book can be made easily with the help of the flipbook creator.

    The Best Valentine’s Day Gift 4 for her: A hug
    A hug is the best gift for the lazy; and it must be a long, tight and warm hug. So if you prepared nothing, give your lover a hug. This may be the best gift!
    Friday, February 3rd, 2012
    6:01 pm
    The Better Method to Save Photos as Kodak Bankrupt
    According to the Wall Street Journal news, On 19 Jan, 2012, the world's largest imaging products and related services, production and supply giant Kodak Company filed for bankruptcy protection in New York. United States.

    Kodak Company was founded in 1880. American Fun Science Site said in 1888, George Eastman Kodak had brought photography to the public with Kodak cameras, for the first time, ordinary people can freeze realities to pictures, and sometime a picture is worth than one thousand words.

    As for many persons who have nostalgia feelings, Kodak is not only a camera or film; it is a special way to present their warm family memories. In Kodak’s early advertisements, many of them are the scenes related to family performance with children, dogs and friends. And mostly are lens which can be easily access to in our midst. In the 1930s, people can often listen to the words on the radio, "This is the Kodak moment, do not let it slip away", and “Kodak string up every moment". And in those moving picture scenes, these slogans have deeply caved into the consumers’ mind, so that consumers can connect enjoy happy Hour with the "Kodak" the name together naturally.

    So, as Kodak gets bankruptcy, what can we do for better record our photos? Of course it is the digital tools. No matter it is the advanced digital camera or the common mobile phones, the photos can be easily reserved to the devices and then we may load them to the computers for further save. Sometime the other problem might emerge that there are so many photos in our computers! And if we don’t have a good custom of filing them clearly, we will be lost in the numerous photos and cannot find out the ones we are searching for.

    So here I may recommend a very particular solution to save photos clearly, which is to make a digital flip book. A flip book is a book with a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change (According to Wikipedia). Such a digital flip book, which can be made easily with the flip book maker, is like a folder in computers, but more than that. Since the flip book can collect all photos into one file together like a book, but the folder photos are split.

    What’s more, the flip book made by the page turning software makes it easy for anyone to create 3D realistic flash page-flipping books without any programming skills. To be short, it makes possible for everyone to create a digital magazine of our own. And once we tried and made it, we'll feel it cool to appreciate our works as well as reserve our photos better.
    Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
    2:18 pm
    Good Tip to Beautify Your Photo Images
    When digital time comes, the high-tech has dramatically refreshed the way we take photographs, and share images with friends or relatives, as well as the way we reserve them for future uses. In addition to taking high definition photos with digital cameras, we can also embellish and revamp our images by Photoshop or other photography software, and take fully use of Facebook, Blog, or MySpace to send these stunning snapshots to the neighborhoods and worldwide people. That’s really nice, isn’t it? And your images can be more amazing with only a few tips!

    Turn your photos to artistic creation!
    Want to make your family photos, wedding photographs, product pictures and so forth more amazing and attractive? Actually, you can easily accessorize your photos with a more professional appearance, share your masterpiece with wider audience, and polish your work with picturesque description, by create a flash flipping photo e-book from your pictures. It only takes minutes to turn your photos into a quality flash flipping photo e-book by Flipbook Maker Pro.

    What’s flash flipping photo e-book?
    It’s not only a photo album, which only gathers together your photos. The flash flipping photo e-book can automatically turn pages along with iconic page turning sound and effect, artistic templates, background music, clipart, video, your personal text or dynamic flash. You can upload and share your photo e-books on social network site or individual zone. It’s much more than a photo album but an electronic photo magazine!

    Professional tool for creating photo e-book:
    You may use Photoshop or photo editors to modify your images, but the photography software can never help you convert your photos into a 3D flash flipping photo album. But you can make it by the flip page software, which also allows you to design your unique photo e-books or digital photo album with fascinating template and style. You can unleash your creative genius to create something fabulous.

    Why Flipbook Maker Pro is your best choice?
    1. It allows you to select multiple photos of various formats from PC.
    2. It presents your pictures in a stunning and flash flipping template.
    3. It allows you to insert your description and story, video or YouTube element, flash, music, or hyperlink into photo e-book. Your photo e-book can be safer, as the page flip software can enable you to set a password to protect your privacy from peeping.
    4. You can output your photo e-book to multiple formats: HTML, which is a real local webpage. Zip format that you can send your photo e-book to bosom friends easily as it’s not too large. EXE format, it’s stand-alone but executable!
    5. Your photo e-book made by Flipbook Maker Pro is something original that will make your photo e-book gets maximum eyeballs. Impressive!
    Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
    3:02 pm
    Popularize Your Products Easily
    Selling is a kind of profound knowledge of matching product benefits with clients’ requirements and desires. Any good selling is based on prominent communicating the uses and values of product or service to target market and potential clients. Therefore, it’s exceedingly important to broadcast your products to make them well-recognized and popular.

    Imagine your products appearing on the "most popular" list, it must be very exciting. I promise product broadcasting is one of the most effective ways to gain rapid and massive product popularity. How to popularize your products and keep them reputed and competitive in your industry?

    Now we suggest you a remarkable tool to help you add your product name on the Most Popular lists: Kvisoft Flipbook Creator.

    What is Flipbook Creator?
    It can be also named as flipbook maker, it is an easy to use PDF/image/FLV to page flipping publication converter. With the commonly-used PDF tool, you can create page-flipping e-magazine, eBook, catalogue, brochure, portfolios or other digital publications of dynamic page turning effect and animated flash. It only takes minutes to convert PDF to flash or transfer a common PDF document/image/FLV into amazing and animated 3D publications! After flipbook creator invented, it has been used to advertise products and brand name. We’d like to highlight some good uses of Kvisoft flipbook maker that will be very interesting for marketers.

    Why flipbook creator can enhance the popularity and reputation of your product?
    Firstly, flipbook creator can turn ordinary PDF brochures into vivid page flipping ones. There’re always too much product brochures around us. If your brochure is not something creative or unique, it’s absolutely difficult to attract client’s attentions. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker is a professional tool who performs well in converting PDF into animated e-brochure. No programming knowledge or flash scripts needed for creating amazing page flipping e-brochure with embed animations and sound!

    Compare the ordinary brochures and fascinating and animated brochures, which will grab more eyeballs? Definitely, the latter will win. Because everyone loves beautiful elements, they can bring visual shock to your clients.

    Secondly, flipbook creator can help you create stunning company magazine. Expect to create an amazing magazine for your company but don’t know what to begin with? Get the right guideline here! You just need to prepare photos, PDF or FLV prepared to show in company magazine, load these files into Kvisoft flip page software, then you can DIY a unique magazine with built-in templates, dynamic effect and flash. Dozens of classic templates have already prepared for you, with them, you can create a 3D page flipping magazine to display your products, development and company spirit. E-magazine is definitely a window of your company that clients can realize your strong points!

    Furthermore, flipbook maker can help you a lot in designing e-books, greeting cards, or catalogues in minutes. Flipbook Maker just provides a unique and impressive way to highlight your spotlights! So, why not take Kvisoft flipbook creator to broadcast your high quality products and service? Please catch the chance to add your product to most popular list, you can make it!
    Thursday, January 5th, 2012
    11:34 am
    Why 2012 Business Can Benefit From Flipbook Maker?
    Happy New Year! It's the beginning of the New Year. We at Kvisoft wish you and your families have a wonderful life in 2012, and may all of your wishes come true.

    Well, if you're making plans for promoting sales and enhancing economic returns for the New Year of 2012, you must need some remarkable marketing tools. Therefore, the flipbook maker is a handy tool that can bring you great benefits. Continue reading to check why you can benefit from Kvisoft Flipbook Maker, you'll gain a lot from it!

    Definition: Flipbook Maker is user-friendly software what can create an e-book that has virtual page flipping effect. It allows you to create flash flipping books from PDF files, images or FLV for both online or offline use. It is a tool which can help attract your clients' attention for a long time and make your company and products impressed in their mind. Flipbook Maker is an intuitive flash document maker with which you can display or advertise your products more uniquely.

    On the one hand, flipbook Maker can help you create stunning flash greeting card. For instance, it's New Year now, and everyone wants to receive good luck and best wishes from others. Therefore, a stunning New Year greeting card must be a necessary marketing strategy, which can promote emotion between you and your clients or even potential customers. Kvisoft flip book maker bears the function you need to create peculiar and stunning New Year greeting card with picturesque page turning effect, attractive animations and soft background music. You can create such stunning greeting cards in minutes only by mouse click! Send your clients a unique card could increase the possibility that the receivers remember your company name.

    On the other hand, flipbook Maker can help you create impressive product catalogue, company magazine, or other related documents. Sometimes, when customers are not very familiar with your brand and products, you must try your utmost to make them feel safe and trustworthy. So you must inform your clients in a professional and characteristic way. Kvisoft flip page software is just the one who can help you create impressive e-catalogue and 3D e-magazine. With the software, you can create a unique product catalogue with vivid product image and audio. A professional-quality catalogue it is!

    Besides, you may want to apply Internet to advertise your brand and products, so why not create an e-magazine of your company with Flipbook Maker? The 3D page flipping magazine is definitely the best one who can grasp countless eyeballs and arouse purchase-desire.

    What’s more, flipbook maker can help you convert PDF files, pictures, FLV files into SWF/HTML or stand-alone EXE. PDF is the most commonly used company document, but it's not the best one. When you need to present your company or product to clients in meeting room, if you want to impress your clients, you can let a flash animated presentation to attract your clients' interests. I promise the flash animated file will be more effective in attract attention than any other documents, such as PDF. Kvisoft flip book software will make it easy to convert your PDF files into flash animated files.

    Hey, why not download a free trial of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker? You'll never regret for choosing flipbook maker:
    Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
    11:37 am
    Enhance Your New Year Business with the Flipbook Maker
    Happy New Year!As the Christmassy holiday has brought you lots of joys and happiness just now, are you looking forward to the happy life of New Year? A good preparation makes a success, so let’s make a plan for New Year together.

    Everyone wants to begin the New Year with a fresh start; no matter you are successful or disappointed in the past year. It’s wonderful because a fresh start provides us an opportunity to reinvent our lifestyle, work and business. If you expect to begin your New Year business with a brighter prospect, just let Kvisoft flip book maker to enhance your business promotion, you’ll never regret.

    Why Flipbook Maker can boom New Year business?
    First off: Flipbook Maker enables you to create an impressive greeting New Year card. Customers are just like friends needing us to contact with them frequently, especially on holidays. Sending greeting New Year card is an important way to explore new customers and consolidate the relationship with old customers. While your competitors are all sending greeting cards, the more unique and special your cards are, the more customers will be impressed you.

    So how can you make a more impressive card than your business competitors?
    Maybe the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker can help you a lot in this point. You just need to import your PDF greeting card into Flipbook Maker, and personalize animated templates and effects, then you can output a page flipping card which features sparkling animations and stunning background. Without any doubts, the flash greeting cards are impressive!

    Secondly, Flipbook Maker provides you a unique way to showcase your products. Fashionable dress needs beautifully contoured models to reveal its charms; gorgeous jewelries require proper wearers to reflect the peculiar enchantment; and your products also demand an excellent billboard to advertise their incomparable light spots.

    In order to showcase your products in a better way, you may need to grad customers’ attentions by an e-catalogue, which is a 3D page flipping catalogue. When customers are scanning your products online, they will be attracted by your animated e-catalogue and background music. With 3D e-catalogue, you can not only display your products in an impressive way, but your potential customers or old clients will love the comfortable atmosphere you built. Why not let the flip page software convert your PDF product lists into 3D e-catalogue?

    Thirdly, Flipbook Maker can create an animated e-magazine for your company. Almost all the big companies have their own magazines, because it’s an effective method to build company image, establish brand image, inform the world of company news and products, and communicate with clients. So do you plan to create a unique e-magazine for your company and brand? You can let the flip book software to convert your PDF magazine into a three-dimensional e-magazine in few minutes. With vivid page turning effect and beautiful template and animations, we promise you the company e-magazine could be outstanding and special!

    Go ahead to start your New Year business with a fresh start at the help of Kvisoft flipbook maker, you will be a big winner of the New Year!
    Monday, December 19th, 2011
    2:17 pm
    The Most Beautiful Templates for DIY Christmas Greeting Cards
    Without any doubts, Christmas is one the biggest yet busiest holiday of many countries; probably you have already received countless Christmas flyers or Xmas greeting letters that informing big discounts or any other business promotions. In order to enhance business or greet friends with surprise, definitely a common Christmas card is not enough; you must add some flash and sparkling elements into it.

    Are you preparing to DIY some special Christmas brochures, Xmas catalogues and greeting cards to attract more eye-attention? It's easy. You just need a good tool which offers some eye-catching animations. As far as I'm concerned, Kvisoft Flipbook Maker is professional software presenting some most beautiful templates and animations for designing characteristic Christmas brochures, photo cards or catalogues. I like those flash-flipping templates at the first sight I saw them, and I’m sure they can help the sellers boom Christmas business.

    Template 1-Lovely children: viewing the template seems like enjoy some dynamic cartoons! The style looks easy but never lacks of highlights. Dancing kids, smiling animals, floating clouds and rotating bright sun, the template is designed by caricature. More ingeniously, Kvisoft flip book maker replaces each common button by flash-flipping kid button that it makes the whole template present a unique style.

    Uses: the child template is not only suitable for designing special Christmas photo card, but also suitable for creating e-brochure or e-catalogue for goods like kids' toys, clothes, etc.

    Template 2- Christmas Snowflake: it's a romantic and sparkling template that twinkling snowflakes shine regularly, just like the twinkling Christmas trees. Various styled snowflakes rotate and glitter on it, and a starring Christmas tree is made up by countless stars! More uniquely, the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker applies Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Xmas stockings and snowman as its buttons.

    Uses: it's a nice Christmas card template, no matter for creating Christmas business cards or personal greeting card.

    Template 3-Round world travel: every time when I saw the round-world-travel template, unconsciously, I would think of the mystical travel of Jack Sparrow in movie Pirates of The Caribbean. The huge vessel freely takes voyage among five continents and seven seas, feeling like Jack Sparrow's black pearl sailing on Caribbean Sea.

    Uses: the template is a nice one to convey best wishes and peace. Let it to express your sincere blessing or advertise goods like outdoor clothes, geography books, travel magazine etc., that's a creative idea!

    Template 4-Happy holiday template: it's all about festive holiday and shimmering animations! This template presents you a jolly picture of Christmas by beautiful decorated Xmas tree, glittering round dots, blossoming fireworks and dynamic stars. It makes full use of flash and animation to build a joyous Christmas atmosphere. The twinkling Christmas tree designed by Kvisoft is starring just as the Xmas tree in your house.

    Good uses: It's useful to DIY sparkling Christmas greeting cards, or to create e-brochures and catalogues for Christmas goods, including Christmas tree, colored lights, stockings or Xmas foods.

    Why people choose Kvisoft Flipbook Maker?
    1. Dynamic Page-turning effect of Kvisoft flip book maker can be easily used to design a unique Christmas greeting card;

    2. Various flash-flipping templates of the Flipbook Maker allow you to design Christmas card or Christmas photo cards of countless styles;

    3. Various stunning and romantic effects, including floating yet transparent balloons, pearl-like rain-drops, dancing snowflakes etc., allow you to DIY Christmas card of attractive animations.

    4. Easy and intuitive interface is helpful for anyone to design a unique greeting card in few minutes.
    Monday, December 12th, 2011
    1:52 pm
    Create a Page-turning Greeting Card for Christmas
    The Christmas season is approaching! It is great time for the families and intimate friends getting together to deliver affectionate love, and the simple but memorable way to express our love is to send a self-designed Merry Christmas card.

    As for designing Christmas greeting cards, you may usually take full use of those representative things, including Christmas trees, snow-white scenery, snowflakes, red stockings, surprising gifts and also kind-hearted Santa Claus.

    Except those festive things, we also have stacks of family photos or friends' pictures of the joyous holidays. How to take full advantage of your holiday features to create attractive greeting card for Christmas? You may get the inspirational ideas now. That is the page flipping cards! If some page-turning and flash-flipping photo cards with personalized messages are your ideal plans, then you've gotten to the right place which can offer you a particular greeting card-making tutorial.

    Tutorial of creating page-flipping greeting Christmas card:
    Materials needed: pictures or personal photos what you want to show on card, heartwarming message, Microsoft PowerPoint, Kvisoft Flipbook Maker.

    Step 1: create a common greeting card in PowerPoint and save it as PDF format.
    You can create as many pages as you like. Simply insert your selected images and input your Christmas messages into PowerPoint, you can customize for them with your beloved font styles or barbola. After everything finished, save your file as PDF format.

    Step 2: import PDF card or other images into Kvisoft Flipbook Maker.
    It's nice that you can add as many files (PDF, Photo, and FLV) as you needed into the flip page software. Change sequence of added files by drag.

    Step 3: set background music, customize template and style for Christmas greeting card simply by mouse click.

    Step 4: publish your designed Merry Christmas card as SWF, EXE, HTML or email a friend.
    View more detailed tutorial at

    Why the greeting Christmas card made by Kvisoft Flipbook Maker is popular?
    1. Eye-catching and vivid page-turning effect: with animated and iconic book-page dances! The Kvisoft flip book maker usually brings the receiver nice feeling of reading a realistic book, or viewing a 3D movie. The page-flipping greeting card is never inferior to a real paper card.

    2. Various kinds of captivating templates: cherry blossom, joyous Christmas, cartoonish Santa Claus, romantic youth life, and so forth, all these templates of the flip book software are consisting of classic picture, different yet dynamic buttons, and most attractive animations.

    3. Flexible to share Christmas joys and photos with friends: you're free to share your greeting Christmas card with friends on iPad, email, webpage, or Facebook at any place, as the Flipbook Maker allows you to output greeting card of various formats.

    4. Environmental and saving resources: replacing paper greeting card with e-card is a significant way to protect mother earth and save resources, including paper, printing ink, etc.

    With Christmas on the corner, a beautiful and animated card should be sent to bring your beloved persons some surprises and unforgettable memories. Don't miss the chance to make them smile by page-flipping greeting Christmas card, love can be delivered!
    Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
    10:12 am
    Easy to Impress Customers with Christmas E-Card
    Christmas season is coming with the largest shopping fever of the year! It is the best opportunity for most of the sellers to gain innumerous profits during the time. And the successful experience in the past years demonstrated that the Christmas business greeting e-card is an essential approach to boom Christmas sales. The exquisite cards could make the promotional products outstanding which enhance attract the customers easily. i.e., the excellent Christmas e-cards are requisite to promote the products during the greeting seasons.

    The Importance of business greeting Christmas e-card:
    Greeting Christmas e-card is a cost-efficient promotional tool. Almost all of the merchants choose the convenient greeting Christmas cards to convince potential clients or customers, to advertise holiday discounts and product information, and establish long relationship with clients, or to build trustworthy company image. So how can you properly send out Christmas e-card and make full use of it?

    Some tips of sending business greeting Christmas e-card to impress your potential customers:
    Generally speaking, create a greeting Christmas e-card of high quality. A high-quality greeting e-card embodies your good service, qualified products and reliable company image. At least, customers who receive the greeting Christmas card will be impressed by your excellence.

    --Tip 1: a good title for your greeting Christmas e-card.
    As we know, a good tile is the half of a successful article. You can name the title by brief memorable greeting words, biggest and thrilling discount information, or some other extraordinary words.

    --Tip 2: make a perfect balance between greeting Christmas and informing promotional news in Christmas message.
    All the time, the sincerer a greeting Christmas e-card is, the more effective a greeting e-card will impress your clients. So keep focus on sending wishes and Merry Christmas, it's valuable.

    --Tip 3: take a unique and attractive Christmas e-card to captivate clients' eyeballs.
    You may have heard of flipping or animated Christmas card, which is an innovative and new card that everyone loves. It's an amazing e-card that beautiful flash flips, cute page-flipping effect shines, and 3D dynamic dances. As the majority of online clients are youngsters and internet lovers, therefore, 3D page-flipping greeting Christmas e-card is widely welcomed by them. You can take the trend to boom business.

    --Tip 4: use beautiful pictures, artistic e-card templates and melodious music to attract your clients.
    People love pictures because it's more intuitive and realistic. Match your discounted products with vivid pictures, or embed nice-looking Christmas pictures with heartwarming messages, then the discounts can be more convincible during the shopping season.

    Some tools of designing impressive and high quality greeting Christmas e-card
    Free tools: of course, we have some free tools for designing Christmas e-cards, such as Free Christmas Card Maker, Photo Card Maker, MyCardMaker, Online Christmas Card Maker and so forth. But these free Christmas card makers are limited to few templates and functions; it's difficult to work out some unique and characteristic greeting Christmas e-cards.

    Paid but excellent card maker:
    Kvisoft Flipbook Maker is a user-friendly and intuitive tool in creating page-flipping and animated Christmas e-card. It allows you easily to embed music, flash, animations, and pictures for e-card without any knowledge of programming scripts. As people's feedbacks said, "we love the way when e-card comes out!” Trial download place:
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