new journal...BOO BLURTY!!!!!!!!   
09:08am 04/03/2004
music: juliana theory
I am starting a new Journal....It's www.livejournal/katie_can_fly
Green pants and purple socks   
01:14pm 02/03/2004
  This is what I am all about today...Someday you will regret and understand.

The hate is still here
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I love headaches   
12:50pm 02/03/2004
music: Coheed still.....
I just got out of art. early. No more tests today. I do, however, have a grandeee headache. I Hope it goes away real soon. I'm pretty sure the blazing heat in this Lab isn't helping at all. But I will tuff it out like the soilder that I am. hehe Cute boy is in here today. He came into slackers yesterday. I laughed. I need to go to Target today. I am going to buy...
a.) Shit for my naked room
b.) String to hold up my posters
c.) a deskish thing to hold my computer and if they have modems at Target then one of thoes too

well I am going to type some HW up...So thilled.
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Little Lehprican   
10:13am 02/03/2004
music: Coheed and cambria
God. I had so much fun at the wedding. I miss my family already. Those four days flew by so fast. Only 4 more months till I come home...(sigh). Alright, the wedding was so much fun, I felt bad, Ben was my date it was wonderful of him to go with me. I ended up getting the migrain of the century on the trolly, he rubbed my back, He made me feel better. Ma and Pa got me a new Camera, The flash is broke. I'll bring it back soon. Took lots of drunken pictures...Danced to gwen like a drunkard with Abbz...she fell. Ha...Yesterday was a scorcher...Have my own room...It's cold in is cloudy....but oh so warm...Spring is here...Bring on thoes fucking tornadoes....I jsut saw Ben...Hugs all around....School sucks a wad...I HATE TESTS...I've had one in all my classes again. I am tired...Car?(Crosses fingers) Ma and pa have a new car...good for them...According to everone I have a NY accent...I laugh...they laugh at the way I say salad...(?)...Illinois=YAWN...right now at least.
I found abbz'zzz glasses...I will mail them...(soooon)...Ah, cute boy in the lab...I'm waering a hat...I didn't do my hair...havent washed it sence the wedding...Ok..I'm done writing fragments...LAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

B-day in 28 days..........
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12:39pm 26/02/2004
music: Postal service
FAMILY IS HERE! Abbz and the rents arrived here in good ole Alton last night. I cried when I saw them, I mean I highly doubt it had anything to do with the high doeses of hormones my body is producing. But yeah I was so happy to see everyone. I am finishing off my last day of school for the weekend. Abby is at the house alone. I feel bad...DON"T WORRY ABBZ I'LL BE HOME IN A FEW MORE HOURS!!!! Damnit I love my sis. We spent the majority of last night gossiping about Fuckers. I laughed a lot. I am never going to sleep while she is here. I want to spen every waking second with her. I won't be able to see my BF for like 4 more least. I had a gugillion tests today. I passed them all, Why? Well, because I am effing brilliant.
My room is almost done being built. I think we are hanging my Marilyn pictures up today. I am Semi-excited.
It's hotter than shit in here. I wish I was naked, that way the sweat wouldn't be stinking up my shirt like it is now. No, I am exagurating a bit, no sweat. Although I would like to be naked.
Mum and dad brought some of my stuff...Including my computer, my sterio, and my Box-pics. I threw a few out because...
a.) I hated looking at ass holes that cheat...
b.) I can be ugly....(sometimes)
c.) I hate ass holes that want to fuck my sister because they think its funny to talk about with their ass hole friends.
Alright. on that note I will do more important occupy a computer to search the net while there are people waiting to type really long papers...Oh life isn't fair is it?
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Damnit I am bored   
03:13pm 24/02/2004
music: Hasn't changed
Cute boy left not too long ago. I was sad...for like a second...But I am good now. Time is going by so slow. It's rediculous. I am tired and I want to go home and paint. It's been too long. I was going to finish a painting I started forever ago, but I think I am just going to start over. stomach is growling. oh well, I'll go drink some water or something to fool it into thinking it's full. OH yeah, I talked to Tyler on the phone the other day. He's leaving for the Air Force soon. we have a date to hang out before he leaves. I can't wait. I want to see him one last time. He's so sweet, it's a shame he has a gf becasue he would so be mine...(naaa.)

Well, I think I should occomplish more than I did. I really don't care though. It's pretty warm in here. I wonder if it is outside. I want it to be 70 again, like last week it was. Looks windy out...I'm going to play outside for a

Oh yeah..........I HATE YOU
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Yeah so much for homework...   
02:22pm 24/02/2004
music: Death cab for cutie...And hopign for a movie script ending
yeah so I am chillin (? what the heck) in the 3,000 degree Computer Lab. It's hot in here...I'm surprised the computers aren't exploding. I ended up finishing my lame paper for English. now I feel like procrastinating. There is a really cute boy sitting at the comp a head of me. but ofcourse he is being mauled by a Suzie- sluts-a-lot. They always get the boys...and herpes.
Oh well. I want to go home soon but alas I am here until four. After here I hope I go shopping, I am hankering a Atkins chocolate bar...MMMmmm Chalky greatness right there. Or a fruit of some sort...I haven't eaten all day. thats not good. I feel my body being drained of what litte energy I have. I would get a snack from the cafe but I didn't bring any cash...Damn you Stone age technology here at LCCC...
I get to see ABBZ this week. I can't wait to make out with her...(ew) I mean I love my sister. Can't wait to hug her. Yes. I miss her. I haven't seen her sence Fat-giving. She is so going to be beautiul

Did I mention I hate Suzie-slutz-a-lot? oh well. Off to do....Nothing
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This is me, This is wonderful   
09:56pm 22/02/2004
music: Pretty girls do infact make graves
Your Favorite movies-
1~ Umm 16 candles, my sister's wedding is next week. I hope I someone falls in love with me.
2~Return to Oz (really f-ed up...Its more like the book)
3~ Anything Marilyn Monroe (Possibly Monkey Business, or Gent. Prefer Blondes)

Your Favorite Bands
1~ Way too many to list...But to be completely honest Coheed and Cambria...
2~ Death cab/postal service...
3~Anything I like that no one knows about...I like it that way....ANTI-MAINSTREAM

Things that you hate
1~ People in general
2~ when People act better than they really are.
3~girls that steel your boy friend and dump them for someone that is uncomparable.
4~the fact that I am shy

Things you love
1~ Boys with wonderful hair
2~collar bone kisses
3~sex with socks while Death cab illuminates the air

List some of your downfalls
1~ Again that fact that I am shy
2~I sometimes worry about the past and wanting to go back in time...
3~I have the will power of a 90 year old chained smoker

List your three favorite qualities
1~I love my hair
2~my freckles
3~I am independent I care very little about anyone anymore

Who are your arch enemies
1~any girl that crosses my path
2~Ha, girls that steal your BF
3~this effing computer

Who do you love
1~ myself
2~All the beautiful boys of the world
3~ the fam
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Go away.   
08:03pm 22/02/2004
music: Dead of fall...Words ignored
I have been at work all day. I am tired...well my feet are atleast. I wish I could be the opposite of shy sometimes. I made an attempt today. I blushed a lot. Mindee screamed I had a Boyfriend. (wish he was) She thinks a certain boy comes in just for me...I think no. But he said he will come in tomarrow before work. I was excited. Unfortunately I will not be there anymore. So heres to hopes and truth in Mindee's Tarro card reading...#1 here I come. ha.
He bought a Death cab for cutie demmo. My insides fluttered. I wish we could listen to that one together. (someday, Someday) Josh was nice today. I put in the get up kids to listen to, he asked if he could surprise me with something to listen to, I said yes and smiled...Low and behold he put in Coheed and cambria. he loves me. (this is wonderful because Josh hates Coheed.) I love josh.
I bought hot pink flowery stockings from the Dollar store. I am wearing them to school this tues. I changed my major to art. I am happy again.
I am drawing right now, while burning cds. Two loves of my life.

Please, oh please don't fail me now.
10:47pm 21/02/2004 if you want to hang out Just ask...I am willing to drive a million miles for a genuine human being.  
Say it ain't so...   
10:10pm 21/02/2004
music: Only in dreams----Weeeeeeeezer
I haven't chatted with Darryl in ages, I wonder if he still knows I exsist. Well, Darryl, I miss you. Work today was long. I'm tired. I am burning more CD's to add to my rediculous collection.(be jealous) I watched Lost in translation, I rented it from Slackers. It was really good. SNL is on tonight. I can't wait. I hope it doesnt suck like the last few did. Athough last weeks was pretty funny with Drew Berrymore(SP?) yeah that one chick that sings the "My slutshake is better than yours" Ha that was the first time I have ever heard that song. I vomited shortly afterwards. ha I am listening to Weezer. I love boys that look like Buddy Holly...Tomarrow...Hmm...Work a lot. I played Zelda at the store before I had to work...I figuredf out a few secrets and the Effing game's batteries ran out...(Game boy advanced). I can't wait to get an SP, if I ever do...(sigh) Well whores I am leaving.
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Zelda...then Van Helsing   
03:43pm 16/02/2004
  I've been doing homework all day. Now It's time to play...I'm going to play Zelda, but first I need to look up some hints online...I'm stuck.

Ha, A dead body was found in the parking lot where I work. He was found half naked in a trunk of a junkie...They said it was a crack deal gone wrong....Well fuck, Id say so.

Hair apt. this friday. YEY...I really shouldn't be spending the denaro but then again I am horrible with money management.
Meet....the Anti-Valentine   
09:00pm 14/02/2004
music: Bleeding through...It jsut seems right
Yeah it may be a little cleche to be sad on Valentines day. But Damnit sometimes people should. I for one was rahter depressed...not necissarily because I don't have a Boy friend..(athough it would be nice)...(wait, retract that last statement. boys suck.) I actually miss my love from my family on valentines day. Last year my mom hid a present in my Book bag for school on valentines day. it was a box of 25 cent russell stovers samplers but that doesn't matter, she also wrote me a love note. I cried. She loves me. so does my dad. he usually bought my sister and I victoria Secret perfume. I love him. This year I got a whole lotta nothing. I worked all day. It was busy at the store only becasue there was a 45 minute wait to get into applebees...(our neighboring resaurant) everyone was all "Smootchy smootchy,Fuck me now." I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a rusty nail. Oh least people can get away with being inlove for one day of the year... I don't care. I wore my "anti-valentine, my heart was broken" shirt...It made people feel bad for me...But I feel bad for them. I didn't have to spen any money on a person that would end up hurting me. JOKES ON YOU ALL FOOLS!!!

BAck to my homie workie
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I heart...   
03:21pm 12/02/2004
music: Coheed and cambria
School was boring. I am tired and I love finding out that I wrote my english paper wrong. I love it. It's not due until next tues so I can re-write it. Oh fuck. I might be getting a different car. I might buy a chevy cavelier, year 2002. Ha for like 8 grand. Oh I feel like bending this old couple over. ha. no they are friends of my sister's Husband. So YEY to cheap new cars. I have to do homework. I am excited. If you could only see myself wet my panties in sweet anticipation to begin.'s cold, and I didn't wear a bra to school.
JFK blown away, what esle do I have to say?   
09:17pm 11/02/2004
music: blood brothers
Work was long. I hate John. Worst worker ever. (Was that a Hyku?) shit, I went to the dealer (of cars) and I test drove my future car again. It was wonderful. only a few more days till it is mine. Call insurance tomarrow. More money out of my pocket. As soon as my ride in on the road I can start my night job as a stripper. Ha I wish. If I only had the...
a.) courage
b.) Body
c.) desperacy

ha, yeah. I am hoping I get the photography job. I found it in the employment ad at school the other day. It's probably a photograh shop, who cares is money.
I am doing a speech next week on the many ways to eat a reeses. It's a demonstration speech. It shouldn't be too shabby. My teacher laughed when she read my out line. She is excited for me. Personally, I wish I didn't have to do it, but then again, life isn't fair.
this friday is my sisters bachlorette party. There will be food, drink and dildos for everyone. It's one of thoes sex toy parties. You know, like the tupperwear parties? Well, it's doesn't matter. I sadly don't have the money to invest in a 30 dollar vibrating cock simulator. I am good. No sex for me. Unless it involves socks and death cab for cutie. oh boy, good times.
well, back to the Homiework...
I always win...   
09:13pm 09/02/2004
music: Sweet Vamprious.....Bleeding through
Haven't had much time to is the shortened version of the past few days...
-Return to oz is very's my new favorite movie.
-free music is the love of my life.
-Nice boys that flirt to get a job suck...I remember everything!
-boys that flirt are nice...ha
-MMmmm Bleeding Through and Nora
-get my car tomarrow...Red hot sunfire...w/ cd player....thats all that matters
-reality shows staring midgets is genius
-coheed and cambria are comming in april...can't wait
-Talked with Tyler about Cheaters...hope to see him again soon
-fat days at the China buffet with nanny and Mindee are awesome...Sitting for three hours while being stalked by the chineese buss girls...Damnit they are like buzzards...I WANT MY FORK BACK YOU NAZI!
-MMmmm corn bread carrot cake with butter frosting...Poor nanny
-eating my weight in sugar free candy that may cause anal seapage...(no problems yet)
this is a story of a beautiful boy and a lonely girl   
06:17pm 04/02/2004
music: the early november: Dinner at the money table
I love beautiful boys. I recieved the most geniune gift ever today. It was a total shock. This beautiful boy came into the store like everyday to say hello and what was a bit different. He came over to me first and handed me a cd. I was told that the songs on this burnt cd reminded him of me. I blushed and thanked him...I am listeing to one of the songs and I am all a flutter. Again I say, I heart beautiful boys that do nice things when not asked...

One request...please cancel school for me tomarrow...

I wish you would stop invading my dreams...It hurts too much to wake up.
My blood bleeds black   
07:07pm 03/02/2004
  School sucked today. Everyschool in my county closed except for my college...Oh the anger. thats my luck though. I f got my loan today. So I am car shopping on friday. Finally. By the end of this lame month ma and pa are trucking my shit here. I can't wait...they are brinigng appliances and necessities for my furture apt.
I want to paint...No time...Shit.
My life is fucked   
09:15pm 01/02/2004
music: Fuck music...I request a vile of poison
I hate everything. Home, here I come.

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So sick of being tired, and oh so tired of being sick.   
06:42pm 29/01/2004
mood: Anti-bleeding
yes so what. it's been forever sence I have gotten online. I've been too tired/busy/depressed/sick/and lazy. Well I am here now so no bitchin in my kitchen. School sucks. still can't understand my english teacher. I think I am supposed to write a paper for next week but then again I don't speak nigerian, or Kenyan..or whatever he is. (thats sounds aweful racey, Hmmm) oh well. my art teacher loves me, And that makes my night. I have thought about changing my major to art, but Don Scott has a little more beggin to do...It's still up in the air. I prolly will end up changing it though...I hope I do. Thats all I have been doing lately is drawing and painting. I love it. It's so calming to helps me vent too. And lately I have been needing that. Shit. I hate knowing that I can't sleep in. I have to work in the morining. I love work I just ahte waking up. Plus there is this bleeding in my vagina that is schedualed until sunday. My boobs hurt and I have migraines from my flow. shit, just tear out my uterus and put it in a pickle jar. I'll put it back in when I am damn ready to utilize it. ha, me and my mom were talking about menapause(sp) and how it is the greatest thing a woman could ever go through. Unfortunately, I have not hear of any cases where a 19 year old starts menapause. (sadly) I would sell my overies if I could. I especially don't want them...Give them to someone who does. Well fuck this I am going to shower.