-sigh- todays fight......and the winner is.....   
11:59am 04/02/2004
mood: sore
before school mom and i fought....again!
what else is new?

she was trying to talk ot me and i have had enough of her bitchy remarks, so i pulled away, she grabbed me either by my hair and dug into my arm, so i shoved her.........


shes a bitch. that is all there is to it. i have had just about as much as i can take with her and the same with me TO her.....SO WHAT if i make bad grades....THEY ARE MY GRADES! and i wont get kicked out o fmy school because they just dont do that....Tank will call me in his office and talk to me....

AHHH! i dont know how much more i can take.....i think ill es-plode or sumthin....ok....i feel like actually writing in my journal...

WELL WELL WELL! lookey here!   
12:18pm 23/01/2004
mood: bored
music: 1-2 freddy's coming for you.......

yep. my stupid school blocked livejournal AND ujournal. WHAT THE CRAP!?!?!

SO! im sitting here in BST.....with absoluetly nothing to do considering that we have a substitute.


BUT! im going to morgan's today! at like 5 or 6 or something like that...... since vince canceled his show, we may go to kelsey club. i SERIOUSLY hope that rik and adam show up if we do end up going. i wanna see them, and ALSO i need to give rik his stuff....

kk...im gonna go now. i dont feel like Mr. Legros should walk past me and see what im doing cuz THEN id be knee deep in shit, OH! NO! in truth, i would be UP TO MY EYES! only that is disguisting and i choose not to think about it.

it sucks dude...me and Carlos are past out WPM limit of like 25 and all that....but yet we still MUSTY use mavis beacon....oh well.

Quiz from Morgo's Live Journal   
06:59pm 19/11/2003
mood: ditzy
music: Staind-For You / Blink 182-Feelin' This
1. Who did you last get angry with? Alison Neer
2. What is your weapon of choice? pillow, you can smother someone and sit on them and not only are they quiet, you are holding them down and they arent really fighting back. also, NO SCREAMS!
3. Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? have....enjoyable
4. How about of the same sex? see above answer
5. Who was the last person who got really angry at you? wayne for not replying to a stupid comment
6. What is your pet peeve? when people wear socks and sandals.....WHAT IS THE PURPOSE DAMMIT!?
7. Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily?- normally i let them go, but i have found myself to keep some that are incredibly stupid and anal. (AH!)

1. What is one thing you're supposed to do daily that you haven't done in a long time? vacuum
2. What is the latest you've ever woken up? 9pm
3. Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't - Greg Sheldon
4. What is the last lame excuse you made? 'because frank made me do it' (it works in donnie darko)=D
5. Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through (one of the long ones...)? - not really, i attempted it, i lost my battle and fell asleeeepy
6. When was the last time you got a good workout in? my run away from a dog 2 days ago that chased me
7. How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock today? twice

1. What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice? Red Bull (ITS $2!!)
2. Meat eater?: Yes
3. What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/event? 3 shots of Tequeila (SPELLING IS WRONG) 2 Smirnoff Ice' and 4 Bud Lights....needless to say, i upchucked later that morning to go to a show.
4. Have you ever used a professional diet company? not uh
5. Do you have an issue with your weight? am i fat? NO! i am that FLUFFFEEE QUEEEEEEEEN!
6. Do you prefer sweets, salty foods, or spicy foods? spicy sometimes, sour ALL THE TIME, and salty often
7. Have you ever looked at a small housepet or child and thought, "LUNCH!"? – nope...i only threatened to stick Chi-Chi in the pot twice and that was jokingly. (RIP CHI-CHI)

1. How many people have you seen naked (not counting movies/family)? too many.....=/
2. How many people have seen YOU naked (not counting physicians/family)? i dont know.....hope i didnt kill them
3. Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a member of your gender of choice during a normal conversation? MOVING ON! NEXT QUESTION =X
4. Have you "done it"? NEXT!!!
5. What is your favorite body part on a person of your gender of choice? lips, eyes, STUFF!
7. Have you ever had to get tested for an STD or pregnancy? neeext....

1. How many credit cards do you own? none
2. What's your guilty pleasure store? dont really have one
3. If you had $1 million, what would you do with it? get a new house for mom with the works (carpet/furnature etc)
4. Would you rather be rich, or famous? famous
5. Would you accept a boring job if it meant you would make megabucks? yep
6. Have you ever stolen anything? 4-ringed collar
6. How many MP3s are on your hard drive? 600 or so....AND COUNTING

1. What one thing have you done that you're most proud of? the people i know and my love of all kinds of music
2. What one thing have you done that your parents are most proud of? personality, friends and my ability to hold a decent conversation.......
3. What thing would you like to accomplish in your life? to say that i have been happy....and unfortunately, i am now with the people i know and care about....
4. Do you get annoyed by coming in second place? only if i did my best and KNOW i did better.....(which i would admit btw)
5. Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors? derno
6. Have you ever cheated on something to get a higher score? yup
7. What did you do today that you're proud of? proved alison wrong>
5. Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own? EVERY DAMN DAY!
6. What inborn trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself? yet again, id rather not say

Seven Heavenly Virtues...

1. What religion do you follow? - none..?
2. What religion were you raised as? – Christianity
3. Do you believe that forgiveness is a religious property, or a human property? - A human property
4. Do you believe in magic? - Yes
5. What was the last promise you broke? Kelly, promised i
6. Have you ever said the words to a prayer and not meant it?--- Sure
7. Do you believe that anyone could be perfect? – Depends on what you're looking for.

1. Did you get everything you wanted over the last holiday season? – Nah, but thats alright.
2. Regarding your future, what is the best thing you could hope for? – Love and a successful career
3. Do you let yourself get your hopes up for something even if you know that there is a large chance of failure? - Um.. YEAH.. all the freaking time
5. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? – no..BUT I FILLED ONE OUT!
6. Do you gamble? If so, what game or activity? – no
7. Have you ever had something called off on account of bad weather, but then gone ahead and done it anyway? – Yeah.

1. What causes do you support? – off the top of my head, none.
2. What causes have you given money or time to? - that thing.. that i dont know the name of.
3. Have you ever worked in a soup kitchen or done another kind of outreach for the homeless? - No
4. Would you ever consider joining the Peace Corps, Amnesty International, or another travel-inherent worldwide charity group? heh, no.
5. Do you give money to the homeless on the street? Last time we tried to give this dude food..and he stomped on it and said that he wanted money.. SO!.. no.
6. Have you ever helped out a friend with basic needs, like rent or food? - Of course
8. What's the greatest extent you've gone to help a friend in need? - I'm the local psychologist in my circle of friends..So that's my good deed.

1. What are you most afraid of? – Being Forgotten, rejection
2. What did you do today that was really brave? – um..? nothing today.
3. Who is your favorite superhero, and why? – Spawn.. Cause he kicks ass like WOAH
4. Would you put your life in danger to rescue someone? - Yeah
5. If you were to face the Wizard, would you want more courage, more brains, or more heart? Courage.
6. Have you ever gotten stage fright? – My life IS stage fright..so why am I in drama and WHY do i wanna be a musician. that makes me laugh.
9. Do you consider yourself to be a leader or a follower? Both

1. Have you ever been summoned for jury duty? Were you chosen? - no
2. If they re-instituted the draft (for both genders), would you go, or would find some way out of it? - Hell no!.
3. Do you support capital punishment (the death penalty)? – If they deserve it .
4. What was your favorite media circus trial? – the michael jackson one..?
5. Have you ever written a letter to a politician? –no. nor do i want to.

1. What do you have the hardest time moderating yourself on? – hrmm.....
2. Do you collect anything? -pictures, band flyers, cds
3. Are you addicted to anything? my computer and digi-camera skills
4. Have you ever put anything on lay-away or used an installment plan? yea.
5. What's your preferred method of paying for things?—cash when i have some....
6. Tell us one thing you wish you hadn't let yourself do? –meeting Deadstar
7. Do you feel that you obsess over things? - yes

1. Who is the wisest person you know? –not sure....Rusty probably(ali's dad). cuz he's always filling my head with random pointless things when im there.
2. Have you ever participated in a vigil? nooope..
3. Do you take advice when it's given? - sometimes.
4. What area are you wisest in? –taking photos....lol! tanks mummy love!
5. Do you drive defensively? – yea. *gigglez*
6. Have you ever had unprotected sex outside of marriage? - No
7. What did you learn today? - that i shouldnt sleep during Math....
8. And of course, what is your favorite heavenly virtue? your uncle's momma's dog's leg's tick!
02:30pm 18/11/2003
mood: blah
music: Devo-Are we Not Men::WE ARE DEVO!

ok...back to Math....

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tells you how to think and speak....   
09:41pm 16/11/2003
mood: tired
music: Human Factors Lab-humanized / dead heroes / meglomania
i learned something today... DONT EVER GO ANYWHERE FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME WITH UNCLE RICKY'S FAMILY!HOLY CRAP! lol! i swear, those people arent only inconsiderate, but asses! especially aunt jan! i mean, since all of us think so.....we cannot stand her. reminds of me the phase 10 game game against aunt regina, jessica and dee.......everytime someone would take forever, we would say "HURRY UP AUNT JAN!"

AHH! i cannot stand barbara for anything! shes like a completely like carbon freeking copy of like britney spears and stuff. EWW! that is her favorite fricking word! EWW! she saw things and she kept saying eww. it annoyed the hell outta me like WOAH! (yes morgo, WOAH!...that would be a qwick kaity woah! )people annoy me. i think that is all it is. but anywhoozle. joey came over to the house last night after someones wedding... and take a whopping guess as to who slept out in the living room!? ME!! lol. im not complaining though....i think its sweet that joey and andrew are in love and stuff. i should have attacked stevie in bed and slept in his bed. but i guess ite because stevie is gross that i didnt. lol. but drewzel woke my ass up when joey left around like 130. but andrew stayed up and ate a bowl of cereal and talked me to sleep. lol. so when we went to port st. lucie and sturart to look at houss and crapola i was tired as HELL!! so yea...im gonna go and save my mom the bitching. NIGHT NIGHTY!
just because we spoon doesnt mean we fork...   
08:48am 16/11/2003
mood: anxious
music: Duran Duran Hungary like the wolf in my head....
(the title came from Andrew who is talking to some person on his cell trying to get him to leave me and go to some party he doesnt want to attend...)

i love andrew william kelson. my loving cousin. he is by far one of the best people i know. one of the only people i can stand also....so he came over yesterday during rush hour cuz hes an idiot and picked me up at moms to take me to palm city to meet his bf Joey. WELL! aside from the natural road rage that subsided after about 45 minutes, (or less i was estimating cuz im an idiot) we went to his work (Ruby tuesdays in the mall) and picked up his tips for the week so we had cash. we met up with erica at his house and we left and went to RUBY TUESDAYS! and go figure, JOEY IS ALSO A HOST! just last andrewzel. there was a 25-30 minuter wait and Joey was outside freezing with us most of the time...then he said DREWZEL PARTY OF 3!! which was sooo cute cuz since andrew and i share this special bond (which goes as far as my nickname that is a secret and if it ever surfaced i would murder who ever told...)

AANYWAAYS! we drove around looking for walmart and got lost. how? i derno cuz we drove right past it like 4 times....cuz andrew and i BOTH spaaz like WHOA and he couldnt see. lol. we met up with joey there and went to the beach. as windy as it was and as dark as it was, it was nice. i want to go there with someone im dating one day. id think itd be sweet and such...ANYWAYS!

we wanted to go see Texas Chainsaw Massacre but the movie had allready started, and it was nigga-ville anyways. so we went back to Joey's MANSION and guesthouse to watch movies. i comepletely forgot Darkness Falls so i got a do-over with that. it was funny! but it had some good parts. and we atempted to watch 28 days later....WHAT A FLOP!!!!!!!!!!! so yea....cuz JOEY kept forgeting what switch did what and kept shuting the fucking movie off when we were finally back to where we had it. so we didnt get to finish it cuz we had to get going. and me and erica fought over who had front on the way back...LAAME! even joey agreed i deserved front. lol. i luff him. hes great! lol.

AAAND THEEN! i had a cat nap on the way back until drewzel started talking to me. lol. and erica was slooowwly coming to when we saw a drunk driver. we hurried up and passed her so we would avoid her. as we were getting up to the redlight, she managed to get into our lane and SPEEEED UP! now we are STOPPED! and as she kept it up, andrew fucking floored it so she wouldnt wind up puching us ALL THE WAY through the intersection and me winding up with her front end behind me(since i was stuck in the backseat). soooo yea! after shaking all the way home that was that. DID YOU ENJOY!?
08:32pm 13/11/2003
mood: numb
music: Deadstar Assembly-Breathe For Me/Scars of Life-Pool of Fears

1. not only am i pissed off at my "boyfriend", but im severely pissed at the fact that my Ex-EX boyfriend keeps popping up at my house when im in a good mood. i hear a knock at my door from James(bf) on weekends OR tuesdays or thursdays....GUESS WHO SHOWS UP LAST TUESDAY, AND TODAY? (which is thursday)BRANDON FUCKING JACKSON! ITS NOT HIS GODDAMN PLACE TO BE AT HIS EX GF'S HOUSE WHEN HIS ACTUAL GIRLFRIENDS LIVES IN FUCKING OKEECHOBEE! everytime i call james, NO ONE ANSWERS! i get lucky if sam answers so i can get a "HES IN THE BATHROOM". WTF!? HE CAN NEVER CALL ME!?! WHY MUST I ALWAYS PUT OUT IN A FUCKING RELATIONSHIP! I SWEAR!!! i was so much happier with Jen

2. When bo was here before his final GED test, before he left, he threw his fone down and continued to poke and shit at me and call me abitch. NOW! he looked under my bedskirt AND felt around, and he "didnt see" his fone sitting there. NOW! when he left and i tore m y bed ALL to hell looking for this cell, IT WAS RIGHT WHERE HE SAID AND I SAW HIM LOOK! WTF DOES THAT TELL YOU!? jeezus christ! HES SUCH AN IDIOT!

3. Peter gave me a nice comment on myspace.com which was very awesome. why it made my day? it was sweeeet....and i never get comments. Thank you Peter. *hugs* we still need to hang out btw... MOVING ON!

4. when bo came back for his fone, i asked him shit and he got pissy and got an attitude saying i was "looking at him funny". HOW WAS I LOOKING AT HIM!?!?! i derno. i think i have a look about me when i get pissy/aggrivated to hell. well, he called me a bitch (which he seems to be doing alot of these days which i hate to the point of goddamn tears) and i slammed my front door in his face and he left. i sat in my room adn cried about it because i couldnt believe that a person that repeated how much they loved me last week and in our past relationship of a year and a month can hurt me with ONE word....=/


and another thing...im worried about Jessica. I know it would be tough having a baby...and she is in the Hospital right now. they shouldnt induce the labor since i only have this weekend to be there for her. =/ i want to see baby Clayton Hunt. For i want to see the miracle of life appear in front of me. And to be there to cry with my family that i love so dear............
in class   
02:50pm 13/11/2003
mood: anxious
music: tick-tock of mah clock (or umm watch)
Jamie is a Scallywag!

i swear, after completing my usual riverdeep exercisein 4th hour, i have noticed the gb! lol!JAMIE IS A SKANK MAN!! WTF!?

oh well, i will do my posting about her hoe ass when i get home. i dont want to create a scene up in this class.

Lauren'slast day is today. WHAT CRAP!

blah man, thiscomputer sucks. actually, the keyboard does, the damn spacebar BARELy works.....toodle for now.........almost time for announcements. DAMMIT! THERE GOES THATFRIGGIN SPACE BAR AGAIN!

08:17pm 12/11/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Deadstar Assembly-Therapy Scares Me
Prescribe the chemical dependancy
Make me dependant on your playing god degree
You think you know just whats the remedy
Divest emotions one by one
Therapy scares me

Dont want to know me
Therapy scares me

Whats going on in my head?
All those things that should be forgotten
And all those things that I said
Are coming back to haunt me

I know you know the enemy
I don't need you to tell me whats best for me
A cure from this is all I really need
Divest emotions one by one
Therapy scares me

I dont need therapy
You dont need therapy


yes morgie i am swooooooony!
Jamie is a scallywaaag!   
05:38pm 12/11/2003
mood: content
music: corey heart-i wear my sunglasses at night
Qbbiddle (5:33:35 PM): youre a real bitch kaity...you dont know what the fuck your talking about...looks like you have been brain washed...well o-well i dont giv'a a fuck anymore
Xdevilbunny129x (5:33:56 PM): and this much be Jamie! hehe
Qbbiddle (5:35:12 PM): dont i.m back...this is my gramma's s.n

Xdevilbunny129x (5:35:53 PM): FUCK YOU!
Xdevilbunny129x (5:35:54 PM): bye
Qbbiddle (5:36:16 PM): yeah it was and now im leaving....i jus wanted to let you know that your a real bitch to let rumors fuck with your head...but i knew you never were a true friend you fuckin bitch....buh bye die now

Xdevilbunny129x (5:36:42 PM): you have issues......and there are NO rumors messing with me.....your screwed up. BYE!

Mixed things from the Guestbook today...   
05:12pm 12/11/2003
mood: weird
music: Methods of Mayhem-hypocritical / evanscence-going under
to start, an awesome idea.....

DSA Tour Mgr. - 11/12/2003 9:20:21 AM
Upcoming PreRelease CD Tour Include, Columbus OH, Hollywood, CA, Alberta, Canada, and NY and NJ! Keep your eyes posted as dates will begin to post next month.

dsa fan club mgr. - dsafanvan@hotmail.com - 11/12/2003 11:09:49 AM
i will be renting a van for all the local fans that wanna follow the boys around the tour, i'll be paying for the van, but would appreciate help with gas...the van holds 12 comfortably! email me if you are INTERESTED : DSAFANVAN@HOTMAIL.COM

Jamie or "Fairy" lol - 11/12/2003 4:42:28 PM
eh everyone I have'nt seen or talked to any of you in a long time besides morgan but tht wasnt too pleasent....morgan if you really wanna talk without the childish back and forth(i dont know how 2 spell that)insults...because i really dont feel like going at it with you on insults....its gay.you dont know what has been goin on with me or why we havent talked in forever and you probably think its because of a guy but thats not it....from what you told me and what you were using against me it sounds like your fuckin clueless (no offense)but im goin 2 top wasting space and end with i miss yah deadstar and i hope you guys are doin good....morgan if you dont remember my # its 4788766 if your'e mature enuff to talk w/ out arguing....because im not going to argue. kk buh bye now...kissies and stitches...hugglez and hickies

Morgan - lunacyboxx@aol.com - 11/12/2003 4:56:30 PM
It amazes me that you would go as far as posting our crap on the guestbook.


devilbunny - devilbunny129@yahoo.com - 11/12/2003 5:04:48 PM
AH Jamie...havent overdosed yet, nice to know. so....you are taking your crap here. ifigured you would stop being childish and crowding the guestbook awhile ago. at least one thing is different this time then your usual posts (even thought ALL of them are pointless and dumb) you arent telling us that your at school. (and yes i know school is out at 3 or so). so i just felt the need to post that.hey jamie, you and i should hang out sometime. email me::::::SO HOW ISEVERYONE! someone IM me please.: Xdevilbunny129x

god im such a loser. im always sticking my nose in other buisness that dont need my nose in (something like that.... but either way, THIS DOES concern me. only because i cannot stand Jamie anymore. shes a skank for all i care. >:(
01:56pm 11/11/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Deadstar Assembly-Insurrection Now
my sister is 17 today! yaaay!!

i wanna doo something =(
in a morisson poe mood....for ALL of today   
01:30pm 11/11/2003


WEE! just thought i should post that.

something gay...   
11:50pm 10/11/2003
mood: tired
music: Adema-the way you like it
For You

Today is a new day

A day only for change.

Change for the better.
You would not want to be worse.

Some things in everyone's life need change.

Yet again, change for the better; not worse.

I sat in the dark today.

I sat in the dark only to think.

Think about life and its meaning.

Or life; in general

About the good and bad times

challenges and happy times.

Then I thought about the mistakes....

Us meeting,

Becoming friends,


It has only lead to physical and mental abuse.


You hurt me, so I must hurt you back.

And it hasnt ended!

Why didn't it!?

At least now we have no worries.

It will all subside soon my dear.

You promised and swore until you were blue in the face.

And you even went as far as to pledge,

A pledge that you would never hurt me again.

You were right, YOU WONT!!

So here i stand, Over you.

With this gun in my hand,

I hereby pledge,

That I will never hurt you again after this.

And also, a pledge for you.

For you that you shall never hurt another innocent soul.

In life


You look so peaceful

Laying there deep in sleep.

I hate to wake you to say my last goodbyes.

But, it is you who will never see the light of another day.

Another beautfil storm brewing the in the distance.

You will no longer hurt me!


I SWEAR baby, this is going to be quick and painless....

God has punished you enough in life.

Time for punishment in death.

*click click*


Bye Bye Baby.

randomness....thoughts please....cuz they arent meant to mean anything.

02:28pm 10/11/2003
your fuck.

What swear word are you?
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my first entry...   
02:17pm 10/11/2003
mood: amused
music: Zeta 94.9 commercials

WEEEEE!! i have a blurty.... this is fuuuun.....SEE YA L8R HOMIE!