KaT's Day

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

10:41AM - ..y?

are there any bounderies to this emptiness.... when will this ever end. Its from fasting one minute....to binging the next.... y can't i be normally skinny... and live a normal lfe--- instead of worrying about every calorie, carb, and grams of fat that enter my mouth...--- it seems as though there is nothing to enjoy anymore.
i also feel like no-one is here with me --- when those close to me hear that im fasting--- there is not support ...its just "that's not a good idea kAt"... but no matter what they say im going to do this...w/or w/out thier support.

Through the lack of my vitamins.. i am extremely sick ... and on several med's... and forced to eat. Today i have eaten oatmeal... and soup .... -- and im done for the day. Through concentrating so much on being aNa.. i have not concentrated whatsoever on my school work... everything that i need...seems to b going down the drain--- can anybody help me...?...its seems as though nobody hears me.. all i want is to be sKinny-- and to hear people say.. "she's little"..

Current mood: blah
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