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...::you.will.never.catch.the.real.napster.::... [03 Jun 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | Eminem: Superman ]

HI KIDS. This is my first entry. I went to go see The Italian Job today. Its a great movie. Mark Walhberg isn't that bad looking for a older person. lol. I had xanga, well I still do. Me and my mom snuck into this pool place in a expensive apartment place. My uncle used to live there. Those apartments are so fucking expensive. For one bedroom its only $700 a month or something. I'm glad I have a house. There were these gay mother fuckers at the pool. They would not leave! Oy, they were so annoying. Not much to say.........I was suppossed to take the subway train today and go around Atlanta, but no......... my lifes fucked up aint it?¿ Well enough bitching for now. Later.

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