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pictures make me sad sometimes... [20 Sep 2005|01:41pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

...because i know that i used to be that girl.

not that i dont like who i am, im not saying that. but memories... are memories. i dont know. sometimes i just think, and its not necessarily logically.

im working right now, and its stupid. pimpin came by a little bit ago though, and we asked chris and i get to go work in the computer lab with her from 215 until 330. thats so exciting!!! we were just joking when we asked, but he said yes. hes awesome.

so last week, my surprise for rob was that... i got a tattoo!!! i got a little hearty heart in a weird spot, its sort of on my back and my butt and my hip all at the same time. its right where my pants line is, and i love it. and i love rob, which is why its there <3 sara and noel went with me to get it, and sara talked to charlie about getting her tattoo... shes getting a video game nerdy one, because thats what she is. and shes the cutest one around :)

and my surprise on saturday was awesome. we went to MARINE LAND!!! YAYYYY! neither of us had ever been there, so we just went. it was so cool, and we took tons of pictures, and rob bought me a walrus. and yeah. i love marine land.

oh oh! and friday! my daddy came home!!!! yes, thats right, hes home. and no one is moving to florida. he hated it down there, it was super shitty. so now hes home, which means that rob and i wont be needing to get an apartment. im a little disappointed about that, but it does make more sense to save our money if we can for next summer when we have to have to get one. i was looking forward to living together, just us... but i can wait i suppose.

im off for now... hungry chessaaaaa.............

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...because there should be more love in the world [15 Sep 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | chris talking on the phone et typing ]

everyone should check that out, it made me super happy. in india, the legal age for marrying is 18 for girls and 21 for boys. this 19 year old girl is in love with a boy her own age, so they cant get married yet. just to be able to live in the same house as her love, she married his older brother who signed a contract agreeing to divorce her in two years when his brother comes of age. until then, he will treat her as his younger sister... that he happens to be married to.

how utterly romantic is that? to be so in love that you would marry your boyfriends brother just to be closer to your man? i love it. take that, laws of india.

love cant be stopped.

speaking of love, rob and i are looking at an apartment today :) its just in walden estates, but it should be fun. i feel like such a grown up :) he was at his moms house while i was in dance yesterday, and she was telling him to stop over tomorrow (which is today), and he couldnt remember what he had to do. a couple minutes later he was like, oh, chessa and i are looking at the apartment tomorrow! and his mom got all teary and started crying because now hes getting an apt and hes got his own car and chrissy is all the way in hawaii... i feel bad :/ poor mom.

buut besides that, i dont know. i get paid today AND tomorrow, because today is thursday which is south side payday, and tomorrow is gcc payday. thats so exciting. i like moneys.

and robs got a surprise for me on saturday, and i think were going to cananada, because hes been hinting, but i dont know what for. its from like, nine in the morning until four in the afternoon though, so i dont know. i like surprises.
and im getting rob a surprise tomorrow, and im excited about that too :) im not going to say what it is, because he reads this, but ill tell everyone after he knows. besides sara, because she already knows whats up, because thats what best friends do.

im going to go do my revisions on my english paper, and then probably some other stuff.

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umm... its wednesday. [07 Sep 2005|08:50am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | everyones typing... and a moose. ]

yes it is. and that means im getting my hair done today, yayyy! at 1230, im so psyched. im not sure how its going to be yet, but itll be awesome and hot, and stuff.

and i just saw theresa (i probably did not spell that right) who was the co-person for the scene i was in in the fashion show last year :) shes awesome. she asked me if i was going to do it again this year, and i told her that i was actually going to try out this time. and shes like, well im doing a scene this year, and youll definalty be in it. i want to keep a lot of the same people from last year. im like, AWESOME! im so looking forward to the show this year.

oh, and i love pimpin.
and theres a moose in the computer lab.

and sara was going to take me for my spray tan on saturday, but then last night rob was like, what are your plans for saturday? and i was like, why? and hes like, dont make any. and he wont tell me what it is, but all i got out of him is that its a surprise for me, and its just the two of us, and im excited. even though i dont get my spray tan, im still excited. i have to call sara and tell her.

rob called into work today because hes a weiner, and he just didnt feel like going to work. but hes at home helping my mommy with stuff, so that kind of makes it okay i guess. shes got a lot of things to do that he can help with. like burning couches and other such things.

i just got a text from charlie letting me know that hes here, so im out to go meet him. later.

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eight years later... [02 Sep 2005|09:27am]
[ mood | cold ]

well, im at school. woot. good ole gcc started up again on monday, so the week is almost over. first week went fairly well i think, i didnt have any problems really... i like my classes and things. both my history teachers are weird though... the one is a woman and she talks about 26918473289 miles per hour, and she spells stuff fast like that too, and shes just strange. and then the guy one is a rather short and large man, and today we took notes for the first time and hes just really super unorganized. he like, wrote the stuff up on the board and then didnt really specify on any of it. i was like... right. the SUPER weird thing about them both is that they get this weird glazed look on their faces when they talk about... history stuff. they get like, all excited talking about mesopotamia and the french revolution, and it kind of freaks me out. im not gonna lie.

mr mayo is awesome, he was my public speaking teacher over the summer and now i have him for theater 101. hes so funny, and gets so off topic and the class is only 55 minutes long and we probably talked about theater for 10 minutes on wednesday. that was the longest sentence in history, and im not going to change it. i also got another job yesterday, doing a work study at the computer help desk here at gcc. im going down today after class to start training, and i guess after that ill be working monday thru thursday 1230-430. its not a whole lot, but its an extra 16 hours a week, and south side sucks as far as hours go.

im still only workng three days a week and thats going to change the week after next anyways. dance starts the week of the 12th, and im taking four classes, i go in three nights a week, one of them being wednesdays. so pams like, well we kind of hired you to work wednesday nights, blah blah. so i said i was sorry, i cant control my dance schedule because i dont make it. and shes like, well it just kind of sucks for you because now you can only work on the weekends. im like, oh. awesome. so i have two jobs now, officially, and i think itll work out. itll just give me a little more money every week, and i can save more for when rob and i get our apt.

speaking of which, i am so damn stressed about every little thing. everyones like, maybe you should drop a class if youre stressed out or something, blah blah. yes, i am taking six classes, i am doing so so i can graduate in the spring. im taking six again next semester, but school is the one thing in my life right now that i am not stressed about. ive never been stressed about school, i like it. its a set schedule and i just like coming here. its just everything else, thats all. everything else being money, my parents moving, money, us moving, and money.

i know i should think about it all the time, and thats why im stressed, because i just over think and blah. i understand that we are going to be fine and rob makes plenty of money, but i just dont want everything to be on him all the time, i cant do that to him. i just cant.

i dont know. something else... i just streched back and got a muscle cramp in my lower back. that hurt like a bitch. damnit.

im gonna go now though, go read a little before class, drop some shit off in my locker so i dont have to lug it all around everywhere. find charlie because he always gets here early, and i left my phone at home so i cant call him. ugh.

<3 byes

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[03 Aug 2005|03:00pm]
[ mood | weird ]

i was just popping around myspace, looking at some things, and i found this:

thats me, about three years ago, and george, and jesse, and jon finchs ex girlfriend adrianna. it was when george and i had first started seeing eachother... i was so young. i mean, it was only three years ago, but to think about how much ive grown up since then, i dont know. it just kind of surprised me that he had that picture in his myspace, and i had forgotten about that night. there were so many nights over there...

its funny how you can completely forget about something, but see one picture and you remember everything. every stupid little detail that didnt matter. not that any of it matters now, i just thought it was strange.

memories are stupid. sometimes i wish i could just forget things. (the stains on his shirt from the beer that never came out, emails every night to read for the morning, he hated the glasses so much, the sweatshirt he gave me...)

all those stupid things from the past that dont matter anymore. i hate them. after all the nice memories comes the bad ones, and it still hurts to think about it.

i wish people wouldnt lie all the time and could just be real.

im glad i found someone like that. i know i tell you all the time, but thank you. i really dont think you know how much i appriciate every little thing you do. im glad that in the end every gets what they deserve.

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two weeks, damnit, i suck [29 Jul 2005|11:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | its really quiet in my house, which i love. ]

alright, here we go.

update on the florida thing: after going down there for a week and such, and talking (i guess), theyre not going to wait until next summer to move, theyre moving during christmas break. ummm... yay? not. theyre not leaving katie here like they told me they were, everyone going, blah blah.

rob and i have been talking about it, and we pretty much figured out a general plan of what were going to do. were going to find an apt in batavia in the fall, and well live there until next summer. since ill be at canisius next fall, over summer were going to move out to an apt in buffalo and live there while im at canisius. that way ill be closer to school and wont have to make my schedule depending on what days i want to drive out there, and in buffalo rob will have more options for restaurants to work at and such. it should be a good thing.

what we didnt talk about, which i was just thinking about earlier today/last night, is what is he going to do while im in germany for a semester? i mean, its not manditory for me to go, i can just stay here the whole time, but i just always planned on going there for at least a semester, i was actually thinking two, or maybe one regular semester and a summer session. i dont know. i mean, that wont happen until two/two and a half years from now, while im in my second year at canisius, but still. that hasnt come up yet.

in other news, rob and i had our one year anniversary a week ago today :) friday july 22nd. and i love him. he bought me an iPod mini, but i cant use it because this computer hates me. were going to buy a new computer, and that way we have a good one for while were here that no one else will mess with, and also that way we have one for when we move out, which is also good. double kill. woot. but anyways, for our anniversary we went out to dinner at shogun, which is an awesome japanese place up on transit, and ate a lot of cool food. and my parents were conveniently out of town for the weekend, so he stayed the whole time here with me. it was amazing, and so is he. happy anniversary darling.
and i love him more than anything <3

im taking public speaking right now, my final is two weeks from yesterday. its kind of weird... the two classes i took mod one seemed like they took so long, and this one is flying by. its crazy. and i like this one, and i kind of wish it was longer. speaking of which, if anyone has any ideas on a topic for a persuasive speech (something i could talk about for 6-8 minutes), then you should email me or leave a comment or something, because i cant think of a damned thing. hmmp.

pimpin and i went out today, it was fun :) we went out to calidonia and visited her friend wes, who works with her in the lab at gcc. i met him once when i first started going there, like, in january. it was really cool... we went to dennys and ate cheesey hashbrowns, and just chilled a lot and listened to some music. relaxation time. on our way back to my house we got pulled over because she has a headlight out, which is sucky, but the cop was super nice and explained things and was generally cool. when we got into batavia we stopped at craigs house, who also works in the lab at gcc. ive met him quite a few times, and weve talked and things. hes a nice boy. then i found out that this girl marie lives there with him, and she was in my dance class last semester, we used to talk all the time in there. she is awesome, and i like her a super lot. so that was tonight, yayness.

and now its almost midnight, and i have to work at 11 in the morning (until question mark, as it said on the schedule :/) so i should go to bed, which im going to do right now. goodnight everyone!

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what is stability? [13 Jul 2005|01:05pm]
[ mood | weird ]

its been a week since i updated... im getting better at this :) my vacation was wonderful... i have the most wonderful boyfriend ever, and the most wonderful friends ever :D

it was just nice to get away and relax... jessie kept thinking that we should do things and that rob and i were bored, but no way. vacations are for relaxing, and thats what we did.

last night i got home from dropping rob off at work, and my rents told me to go to subway. okay. so im getting what everyone wants to eat, and i walk into the office and my rents are all whispery. so im like, if you guys are telling secrets i can leave... and my dad looks at me, and hes like, were moving to florida. so im like, har har, funny stuff. and theyre both just looking at me, and im like, youre not being serious are you? and hes like, yes were being serious, this state is tearing everything appart, and i came up to live here for your mother, and our business is bad, and were not taking care of you guys because were not making enough money, and i can go down there and run uncle nicks business and make a lot more money.

and then hes like, youre welcome to come with us if you want. and im like, im going to college here, i have plans and stuff. im going to canisius next fall, and i cant very well do that from leesburg.

i dont know... it just seems so random to me i guess. like, one day, everythings cool, the next day, by the way were moving out of state. its just like, excuse me? where the fuck did this come from?? they said that theyve already talked to katie and joey about switching schools and everything, and i just feel so out of the loop i guess. they want to move within the year, but theyll probably let katie and joey finish out next year at pembroke, because pulling them out in the middle of the year is crappy.

its just very strange to me that ill be living in a different state than my parents. i dont know... i dont get it.

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i feel craptastic [06 Jul 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | sick ]

its been about a month since ive updated... and it sucks. i guess ive been busy.

i officially graduated from high school, i have my diploma and everything. yay! mod one is over, and i start public speaking next tuesday. yay for school? or something?

rob told me where our mystery vacation is to, so i guess its not a mystery one anymore, just a regular one. we are going to albany to see miss jessielyn bouchard, one of the greatest women i know. were leaving here on friday, and staying until monday. im super excited :)

if i dont sound quite so psyched about it, its probably because i had some effing surgery on my foot yesterday. it was just minor surgery, but still. i originally thought i had a wart on my foot, but after a stupid hurty biopsy yesterday its looking like it was a cyst, and before we thought it was one big one, but it was two right next to eachother. awesome. so i still have one and i get to go through the whole stupid thing over again sometime. blah.

so right now i have a bum foot and im on crutches because i cant walk on it (the thing is right on my heel) and all day ive been feeling pretty crappy. ive felt like im going to puke on and off, and thats just really not a way that one likes to feel.

besides that im sucking at typing, i need a massage, and im missing my boyfriend. and blah.

today is jens birthday, so happy birthday to jen. yayyy! she called me earlier and wanted me to go with her to get her tattoo, but i told her i couldnt, and i hope she found someone to go with her.

right now i think im going to go sit in the kitchen with my mommy, because i love her. and i will definatly update soon and not be a weiner like the past month.

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i <3 no curfew [16 Jun 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | limewire on shuffle... right now its tori amos ]

i excersized my no curfew thing last night for the first time... i went over to robs house at like 11, and we sat out in the car and talked and hung out until almost two. then i went to pats and hung out with him and jen, and i didnt get home until five.

then i slept until one in the afternoon. but thats okay.

and id like to say to you that im sorry for being an idiot... for the nth time. sometimes im just slow to catch on to things... and hopefully ill get better at that. soon. because i hate making you feel like that, you know that. you saw me crying last night in the car. i am truely sorry, and i love you.

umm, besides that, i miss jessie.

she should call me if she gets the chance. because shes awesome.

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happy belated birthday to me :) [13 Jun 2005|09:39pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | rob is playing ddr ]

yes, thats right, yesterday was my 18th birthday :D it was fantastical.

my party for that and graduation was last weekend, and that was good also. i gots a lots of moneys, and robs mommy bought me an awesome brown shirt, and meggie gerych got me a sweet orange stripey beach bag (which contained my new favorite sandals), and gemma got me a bag with some cool stuff in it, and pimpin got me a coffee machine and some ice cube trys. awesome stuff.

sara and i went to the mall on saturday so she could do some fathers day shopping for her dad and for jordan, but instead she bought herself several tank tops. she got jordan a fishing hat, the dorkiest fishing hat ever. i like it.

yesterday rob took me out to dinner at the olive garden, and he told me i have something else coming later in the week, and were going on a mystery vacation from july 8-11. i dont know where were going, or when were leaving, or how were getting there, and its exciting. and i love him.

today we went to time bomb and i was going to get my belly pierced like jessie has hers, but i totally chickened out. i still feel like an ass about it. i got the other side of my nose done instead, but im going to psych myself up for it and then do it probably next week. but my nose looks pretty sweet, im happy with it. i have a hoopy in the left side and one of my old studs in the right. i love it. and eff you if you dont.

in other news, my parents gave me the jeepy for graduation. its mine mine mine now, and it makes me happy. also, since im 18 now, my dad says he cant tell me what to do anymore, so its awesome. im allowed to leave and come home whenever i want, and *dun dun dunnn* im allowed to sleep downstairs with rob now... which is definatly the best ever. he cant sleep upstairs because my dad doesnt want katie and joey to see him sleeping upstairs (dont ask me what the difference is, whatever makes him happy). but either way, i like it.

dad and me are going for our annual chessas birthday dinner at the red osier on friday. it should be pretty sweet.

right now im going to go, but if you read this you should leave comments because i never get any comments and it makes me sad.

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countdown to me... stolen from julia [07 Jun 2005|11:38pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

13 random things you like:
going out to eat,
summer rain,
having a bathing suit,
trying new things,
singing in the shower,
getting mail,
being held,
laying in the dark,
days off from school,

12 movies you like:
kicking and screaming,
are we there yet,
center stage,
edward scissorhands,
oceans eleven,
oceans twelve,
the mummy,
toy story,
poolhall junkies

11 good bands/artists:
alanis morissette,
norah jones,
dashboad confessional,
pedro the lion,
jack johnson,
gwen stephani,
modest mouse,
sarah maclachlin,
indigo girls,

10 things about you physically:
dyed hair,
painted toenails,
sandaled feet,
no makeup,
not strong,
dark undereyes,
two tattoos,
rounded shoulders

9 good friends:

8 favorite foods/drinks:
spinach and artichoke dip,
mikes lemonade,
iced tea,
aunt jodi's potato(e?) salad,

7 things you wear daily :
gemini necklace,
amethest necklace,
caladah ring,
rainbow ring,
industrial bar,
nose ring,

6 things that annoy you:
slow drivers,
stupid people,
people who think theyre better than everyone,
the cat meowing loudly all the time,
waking up for no reason and not being able to go back to sleep,

5 things you touch everyday:
my ears,
my car,
my cell phone,
my bed

4 shows you watch:
law and order,
american idol,

3 girls/boys you've kissed:

2 of your favorite books:
message in a bottle-nicholas sparks,
italian dreams-?

1 person/thing you want to see right now:

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[29 May 2005|11:32pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

i would just like to state, that last night was the most amazing night ever.

just letting everyone know.

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another boring friday night at aunt debbies [27 May 2005|11:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

im sorry for my freak out last night... it was stupid of me.

this is going to be a sort of bitchy entry, because as usual, im at aunt debbies when i want to be at home and in my bed.

no, scratch that. i want to be in your arms. right now at this very moment. but youre there, and im here, and i miss you.

i dont know why, but i feel sad. i just feel so... emotional. i was listening to music on the computer earlier, nothing too bad, just some dashboard, and i just started tearing up. i dont know.

'a plain morning' always makes me cry. i could never figure out why either.

'it's warmer where you're waitin'
it feels more like july
there's pillows in their cases
and one of those is mine
and she wrote the words 'i love you'
and sprayed it with perfume
it's better than the fire is
to heat this lonely room'

its sort of a sad song, actually. love and loneliness at the same time, and distance, and longing... ugh. just, ugh.

there is no way that you could ever know just how much i love you. i cant wait to be with you for forever. i cant wait until forever. you have no idea how much a part of me you are.

and i said 'i've gotta be honest, i've been waiting for you all my life'

and its true.

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im freaking out, and i know that... [26 May 2005|10:12pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | maxims hot 100 on vh1 ]

...but im really trying not to.

rob and i went on pretty much the best date ever yesterday... we went to the zoo, and then we went to the mall and ate japanese food for lunchy, then we went and saw 'kicking and screaming'... that new movie with will ferell where hes the soccer coach? it was so awesome. and we were the cutest couple everywhere we went, as usual. we were definatly the most in love people there, thats for sure.

.no one beats us at that game.

rob brought chucks camera to the zoo, and he took lots of awesome pictures of the aminals. there were love wallabys (wallabies?) too, and they were awesome. we gots pictures of them too.

rob says that were gonna adopt a girl and a boy wallay at the zoo, and name them 'rob' and 'chessa', and theyll be cute.

right now im freaking out, and youll know why when you see this, and im sorry. and i know you told me to stop appologizing all the time, but i really cant help it. i love you i love you i love you, more than anything in the world and you know that, and im just paranoid sometimes, even when i tell myself i shouldnt be.


...i know you know, i just dont want you to ever forget...

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rob is mowing the lawn [18 May 2005|07:12pm]
[ mood | loved ]

it was on my list that i was sposed to mow the lawn today, and i wanted to do it earlier but i was in batavia with rob. so when he and i got back here about a half hour ago he said that hed mow the lawn and i could chill in the house :)

i love him.

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bite marks sometimes turn into bruises [13 May 2005|11:39pm]
[ mood | full ]

im at aunt debbies right now, and im tired and i want to go home. but my moms not ready to go yet, and i have to wait because im taking her home. poopy.

tonight i went to saras and made dinner with her. chessa <3 cooking with sara, and sara in general. we made our specialty pasta/brocolli dish thingy, and it was delicious. we doubled the recipe because gabby and nate were sposed to come over too, but they didnt. so i have a huge tupperware thing full of food that im going to eat tomorrow. noel is cute, as usual, and it was just nice to be there. i miss it, but im thinking that well be hanging out a lot more now again, like it used to be :)

rob was sposed to come with me tonight too, but he got called into worky :( its good for him though, because he was going in for management. one of the managers had to go to some business thingy with his wife, and it would have looked bad for her if he didnt go with her. so the guy called rob and asked him to cover for him. hopefully things are going well, which im sure they are because rob is amazing.

rob and i went for a super long walk today. it was really nice. it was just a nice day out today and ive wanted to go for a walk since the weather started getting warmer. so we walked from robs house to tullys to pick up his check, then we went to the bank, then we went to main street coffee for lunchy. i got my usual iced chai (blended, not over ice, because its way better) and my chicken greek wrap and rob got his usual iced mochachino (with double extra lotta chocolate) and a south of the border. mmmm, main street coffee. then we walked back to his house and took a little mini napper before i had to leave to go pick up joey from school.

i miss him tons when were not together. i wish he was here right now, and he was with me earlier when i was at saras... ugh. ill see him tomorrow during the day before he goes to worky, which will be good. good good good.

aunt gemma is here tonight, which is fun for a period of time, but then it gets so boring. everythings just so old... 'oh yeah, my nephew is dating this maxim model and their getting married, she has her own website you should check it out, and im going to talk about this fifty different times tonight for ten minutes each time i bring it up', 'my children are gifts from god, shelby is going to north carolina over the summer to be a mothers helper and hunter is going to italy for a month and hes the best golf player in the world' and blah blah blah. shes fun at first, but then i want to strangle her. and so does everyone else. meh.

i have to pee, so im going to go right now. just wanted to give a little update

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still sicky, with a side of voicelessness [07 May 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | sick ]

the prom=was awesome.

way better than last year. we ended up leaving early last year because it sucked, but rob and i stayed for the whole whole time this year :) and i loved it. he doesnt dance, but he definately danced last night. a lot. i think he secretly liked it though, shhh. the food was so-so, i liked it, rob didnt. they played some country songs that were pretty gross, but besides that the music was good. during the whole garder thingy rob put my dress over his head like a tent and took it off with his teeth. i liked it. a couple of the guys next to us were looking at him like, that guy is friggen awesome.

i agree with those guys.

when we got home last night we layed on the couch together and then some other things that are none of your business. except robs, and he knows them already. so there.

last night was just the best night ever, and thank you everyone that was there that made it awesome. especially you, lovey, because it wouldnt have been the same without you :-*

all there is to say is that i love him more than anything, and the two of us are definately the most in love people there ever were and ever will be.

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my house is full of sickies [05 May 2005|09:29pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | my ears popping :( ]

thats right, im sicky. ive had the sniffles for a couple days, and my ears feel like they gots water in them all the time. and then when i came home today, i found out that both my brother and my sister have the stomach flu. and proms tomorrow, and i hope i dont get all pukey from them :(

im eating angel hair pasta with alfredo right now, and its effing delicious.

i was going to paint my nails tonight, but i feel kind of crappy so im going to wait until tomorrow morning to do it. im going up to the high school for the senior breakfast and the 'manditory SADD meeting' that i dont know if i have to go to or not, but i think if i go to the breakfast theyre going to make me. which makes me sad, but thats okay.

sometimes i think about it, and i kind of want a baby. i know that robs going to read this and go :-O but thats okay. he always makes that face when i bring up babies. but anyways, i dont know. i just see all these people around me who are like, my age, and theyre all having babies and theyre all happy and i want it. not that im not happy now, but... i dont know.

maybe im just a strange girl.

phone with my love and then bedtime, byes

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its fashion show day [30 Apr 2005|07:43am]
[ mood | awake ]

thats right, today is the day of the gcc fashion show :) im waiting to get in the shower right now, my dad beat me to it. yesterday at dress rehersal was the first time i got to see the other scenes, and its going to be sooo freaking awesome. im so excited.

im wearing all pink... gwen had her hair pink for a while, and im getting my hair done on tuesday for promma, so i didnt want to dye my hair, so illa has a pink wig that im wearing. its so sweet. and i have pink glasses, a pink fishnet shirt thats underneath a black tank top with pink writing (the new charlie and the chocolate factory that is), then some black pants with a pink and black skirt over them, and saras combat boots. i look friggen sweet in this thing. im psyched.

promma is one week from yesterday :):):):):):) rob doesnt have his tux yet and he says im freaking out and its not a big deal and blah, but i think he should have it now. yes, i think he should. and i still need to get my garter... thats a very important part of the prom you know. thats the only thing im missing, besides getting his flower thingy for him.

rob bought me a hoopy for my nose the other day while we were in hottopic. it looks awesome, but it hurts a little :( i think my nose was pierced with a 20g, and this is an 18g :/ i just have to give it a couple days to get used to it, and itll be fine. i couldnt get it in there, so rob had to do it for me. i was impressed, personally.

i have two weeks left of classes :) over the summer im taking astronomy, world civ, and public speaking. i love college. love it.

my dads getting out of the shower now so im out, comment if youd like... i dont get any, and the comment button is lonely :(

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and i really hope you really know when you say you do [16 Apr 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

jebus, march 24th was my last update??! ive been slacking, like mad. that was almost a whole month ago. i think a lot has happened.

well, not really a lot i guess, but a lot of little things. which counts, right?

as for the prom dress shopping, i got my dress :) its red and its ankle length, but its a little longer in the back so theres like, a mini train thingy. it comes across like a tube dress in the front, but then in the middle of the back it comes together and goes up to the top of my neck and then comes around so i have a like, a choker thingy. it has like, sequined flower things on the front of it too. its soooo pretty. yay :)

talisa and i still havent done our double date, but itll come. soon soon.

jessie and i should be getting together next month, i see no reason why it shouldnt work, for real this time. her senior trip is to darien lake, and theyre spending the night out here somewhere. so rob and i will end up going up to the park, and meeting up, and having some grand theme park fun. and i love you jessie.

in other news, yesterday rob and i went to the back and we opened joint savings and checkings accounts. that means that both our names are on it, and we rule. yeah, thats exactly what that means. oh, and it means we love eachother. a lots.

my mom finally got her tax returns back so on monday i shall go to the financial aid place at school and do that or make an appointment to do that, and then sign up for my summer classes (finally), and then that will be done. its about time.

the date for my grad/18th birthday party is set, its june the fifth at my grammas house. so i should be getting a lot of stuff then, and thats fun. and there will be lots of people, most or all of them will be people i like, so thats good too. last night my mom and i decided that two days before that (the third, thats my grammas bday) were going to take my gramma out to lunch and then go to time bomb in batavia and her and i are going to get the same tattoo as she has :) were also extending the invite to my aunt dawn and aunt robin, but were not sure if theyll go for it. oh well for them then. we rock.

ive also already talked to eric betz who is a piercer at time bomb now, and the day after my birthday (theyre not open on sundays) im going in to get the other side of my nose done, and my belly. im getting my belly done sideways like jessies though (<3), because it looks oh so cool. i also told him i want something in my left ear because my head is like, leaning to the right because of the weight (exaggeration), so hes thinking of something for that. he suggested a conch to something or other orbital. i dont really care, but i dont know exactly where the holes would be because i didnt know what he was talking about. haha, im going to have to have him draw on my ear with a marker or something. sweet. but anyways, he told me that hes never done that particular orbital (danielle has, just he hasnt), and if im a crash test dummy i get it done for free.

hells yes. free holes in my body? sign me up.

im so bored tonight. my aunt cindy and her husband are here, which is fun, but rob went home so im all lonely and sad. his tummy was bothering him all day long though, and it didnt get better. it makes me so sad when he doesnt feel good :( i wish we lived together now so i could take care of him and tuck him in. i would definately tuck him.

oh man do i love him. times infinity.

this is super long, and i need a bejeweled fix, so im out for now. xoxo.

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