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Friday, June 13, 2003

10:11PM - wow what a day

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Today started off as a pretty good day..i went to school at 7:30 even tho i didnt have an exam till 10:30.. So basically i was in the cafe by myself for 2 and a half hours.. it wasnt to bad the first our.. but then "he" walked in..idk if it was me or if i was paranoid but i could have swore that he was staring at me..oh well i dont care.. i dont like him like that anymore.. but i still wanna be his friend.. its all cool tho.. Finially at 10:30 i went and took my wasnt as hard as i thought but it was Friday the 13th... me personally i dont have alot of luck on this day.. but anyway.. on the ride home i saw llama(lol) and red...

Anyway after i got home i found out that we were going to the mall at 5.. personally i was cool with that. we seemed to have alot of fun at the mall.. there wasnt as many people as normal tho.. idk at some parts it seemed like we where there forever.. i asked red for a ride home.. and he was cool with it.. he didnt feel good.. aww poor red feel better.. We left the mall at like 8:40 and i didnt get home till 9:30ish..i know that for a fact because i looked at his car radio..for some reason megans mad at me.. idk what i did.. i guess she thinks i lied because they say they called my house and someone was home.. but there was no one home.. my mom wasnt home and no one else lives with me.. so idk... i really need to talk to megan.. i dont want her to be mad at me.. she is my best friend.. i dont want her to be mad at me... idk what to do.. she doesnt seem to wanna answer my calls.. i hope i can talk to her and explain.. bc i know i wasnt home..

Current mood: confused
Current music: Simple plan- id do anything
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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

10:26PM - AHHHH bored

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Ahhhh.... im sooo bored right now.. i dont have anything to do.. Today was the first day of finials... I guess i was kinda lucky because i had mine at 8 in the morning so i was able to come home and sleep afterwards.. im sooo dead tired...My english final wasnt too bad actually.. i think i did pretty good.. lets just hope i dont end up failing.. that would be horrible..

Anyway talking about the exam is horrible.. omg i wanna kill so many people right now.. i hate the fact that the stupid people in PV like to spread stuff about people... its like u tell one person something and then like 50 other people find out within like one minute...Its like i dont know who i can trust anymore.. this really sucks..when people come up to me and say shit about what they hear its one thing.. but when they go up to the guy that they heard i like its another story..its like honestly GET A LIFE... its so stupid that ur life is so boring that u have to butt into my business.

i know i know.. this is a short entry.. but im like really tired... and i still have to go "Pretend" to study for my history final..bye bye

Current mood: blah
Current music: Coheed and Cambria- God sent conspirator
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Monday, June 9, 2003

9:44PM - No one understands :(

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Omg.. Today was suppose to be a very happy day, well atleast for me.. I was happy this morning which is a very odd thing for me because im never happy let alone in the morning.. I was actually so happy that i went to school without my lil jacket(meg) lol..

Anyway my day wasnt as great as i thought it would be... but it did start off great.. I got to school and the first person i saw was Red.. I was soo happy..I went into the cafe in the morning to see meggi and all them but all i could think about was 4th period.. it seemed like so far away.. Second period finially came but i had a finial to take.. it was actually very easy.. i was surprised i think i did really good. Gym which was 3rd period went by sooo slow.. it seemed like it lasted forever..

When i was out of gym i was happy.. it was finially time to see him.. Yea i like him ill admitt it.. but i cant do anything wit him.. he would never like me as more then a friend.. but its cool... i just wish everyone would stop saying im obsessed with him.. because in reality im really not.. thats not me being obsessed at was just cool seeing him again.. he didnt change at all..thats a really good thing i guess.. rite meg?...

During school i was very surprised.. everything went really well i skipped 6th period.. so that made the day go by really good.. it just pisses me off when people keep repeating the same stuff to u over and over again even tho they see it pisses u off.. it gets retarded after a while.... but whatever there just dumbass people... i really dont care what they think...

It feels so weird that tomorrow is that last day of school.. im kinda happy because i dont have to see my ex crush anymore.. i think im finially getting over him after about 2 years...i guess its a good thing.. atleast its good i dont have to see him.. it will help me forget him if thats even possible..Everyone tells me things will get better with stuff like this but i dont think it will.. ill always be the lonely deanna i am now.. its sad i know..

Oh well the rest of my day really sucked.. my mom is being the biggest bitch to me tonight.. idk what i did wrong but it seems like everyone is out to get me.. its like they hate me, the annoy me or they just ignore me.. I just hope next year is alot better then this year.. because to be honest i wont be able to last another year like this... :(...i probably wont make it

Current mood: confused
Current music: Linkin Park- Somewhere i belong
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Sunday, June 8, 2003

8:28PM - Idk anymore

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OMG... yea life really does suck.. why am i even here anymore... Today was an ok day i guess if u compared it to the rest of my week. I cant believe its sunday already..I have a birthday party today for my lil nextstore neighbor. He turns 2 on Wednesday.. He is such a cute kid.. I only stayed for like 2 hours tho..i got bored after a while.. So i came back home and decided to call megan lol..I almost got my own bowl today from someone, but i decided that it wasn't right for me to take it and now my friend is getting it... its cool.. shes wanted one for a while.. enjoy it meg lol

my weekend went by so fast..Lets see what did i do this weekend... Well friday night i went to the mall... at first it was kinda boring.. but then me and megan ran into people that we knew so it was ok..Me and megan also got to talk for a while in the food court. That number thing is freaky meg... We also ran into Red which was a good thing because we needed a ride home...Meg u should be happy he dropped u off first lol.. but it was cool.. Red's really funny...I got home safe, thats basically all the matters.. :). That was my friday night

Saturday was a really sucky day.. idk why.. i guess it was one of my depression days.. well atleast most of it was... most of the day i was actually trying to study for my exams.. but me studying thats funny.. i didnt get anywhere.. I talked to joanna most of the day , because she was basically the only one had to babysit that night.. sounds fun right lol... imagine me with a 7 month old and a 2 year old... Even tho they are lil devils lol.. they are cute lil kids..(not in a perverted way for all u freaks out there)...I got home at like 12am..Its a good thing i would have fallen asleep if i was there any longer..(sorry joanna i know i was suppose to be home at 11).After that i got online only to find out that *my crush* has a so called gf.. all i wanted to do at that moment is cry..But oh well i gotta live with the fact that i will never be able to have him..

Hy meg.. im sorry didnt mean to flip out on u.. it really isnt pms was just that this stupid thing wouldnt work and it was pissing me off... lol... no more sadness lol.. Omg tomorrow its gonna be a good day.. Bobberz (meg lol) comes back.. i swear to god if any of u assholes out there say anything to him.. u better watch out.. ill seriously hurt u...i think im gonna go cry again... today just isnt getting any better... :(

Current mood: depressed
Current music: AFI- Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)
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