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Katie's Journal

3rd January, 2004. 9:52 pm. hey

Last night was soo much fun!!! OMG lol me Keith and his brother and one of our friends and her brother went driving around so we went to this one girls house that lives like a hour away from were we live( we have nothing to do were we live obviously) and like it was soo much fun we were goofing off and everything i didn't get home till 12:40 am and like it was sooo much fun Keith gave me these two ducks for chirstmas and they are like kissing and they have our names on them I thought it was soo cute!!! hehe then today i went to my riding lesson and we jumped really high again 2"6 sizzle and i are going to do great this summer i think cus his canter is soo awsome!! any ways later then i went shopping with my mom and i got two new pairs of pants which are really awsome!! lol i like the word awsome! any ways then i had to baby sit which was pretty fun considering they were both 9 year olds and played there xbox all night so it was an easy 15 dallers, and now im on the computer again... well i got to go now talk to you later luv allways~Katie

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2nd January, 2004. 3:45 pm. hey

Whats up? nmh just sitting here waiting for kieth to call. so that then we can do somthing tonight. Earlier today i rode my horse Sizzle, I was really happy because i finally figured out how to do flying lead changes on him!! they arn't perfect yet but i still have about 1-2 months to practice before my first show!! Being bored sucks!!! there is nothing to do around my house, except be on the internet, or go and ride my babie horses and end up going to the hospital! lol they arn't that bad but i just don't like riding my 2 yr. olds with out someone being there. I can't wait till tomorrow when i have my Jumping lesson, last week i finally Jumped a 3 ft high fence!! I was really excited! it was so much fun my horse Sizzle just flys over them and makes it really fun! my trainer is Vicki sometimes she is a BiTcH but she is a Really good trainer so thats why im sticking with her and I know that she'll help me get to were I want to get. right now im listening to Emenem ... idk what song but oh well .. IM SOO BORED!! well I better get going ttyl luv ya tonz ~ Katie

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1st January, 2004. 1:06 pm. hey

this is my first time on this.. I'm kidna hesitent to let ppl read my personal stuff but they won't know me so whats the big deal, well today my best friend spent the night for New Years and we stayed up till 4 am. and like Before she came to my house she went to a party and she said she was doing drugs and stuff.... which made me kinda mad and made me think do i even know my best friend but she said she hated it and wasn't going to do it again. My other friend on the other hand is getting in way deeper then she needs to be and i don't know how to help her she says she wants help but idk she doesn't want it when i give it to her, she is getting into sex, and drinking and It just makes me discusted and i told her that and she still doesn't care I just want to help her but I don't know how. but any ways less about that, my mom rode one of my baby horses today it was pretty cool. I have 9 horses and we might have to put one down( my moms horse) but at least she wouldn't be in any more pain. she tried to jump over a 6 ft high fence and she isn't even 14 h h and like well we think she broke her hip. but idk . This year has just sucked ass with death i hate it Earlier this year my Grandpa died in October and i still haven't gotten better i still cry my self to sleep( i was really close to him) some times I think so hard of him I can smell the way he used to smell but i know it isn't real and i even have a tape of his voice and i listen to it every night before i go to sleep. I just miss him soo much. but then i look on the other hand he was suffering with colen cancer and it was his time, and I also look at what good things i have in life like Keith my boyfriend, that is so wonderful and has helped me through all of this! well i better get going i have things to do. ttyl luv allwyas ~Katie

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