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    Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
    7:33 pm
    man am i sleep deprived... i also havent updated in a LOOOONG time... so i thought i should do that... hmmm... i think im getting sick... and i think that is from thes fest... which was soooooo much fun!!! met lots of fun ppl, did lots of krazy things!! lol. On tuesday i got to fly!! lol. for one of the scenes in the musical they bring me down from the ceiling, upside down and i had to practice being in the harness and upside down for long periods of time... its soo scary, yet strangly fun! lol. the musical is coming along pretty good. everyone is doing fabulous! I have only acted on stage twice so far... but its still coming along! i NEED to memorize my lines, songs, and dances! lol. man school sux like mad... it gets me soo frustramatrated... *sigh* i wish that everyone could just be friends... but i guess that is ust about impossible! blah well i better get back to that krazy algebra 2 shit... then NSL... then fucking english, in which i sooo dont underdtand and have some journal thingermahugy due friday!! AHHH! now im geting stressed!! not to mention my parents are all flippy on me for grades because of my last report card... its a good thing im elligable! but im out of some of those classes, soo i should be better know! i hate homework!! man sometimes my parents piss me off... like when my mom goes krazy on me... kinda annoying... o well, guess the fact im a loser will never change and my mom will just have to get used to the fact that i have no social life what so ever, unless you count drama and horsies (in which i do and she dosent) ... but then again... even if i did it wouldnt matter... cuz its not like she'd ever drive me anywhere! man i cant till i can drive... anywho know im just babbling... tata for know... *mwah* ~emily~

    Current Mood: distressed
    Sunday, January 18th, 2004
    12:13 am
    let see... lots has happened since last updation thingy.... ummm, exams have started, they suck, i went shopping last night which was awsome cuz i found this really cute pair of black pumps, of a brand that i cant remeber the name of... lol. but they were expensive, and i got them for cheap. and that was kool. ummm drama has been fun, i got my script yesterday which means i need to start memorizing my lines... blah. i have to go to church tomarrow. i dont really fit in with church... they talk about stuff, and tell u that u should be faithful... and sometimes ui dont agree with it and just want to tell them to shut up, bout i dont. they always look at me funny. hehe... im kinda out of it. i think i've lost it... lalalala. hehe... stars... lalala. im listening to oldies and its fun! well i think i need sleep before i do something i regret! hehehe! well i need to sleep! byebye!! tata!! iadios! sleep...

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Saturday, January 10th, 2004
    12:40 pm
    hmmm, im going to write about yesterday cuz yesterday i was to tierd to write about yesterday. well, yesterday i didnt want to get up, cuz the day before yesterday i went to bed at 2:30 am. and im not a morneing person. but i do, and i go to school, and school suxed as usual, (at least the whole learing part did). and then i get home and i start to look for my jazz shoes, and i look, and look, and look, but no jazz shoes to be found. i think my brothers ate them. so this week i have to go to hiphop becuz i missed my jazz class due to talent show. and i go to hip hop in my HUGEMUNGUS flat, falling apart vans. but it was fun, but hard. i dont think i like hip hop. im not "smooth" enough for it. the lady teaching it said that she will miss my exsotic dancing in the back of the room. hahaha... i didnt think i was "exotic dancing" i thought i was doing "hiphop". o well, it was fun. hehehe. next week i will be attempting jazz. hahaha. well then i go to criage party. that was fun. lots of krazy ppl, doing krazy things. we sang lots of show tunes, and lots of dancing, and lots of talking and lots of me and becca attempting ddr. hahaha... fun times, fun times! drama parties are the best cuz u have this natural high without taking anything. but then agian, im known for acting like im on crack. hahaha. even though ive never done it. lalala... got to go clean my room, tatatata!!! byebye!

    Current Mood: crazy
    Thursday, January 8th, 2004
    11:56 pm
    today was our talent show. everyone did awsome!!! i was sooo proud of everyone! umm lets see... i screwed up... i swaped the first and third verse of one of my songs... but i think i recoverd pretty well. umm... my duet went awsome!! it was soo much fun! we acted it off wonderfully!! know i just have to finish 12 journals, spanish, and other random hw, and try to sleep befor 6am. it sould be fun! lol. well im in a good mood, i felt i did prety well.... oh yeah, my dorthy costume for sume where over the rainbow was kick ass!! it was halarious, i had the ruby slippers and every thing... to bad i screwed up the song... lol. well got to go do hw... it sould be fun!
    MWAH!! ~emily

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
    7:59 pm
    hmmm... what happened today... i found my purse... that was a good thing cuz it has my phone and my wallet adnd most important, my makeup... lol. talent show went ok. i've officially come to the conclusion that i have no talent. o well... i just make a fool of my self and get it over with. i still havent made half of costume, but i'll do that later. i'm kinda of tierd and strangley depressed right know. i'm not sure why though. i "learned" the other song i have to sing as Bonnie. it is sooo fucking hard. i'm like in my high pretty head voice and then bang low cheast voice and the head voice again. im not sure if i'll be able to pull that one off. The talent show lady is soo confussing. she keeps on saying move around, dont move so much this that sing totally differnt then u do... i wish she would just get off my back and let me do my own thing. im most comfortable then. but i found out shes doing that to everyone, and that made me feel better. i have sooo much hw tonight it krazy! i only have 13 more english journals to make up... lol. blah im so overwelmed by all this stuff its umbareable! o well. tomarrow night and talent show ends and then i'll just have drama, singing, riding, school, jazz, and homework... but i'll survive!

    Current Mood: depressed
    Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
    8:21 pm
    so i'm going to try one of them journal... things... soo lets see how long this one goes on... lol. Well lets see, what happened today... i had a doctors appt and had to get blood drawn... i hate needles!! i was so scared i started crying. any ways only had one class today, that was cool. then had talent show stuff and learned the "Heaven Hop" dance. It is soo cute!! but i keep messing it up.. o well... talent show was kinda boring as usaul... i have to sit back stage from the begining to the end, it sux, but yeah... i can just try to make small talk with the techies, they like poking me, i think its cuz i squeel... lol. yeah... i dont think they like me very much... now im kinda hyper, and have to finish those damn english journals which our due friday... only 17 more to go... grrr... lalalalala... love ya all! ~emily

    Current Mood: hyper