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    Friday, March 4th, 2005
    4:02 pm
    Good Grief Monkey Balls.
    My fucking Gods.

    You know.. I was 'alright' with things.. people contacting me and saying their 2p worth.. and whatever.
    However, I am SOO fucking pissed off all fucking over again!!

    To fucking try to 'appease' me is one thing...
    But to fucking and most fucking utterly say that it was a JOKE is waaaaaaay so not fucking right!

    It's like WTF am I acutally doing?
    No one fucking said anything to her about it at the fucking time.. but now... and if I fucking ASK them to.. oh fuck me monkey balls running.

    Man, this sucks - I wish I never fucking found that place.
    Cursed Internet.

    This is driving me fucking insane! I can NOT belive the fucking incompetnce of some people!! THERE WAS NO FUCKING exsuce behind that comment!

    Just plain and out fucking right fucking gods fucking damn fucking stupdity!!
    She needs to fucking have her ass reigned in!

    I've had enough fucking trouble in this country.. withou....
    OH! FFS

    I HATE it when fucking ppl fucking blame fucking ignorance for their behaviour... WTF is that all the fuck about?
    Ignorance is no exsuse.
    You Kill somene... you can't plea ignorance....
    You *ENRAGE* someone.. you can plea 'ignorance'?

    Fucking petty fucking mortal shit... fucking good gods, monkey balls...

    Maybe, I just need to get over it.
    I'm bored of this now.

    At least one good thing came out of this:
    I'm calmed down enough now, to oh fuck it!!!!!
    FUCK IT TO HELL and back!


    I'm gonna sort this now.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: Death Baby From Hell

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    Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
    5:46 pm
    Looking back on 'I hate the Internet'
    After having quite a ranting session in regard to IRC fuck-ups; I've calmed down, and everything about the whole 'episode' is quite humourous now.

    I guess it *is* kinda funny to log on to a place and see nothng but childish behaviour from over 25 year olds, who aprtly, have no life and just want to 'cyber scene'.
    I would have *thought* that given the collective intelligence of the people their (in regards to age) that the chances for deep disscusions about Bondage would be higher; oh.. how I was sorely wrong!

    Some people just have *no clue* about True Bondage. It's not just the physical aspect of it, but the entireity of it, the 'consumption' of utter trust and utter respect, that 'bond' that combines, intwines and is quite divine.

    *Sigh* The possiblites of the Internet is wasted on some people.

    And them *some people* just entirely fuck it up for the rest of us:/

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: Humming to myself.

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    Monday, February 14th, 2005
    2:51 am
    Been in Knoxville up untill Feb 11th. We arrived there on Jan 24th. We had an excellent time! Spent time with family and friends. Mom took G to the range and was very impressive! He's so proud of his targets! He's a natural shot! Mom was so impressed, she was almost 'embrassed' to shoot in front of him. I'm glad the two got some bonding time in together! It's great!
    Mom treats G like one of her own, took him a little while to get used to it, but he absoulutley loves it! He's fitted so well into my family and my friends simply adore him! He's made some wonderful friends in Knoxville.

    Printed out a copy of the six page email that the IL sent during the whole 'email-gate' back in July 04. I thought it was entertaining to read, some parts were so bizare that it was just plain ole funny to read!

    G saw how a life in Knoxville, would improve our social life, as it is non exsistent here, and he is 'considering it'. Which is a big improvment from 'I don't know.'

    On the way over, we were delayed in Newark for about six hours. The flight from Gatwick to Newark was smooth. On the way back, our flight to Newark was late, due to bad winds, having been held in a holding pattern, we were diverted to Allenstown, PA, to refuel and then had another go landing at Newark. We barely caught our return flight to Gatwick. It was reassuring to know that our bags held up that flight by 25 mins:)

    Our checked bags were varied in weight: 64lbs, 58lbs, 50lbs and 40lbs. The limit is 70lbs. Stocked up on things that aren't avaiable here. G bought lots of new clothes and so did I. The styles of clothing in this country are too 'old' of a look for me. I had a great time getting new outfits in a smaller size! G is a harder fit for clothes and shoes here, so he was beyond happy that he found things that he liked!

    My dentist appointment went great, esp for my first time. Only had to have one filling and that was in a baby tooth that I still had! How rare is that?!
    Got a hair cut and professional coloured, which is in the style that I love.

    The car rental went fine. I didn't realize how much I missed driving! Next time, I won't rent a Chevy though... too much lacking of 'power' there.
    I'm a Ford girl, what can I say? ;)

    Seems we missed some good episodes of Eastenders - good thing we saw the omibus today for this last week.

    Took loads of pictures on the ditial - G will load them up later today, when he gets home from work - which will be fun to see on the computer how well they did in fact turn out.

    I'll prolly be going back to the states this summer - by request of my momma:) So yeah:)

    Nuff now.

    *I hope this small update has filled 'stalkers' appities*

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    Friday, January 21st, 2005
    5:23 pm
    I hate my inlaws
    I found this site today:

    I hate my inlaws.

    It is refreshing to know that I'm not the only one with inlaw troubles and some are worse than mine.

    But still, I wish I didn't have trouble with my inlaws - but it's their own doing and I'm just not prepared to 'bow down' to them - fuck it.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: Imogen Heap

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    Friday, December 3rd, 2004
    2:55 pm
    Waitrose Bathroom - Nov 29th 2004
    I was trying to have a decent and peaceful piss. In the next stall, there were one pair of feet, but two voices. Two female voices, who sounded like they were acutally having a 'good time' or just pretending to have a 'good time.'

    The partian started to rock back and forth and then I heard:

    "Yeah, that's right, suck my boob, real good, baby!"

    I looked down at my feet and noticed a foot was on my side of the stall wall.
    Then I heard the 'pop fizz' of a can opening up.

    "Yeah, drizzle it on my boob and suck it off, you bitch!"

    I'm sitting on the toilet, trying to have a peaceful piss, because I wasn't feeling so good anyway and having to sit through some lezzo roleplay in the next stall; I was rather pissed off.

    I drip, wipe and then pull my pants up. Walk out of my stall. Start banging on their stall door and yell:
    "You two are utterly sick! I was trying to have a decent piss, but, that wasn't happening, because I had to contend with your utter school lezzie shit! Either get a room or have some class, and grow up! You fucking fucking childish bitches! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

    I got no reply. I waited for them outside of the bathroom door, only to see them as two skinny blonde bimbos, still wearing their school uniforms!

    Gods... does the youth of today have no self respect?

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    Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
    2:32 am
    Turkey Guts
    I've cooked five pies today.

    1 Coconut Cream
    2 Pecan
    2 Pumpkin

    I had to chuck out the pumpkin pies, cause the tin of pumpkin I used, was bad - so the whole pie was not really good.

    But, I'll make some more tomorrow! G really * really * loves pumpkin pie. Bless.

    Spoke with mom for quite a while over the phone today. She's really excited about us coming in a few weeks. We both here, can't wait!

    My turkey and ham are thawing out in the fridge. I only hope they thaw out in time.
    I had the worst dream last night!

    The dream:
    I put the turkey in the oven a day too soon. When I realized this, and upon taking the bird out; I noticed that the breast had inverted in on itself. I looked in the cavity and pulled out a neck which enraged me. I told G to take out the innards. I was so angry that I tore into the turkey with my hands getting more and more angry with myself.

    This is where I woke up.

    A couple of hours afterward, I realized why I was so upset about that dream.
    It was the innards - I can't stand innards!

    But, it was sure a very funky dream.

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    Saturday, November 20th, 2004
    11:37 pm
    I've completed Disc 1 of Skies of Arcadia!

    Time: 60Hours and 31mins.

    Current Mood: accomplished

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    Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
    2:50 am
    Trees with very long branches
    Have the menu worked out, the shopping list ready and decorations up; Looking forward to Thanksgiving very much:)

    G has that thursday and friday off from work. He's in charge of the entertainment; I've explained to him all about what the American networks show during Thanksgiving.
    We'll have to miss out on the football ( American ), but I'm sure we can rustle up a scoccer ball and play keepie upppies or something;)

    My sleeping schedule is back to normal.
    I fully and truley belive now that my vote for Kerry was not counted.
    Nothing exciting has been happening here.

    Oh, I received three 'wands' in the past two days. Though, I'm not sure which tree they are from.
    I've started work on one of them, and I'm rather excited to see how it will form.

    Called my mommy the other day - we talked for quite a while.

    Been having some *really* great sex lately... even though we've been married four years, we still have as much sex as being newly married - awww, bless him;)


    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: No Doubt - Artificial Sweetener

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    Thursday, November 11th, 2004
    4:58 pm
    Cruel Angel
    Cruel Angel, dark delicate danger
    Familiar's stranger
    Kiss me, Kiss me with anger

    Cruel Angel, black leather halo
    Descend upon me like the sun
    Fly away with wings of metal.

    I love you and I hate you
    I love you in cold silence
    I love you when I hate you
    I love you with all my violence.

    Madonna androgyny
    Soft succulent Sadie
    I'm the amazing crazy Masie
    I can take it
    Make me a lady.

    Macho Flower
    I'm daisy chained
    Bound by your petals
    Pirouetting cowboy
    Break me gently, ride my saddle
    (Rape me gently, ride my saddle )

    I love you when you cause me pain
    Through the misunderstandings
    When you make my eyes rain
    Gonna love you till you feel no shame.

    And we play very hard
    The game of mental
    In my head there's a bed
    For the battle of transcendental

    You stand like a mountain
    But you break down into sand
    I hold you like a sculpture
    But you crumble in my hands
    So, I hold you like a baby
    You hold back the tears
    I hold you like your mother
    Who did not for all these years.

    This perfectly describes how I'm feeling right now.

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: Mollies Revenge

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    Sunday, November 7th, 2004
    10:05 pm

    Icarus cries: 'My love is robed in light
    And splendour of the summits of the sun.
    Wing, O my soul, thy plumed caparison
    Through ninety million miles of space beyond sight!

    Utmost imagination's eagle-flight
    Out-soar!' But he, by his own force undone,
    His peacock pinions molten one by one,
    Falls to black earth through the impassive night.

    Lo! from uprushing earth arises love
    Ardent and secret, scented with the night,
    amorous, ready. Sing the awakening bliss
    That catches him, from the inane above
    Hurled--nay, drawn down! What uttermost delight
    Dawns in that death! Icarus and Gaia kiss.

    -- Aleister Crowley. Rodin in Rime.
    The Collected Works Vol.III pg.120 PB, 1907
    Selected Poems, Edited by M. Booth pg.146 PB, 1986

    Current Mood: touched
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    1:38 am
    1990s Old Rap I found
    I was digging through some of my old writings. I came across a rap that I wrote during the 90s. It is as follows:

    Out in the ghetto everybody goes
    To see all the punks and all the hoes.
    You gotta know that life ain't easy
    but if you live it good, you just might please me.

    Another day my other boy is shot.
    Out in the ghetto everybody's hot.

    Standing on the corner waiting on a sale.
    I looked up, it was a punk named, Dale.
    So, I sold him some rock;
    I hoped that it lasted;
    Cause if it didn't;
    I'm gonna get blasted.

    I want to get out but it ain't seemly.
    If I run fast they might not see me.

    Taking out fences taking out bars,
    As I run I hear the starting of cars;
    Coming after me like I'm a theif in the night
    I'm dead shot.
    What a sight.

    There I lay dead on the streets of the ghetto.
    They gonna put on my tombstone:
    Just another hoe.
    I was in middle school when I wrote this. I was really digging my rap, as you could prolly tell by the above.
    What is amazing, is that I still remember the rhythm that goes along with it.

    By the way, I was rolling when I was typing it in - some funny shit that;)

    Current Mood: LOL'ing

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    12:16 am
    As in life, we all want a purpose - whether that be a purpose for doing something on a mortal sense, or doing something for immortal purposes.
    Doing anything at all for any purpose given, which allows us to just 'do' want we want.

    My purpose will be expanding here.
    Changing from random mundane everyday 'life' related things to, more... inner emotional 'things'.

    It starts now.

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    Monday, March 1st, 2004
    3:03 pm
    You're a Glass of Wine!

    What Type of Alcoholic Beverage Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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    Thursday, February 19th, 2004
    12:38 am
    I am a A Sun Dragon!

    Hey, I took the http://dragonhame.com online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Sun Dragon on the inside.

    In the war between good and evil, Sun Dragons take the side of the noble and good....
    When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
    As far as magical tendancies, Your inner dragon has the ability to conquer the world of magic, but it will not be easy....
    During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....
    From a distance, the Sun Dragon appears as though it is made of pure flames. In truth, it is not made of flame at all but it does maintain a constant should of flames around it's body. This allows for both very effective armor and a stunning appearance.'
    During its adolescent stages, a Sun Dragon's body begins to excrete an oily substance through it's skin which burns slowly over time, like napalm. When it reaches this age, the Dragon is ignited by it's elders. Sun Dragons are totally immune to fire.'
    After it is ignited, the Sun Dragon's flames will continue to blaze for the whole of the dragon's natural life span. Sun Dragons are extremely fierce in combat. The Sun Dragon is among the noblest breed of dragonkind. They are revered both for their ferocity in combat and their great wisdom.
    This Dragons favorite elements are: Tiger's Eye and Nobility of Spirit


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    Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
    3:45 pm
    More Propaganda... but with a twist
    A friend of mine showed me this link:

    click here to see propaganda

    I got some write ups done and ready for ebay later.
    Still waiting on my period to come. Still sore from the other day of strength training.
    Still sitting here doing wot I do everyday.

    Damn, I'm bored, but sorta busy at the same time... strange!

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    Friday, November 7th, 2003
    4:42 pm
    score 115.6

    Current Mood: accomplished

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    Thursday, February 27th, 2003
    11:17 am
    To dream a dream
    The area was a type of arena, where King Henry, would visit frequenly. I was walking with these two 'short people', elves like. I came across thsi size 11 red ruby crown ring. It was out in the open, just laying ontop of the ground. I picked it up, and the 'elves' were amazed. I asked if I could wear it, while we walk down to the museum person. I remember it on my index finger, it was really heavy and bulky feeling.
    The one of the elves took it from me to take it to the museum person.

    The meaning of wearing King Henry VIII's ring.

    To dream of wearing rings, denotes new enterprises in which you will be successful.

    A broken ring, foretells quarrels and unhappiness in the married state, and separation to lovers.

    For a young woman to receive a ring, denotes that worries over her lover's conduct will cease, as he will devote himself to her pleasures and future interest.

    To see others with rings, denotes increasing prosperity and many new friends

    To dream of a ruby, foretells you will be lucky in speculations of business or love. For a woman to lose one, is a sign of approaching indifference of her lover.

    I'm pretty sure that Henry wore a ruby ring, though I can't find any information on the net about it.

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    10:22 am
    Dreaming of a non white ring!
    Yesterday, I took a midafternoon nap and had some very disturbing dreams, that bugged me for the rest of the day. I dreamt that I was married to Keven; but, I was about to divorce him and marry Ken ( shiver ). I don't remember dreaming about Pootynipple once.
    Last night, I slept physically well; however mentally... I kept dreaming about finding Henry the VIII's ruby ring and moving out of someone's house.
    The action was surrounded by me finding that ring. So, I'll have a gander looking up dream analysis on rings... esp ruby ones.

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    Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
    10:33 am
    And it's been how long again?
    I'm up early today. It's 19 mins after 10am. So, here's a short list of what has happened up until today:

    Had massive argument with Pootynipple ( money related of course)

    I went up to Stafford to visit Fran and Ben

    While in Stafford met up with, Andy, who gave me a 20 pound Ann Summers voucher
    'cause, he felt guilty for seeing a picture of my tits and wanking off to them.
    Used voucher to buy a very pretty red vibe

    Inlaws gave us another car
    Had a very shitty V-day, but, had reallyGOOD V-day, sex

    Got some gear
    Anti-war protesters seized part of Brize Norton's runway

    Right... and alll of that was in order too.

    The carboot season is starting soon. There have been some carboots that we've been too already and I got a great load of stuff!

    The market is high on Ebay. So, I've been slowly weening myself from Ebay.

    Going up to visit the Inlaws this weekend and might meet up with two newly married spods. Jennifer and Dghual, she's American, he's British. So, they are in the same boat as Pootynipple and I.

    It's a very sunny day and mild. I can feel spring in my bones!

    Current Mood: awake
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    Monday, January 20th, 2003
    2:08 am
    Should Pootynipple be allowed alone?
    Last Sunday, he went out to a carboot... while I stayed at home in bed.
    He had a accident. He's fine, nothing hurt;however, the car isn't worth getting fixed.
    So, his parents will help us to get another car.
    Last night, Saturday, he went to his work-do. He came home a little after 1am, dropped off by his workmates, mind you... unconscinece.
    Needless to say, that I was not pleased at all. They said he had been unconscience for an hour before they brought him home. I asked what did he drink? They said, red wine. I asked, how much? They said, that they couldn't keep count.
    I was so freaked out. They just dropped him off and left him... and he came back with only his wallet, his other things were missing.
    I was most concered with his condition... though I checked first thing to see that the wallet was on him.
    I called 999. I couldn't get him in the recovery postion, because he was a dead weight. Totally unresponisive and not speaking at all... not even a grunt.
    I was so scared because, I didn't know what to do. Where I come from,
    More later.....

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