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    Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
    1:30 am
    Wow. These last 2 days have been really fun. My friend Charles' parents are out of town for 2 weeks in Hawaii, so im stayin at his house and we are just partyin like every day. I brought my computer over too so we can play Counter-Strike on LAN. It's great... last night he had a fat party with like... 30+ ppl. I got realllly smashed and i dont remember much of the night but... apparently me and my gf were arguing alot cuz she wouldnt have sex with me ... :o\ lol... oh well.. she came over today and all is good. Today was a lot more chill... we just hung out and played CS and whatnot... then we wanted tobacco helllla bad.. so we got my gf to go buy us some on her way home... then we smoked some.. ahhh it was great... had'nt had a cigarette ALLL day.... well.. i think the rest of these 2 weeks is abnout to be awesome so i will post more later!
    Saturday, June 21st, 2003
    2:51 pm
    Hey hey. I'm hella bored right now so i decided to post some shit here. Last night me and my friend peter got hella drunk and took like a 2 mile walk.. (more like wander) to all the stores by my house tryin to buy smokes... we finally got em so we came to my house and chainsmoked like none other. Woke up today with like zero hangover which is awesome... and ive basically just been sittin around playin counter-strike and whatnot.. pretty bored. Just found out my girlfriend is probably gonna come with me to lake chelan this year for the 4th july week! its gonna be awesome... well.. other than that i havent done shit sooo.. ill post more later!

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Eminem - Business
    Friday, June 20th, 2003
    4:13 pm
    Sooo... this weekend was pretty fun! Went up to seattle... on friday we went to the beach (golden gardens) and i got fuckin trashed. Drank like .. 7 shots of captain morgans. Then these chicks just gave me like.. 3 inches left in the bottom of a half gallon bottle of malibu rum.. and i drank all that myself.. then we basically just ran around beligerantly and drummed and whatnot. Then saturday we went and played some b-ball and hacky sack and shit. Then just kicked it at my cousins. Then yesterday (sunday) was just a hella chill day.. layed around all day and whatnot. Watched Walking with Cavemen and Killer Ants on the discover channel (lol). So then today... my gf came and picked me up from my cousins... then we came down to my house which is where i am now. Yeah...thas about alll i gotta say! PAYCE!

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: Joe Budden - Pump it up
    Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
    10:01 am
    Bah... I'm tired. I just woke up about 30 minutes ago, looked at my friends AIM profile, and they had an account here. So I decided to make one too! Well I guess nothing really happened today yet. Oh, except for my girlfriend is / was supposed to come over today. But she woke up and feels like shit :o( .. Oh well.. so.. this is my first post!

    UPDATE (6:00 pm): So my gf went to the doctors today, and she found out she has MONO!! Oh NO!! :o( .. She didn't feel too bad after school and the doctors so she decided to come down anyways. No kissy kissy for her though! Shes over sleepin on my bed, so i decided to write a bit here. Ima be going to my cousins house in Seattle this weekend, just like every weekend. Cuz we kick it, go down to the beach, get drunk, fun stuff! Then Kerry (my gf) brings me back down on monday and we kick it again. Welllll i guess thats all i have to write for now! So ill be writing more possibly tomorrow and if not ill write on monday to sum up the whole weekend.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Infected Mushroom - Semi Nice
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