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Sunday, July 20th, 2003

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    No such place

    truly one of the best fan fic stories i've ever read,mind you i have read many.
    But the ones I have read and thought were good were all by mirror dance.
    The first chapter is sorta boring compared to the rest of it(i searched on google
    for some harry potter stuff,got the 2nd chapter for this) It's about Snape
    and Lily.the author(i don't remeber his/her name)
    did a great job of making this story realistic to the characters in the book.
    It's still in progress,but where it leaves off is a real cliffhanger so be


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    1Jellies* Monkey Shine..
    New Layout

    It's nothing much,i just fiddled around with the
    code Kim made for me.Though it did make
    quite a change from that angelic kimono
    girl.(Not that I didn't absoulutly love it
    Kim ^o^) I've got the old layout in with
    my last entry,just incase i want it back.
    I'm surprised i did it so well,i was sure
    i'd screw it up and have to bother Kim
    again(lol).Long story short,the new title just
    didn't go with the layout.So I changed it.*ties a knot*
    Don't ask why...


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