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D&T: 19/09/2003 @ 11:04 pm
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...I'm going to miss you blurty.

D&T: 17/09/2003 @ 8:48 pm
mood   angry
music   the verve

I guess I should mention the car accident? Uh yeah, Seb and I went to go pick up Pierre from the Montreal airport and as we were turning off the interstate this drunk guy slammed into us, and that caused the car behind us to rearend us....It was bad. We're okay though. Pierre was on the phone with us when it happened and the EMT picked it up and explained what happened. He stayed the whole night with us and even went so far to get Hayden here, so yeah guys he's really not a bad guy. In fact, he's a really decent one when given the chance. There weren't too many injuries. Seb and I cracked a few ribs. He fractured his wrist and knee and I got a concussion. And the bruises are....everywhere. Oh well, we'll live.

Just, what do go back to living with? I've tried not being angry and getting over this, but its really not working. I can fake smile and pretend its fine, but its not. I'm seriously disturbed at how easily we turned on each other. Be aware I said we okay. I'm including myself. I said some things that probably could have been rephrased or not said at all. I was extremely angry and lashed out. But understand my feelings were hurt too, my heart got broken just as much. I hold myself to blame just as much as the other side. We both equally handled this badly. The thing is, I lost a lot of faith with this. I can promise I won't do anything this dramatic again, at least not on purpose. Can you promise me that though? I've seen this group go through a lot of stuff. We put a band aid on it and say its fixed, but yet we keep ending up here. I don't ever want to feel like I felt on Monday and yesterday again. No one should be made to feel like that, not by their "best friends". I'm still angry because things still haven't been resolved yet. I really don't know how they ever will....


D&T: 16/09/2003 @ 7:58 pm
mood   enraged
music   the verve | freshman

Excuse me, but I think its time to give another half of the story. Maybe my and my other affiliates actions won't seem so ridiculous when I'm done.

On Sunday night, the two parties mainly involved and I went down into the basement of our house. I'll admit right now it was my idea to go down there for a "margarita night" after I got the idea from Britney and Chelle. But things didn't work out that way. Now, I am only going to describe these next events so people can see just how drastic my later actions were. The two parties preceded to take a bottle of aspirin (the exact number of pills taken I don't know so I won't give a number) with a bottle of Jack. Lacey, the innocent party, was left upstairs attended by Todd. My affiliate and I tried to take the aspirin away from these two parties and managed to get one bottle, but then decided they were adults and responsible for their own actions. This isn't the first time they've done something like this, and there's only so much people can do to help before its up to the responsible party to help themselves. But back to the point. My affiliate and I knew what behavior to expect, since the previous time we were the ones to help carry people to their rooms because they couldn't walk anymore and clean up the puke that was all over the kitchen. Who was watching Lacey then?! WHO?! I'll tell you who. I was. Did they ask me to before they overdosed themselves on ASPIRIN? No, they did not. I was the one to put that little girl to bed and make sure she stayed there when they were too busy kicking the shit out of each other. More on that later. Here's what happened next.

My affiliate and I decided that it would be best if Lacey wasn't in the house when the fallback of the events in the basement took place. Now, to me the phrase kidnap is used when someone forcefully takes a child without the knowledge of the parent. This is not what happened. The house is big guys, but its not that big. When the effects of the aspirin and Jack took effect, that little girl would have seen and heard it. Hence why my affiliate took her. I talked to Todd before we took her. I asked him where she was and he said she was in the kitchen. My affiliate then told me he had her, and I then told Todd this. I understand that the fact that we were planning on leaving the house with her was clear or not. But he knew that she was with me and my affiliate.

Now, for the seperate country deal. My affiliate and I were originally just in the city. My affiliate had a friend though that was yearning to go home to Canada. He didn't live in South America or Australia,which I'll also get to later. My affiliate was eager to leave the city as well. Who would blame him after this? Because they are nice kids they thought it wasn't best to leave me to take care of Lacey by myself. So, I took Lacey with me to Canada, with them. We didn't fly her off to another continent. My affiliate's friend's house is literally just a few hours from the house. If you put the petal to the metal, its two hours.

Now I have something else to say. We took her away from the faces she was familiar with?! I'm sorry, who lived with her before we moved to the big house?! I did. Who was watching her the first time they did this? I was. Who was with their boyfriend doing it in some car? You were. How fucking dare you accuse me of spending too much time with my boyfriend to care about that little girl. I have barely seen my boyfriend in the past five months. And besides the two trips I took to Australia, he was here. Then we were watching Lacey. No, my name isn't on that piece of paper, but I work just as much as they do to raise that little girl. May I mention that your name isn't on it either! Where were you on her first day of school? Where were you when they just took off without word to LA for two weeks and left me all alone with her?! I refuse to be treated like some fucking third wheel babysitter. I take care of that little care just as much as you, if not more. I live with her too. I'm there everyday to hear about her day at school. How dare you even begin to say that child doesn't know me? How dare you try and infer that I would neglect her just to go have a rouse with Hayden? How dare you say that I am just some babysitter for that little girl that is only there sometimes? How dare you try and blame us for her being in the hospital? She took the pills. She took the jack. She did it to herself. I love that girl. She's my sister, but she is an adult. She, and only she, is responsible for what she does. We tried to help. We tried to take away the aspirin but she still found more. Even after she had done it before! You weren’t even there the first time. You weren’t even here this time. You didn’t see them. You didn’t see how oblivious they were. You can’t just put a child that young upstairs and think that you can do whatever you want. I was doing what I was sure was best for that little girl. Taking her to Canada wasn’t to get her farther away from her legal foster parents. There were people that could help me with her there. Todd is really the only one who has a right to judge what we did. Yet, he's the only one who hasn't criticised us yet. He was the only of you that was actually there that could see what was going on and had enough consciousness to make a responsible decision.

And as for the moving out thing, I still think its best. Until her legal foster parents learn what it takes to take care of a child, she doesn’t need to be exposed to that. Yes, they feed her and love her, but you need more than that. Those children that are in those situations aren’t being helped, but I don’t know them. I know Lacey, I love Lacey. I will be damned if I let her be exposed to something like this. Would you and Todd move out because that’s what’s best for her? She is a foster child you know. Eventually a family will want her. What happens when a family who has a house mom to take care of her all day and a dad whose home every night at 6:00 to eat a well balanced dinner with her? Would you give her up then, knowing that was best for her? My moving out with Lacey was a rash decision. I’ll admit that now. But you can’t tell me that any of us can handle her alone. You and Todd have tour. Ali and Ness need to clean up. I and Hayden have movies to do. Who says they’ll be cleaned up by next year? Ness will have her new album out and will have to tour. Ali has a movie career she also has to deal with. That child needs a stable home, with a normal nuclear family. None of us can give her that and we will just make her life worse if we try. I know how much you want a child, but this isn’t the way.

Oh yeah, sorry to sound like an asshole about it.


D&T: 14/09/2003 @ 9:54 pm
mood   pissed off
music   lifehouse | everything

Expect a depressing update tomorrow.

It may be big too.

Happy fucking three liner.


D&T: 14/09/2003 @ 7:16 pm
mood   confused
music   mest | drawing board

Why do they call peaches peaches? I mean oragnes are called oranges because they are ORANGE. Peaches aren't orange, they're a weird orange..or the outside is red/pink. So why aren't they called dark oranges or red/pinks? I'll let you think about that for a while.


D&T: 11/09/2003 @ 6:05 pm
mood   happy
music   the wonders | that thing you do

Happy Birthday Cam baby :-* )


D&T: 06/09/2003 @ 7:41 pm
mood   excited
music   Black Eyed Peas f. Justin Timberlake | Where's the love

I woke up at about 4:00 this morning and packed my bags for a couple of nights stay in the great Toronto. Pieces of April premieres in exactly 2 hours and 9 minutes. I should be outside meeting people but I figured I'd type this first. The Singing Detective is on Tuesday and Shattered Glass is on Thursday. I am still in great need of a hotel roomie. Anyone interested? I'm excited and nervous. This film festival basically decides if the past year of my life have been a waste of time. Its nerve-racking having just one movie here, but two?! Its insane, but then again so is life period.

I think POA is the scariest one. I put more of myself into it, I relate to it more. I suggest no one ask me to cook Thanksgiving dinner because that is exactly what will happen. It was made by so many great people though. Peter Hedges, the director, worked on the script for What's eating Gilbert Grape? AND About a boy. That's Johnny Depp and Hugh Grant people; I was in awe. TSD was a definite star power experience. You walk on set and there's Mel Gibson, Adrien Brody, Robin Wright Penn, and Robert Downey Jr. Robert and I did Wonder Boys together so it was good to have someone at least a little familiar around all those big stars. I was scared. And then SG goes without saying. It sucks because he can't be here to see how his own movie turns out. I can hear snippets of people's conversations though and several people have said it was going to be good. Someone had doubts? -laughs- You should see the summary. I never knew Tom Cruise was a producer....-is not jealous-. whywasn'tIletinonthisonebabe?. But yes, I've got all three and I'm like a three year old kid in a candy store. I can't wait to see each of them. I still think you guys should come here and stay with me :D.


D&T: 03/09/2003 @ 8:40 pm
mood   + narcoleptic
music   Maroon5 | She will be loved.

Today was Lacey's first day of school. She had been accepted to this really nice pre-school for arts and all of that stuff. Ali had taken her school shopping earlier in the week. She looked so cute with little ribbons in her hair and the prettiest dress. She's going to be such a 'heartbreaker'. The three of us took her together and watched as she went into the class. She gave each of us a hug, kiss, and a "Bye Mommy!". I could lie and say that we all didn't tear up with that, but I think its an important fact to be noted. A tiny part of me wanted her to do that first day of school thing and come running back to us begging us to take her home. I should have known better because if Lacey is anything, its independent. We watched from a little window beside the door as she just walked inside and put her Little Mermaid bookbag with the pink tin lunchbox inside her little cubby. I have to be the bragging "parent" for just a second now, but I noticed that she was one of two kids that didn't have to ask which cubby was hers because she could already read her name -beams-. That's our little girl.

We eventually managed to tear ourselves from the window. We sulked all the way back home. The newfound silence needs adjusting too. I attempted a batch of Pilsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies for when Lacey came home. Absoulutely oh-my-god unbelieveably wow Suprisingly enough, they came out okay. They were a little dark around the edges, but not burnt (You proud baby? :-*). Soon enough it was 2:30 and we all piled into the car and went to pick her up. She came running down the stairs all excited and hyper. Our "mom" kisses of greetings were now met with "Ugh mom, not here!". How well I remember saying that to my mother....

She had a very sucessful day at school though. They had story time in the circle and read Sleeping Beauty, which she retold to us stopping every five seconds to go back because she forgot something and starting over. Then she told us about finger painting and centers. Then we were informed that Jenny and Taylor were nice, but Livve was just mean. I couldn't get over how excited she was eating the cookies I didn't burn about it. Tomorrow is show and tell though. So, we must have Todd!Barbie looking in perfect shape for his big debut into pre-school society. Right now though, the Midget and I are teaching her the importance of classic cinema. In English: we're showing her why Casablanca is the greatest movie ever. The part where Humphrey Bogart is up in the apartment with the champagne and lifts Ingrid Bergman's chin up with his index finger then flicks her nose saying "Here's looking at you kid." always gives me the tingles. Of course the famous train scene where she leaves him and when they reunite in Casablanca and he says "Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to walk into mine." I don't even have to mention the very ed, "Louie, I think this is going to be the beginning of a beauuuutiful friendship." I've seen it approximately 1,000 times, okay? Give me a break, it owns.

In other news I have become addicted to some rather weird songs lately. The A*Teens "Take a Chance on Me" seems to satisfy my pop taste. I don't know what it is about those Swedish kids... Most of all is Maroon5 "She Will be Loved". I should probably thank Shannyn for that one because she usually pimps Maroon5 pretty hard in her craveworthy entries and it forced me to see what they were about. I have to admit I have a secret obsession with reading Shannyn's entries.. -laughs- I don't know what it is about them. They're all so...poetic. They aren't bland but summed up with the good and bad of nature....They're just well-written is what I'm trying to say. I got off topic. I have no idea what it is about that song because at first I sort of just skipped over it. Its really good though. Why am I suddenly sharing this with the world? I have no idea.

I have the Toronto Film Festival coming up this week. So yes Jimmy, on your first laundry day with us you will only have two naked women, but I'll be back before the next one, okay? I have to go do promotion work for TSD AND POA. I also get to watch Hayden's Shattered Glass. He's going to be an intellectual, yet dirty journalist. That just sounds hot okay. I suggest anyone with free time come up and check it out. I am current need of a hotel roomie since I forgot about the film festival and I can't leave Jimmy in a house by himself :D (I will make it up, I swear).

Hmm, speaking of Hayden, would this be a real Katie entry without me mentioning how great he is? I didn't think so. Well, I'll state it for those of you who are behind and this is only the 394328493938333333390th time you've heard it, he's the best boyfriend ever. -grins- You ever have one of those days where you wish the world just go away and leave you alone, and then that one thing happens to make that day just a tiny bit brighter, gives you hope for tomorrow? He has now become my "thing". That creamy Canadian accent at the end of the line everyday, always with the same "Hey sexy...". Do you know how much his phone bill must be? But I wouldn't give it up for the world; I have a permenant claim on his over emphasised syllables :D. -coughs- Yes, but he keeps me sane, grounded and calls me on my bull (Doesn't it suck that because of me we're batting 1 for 1 instead 0 for 0 in the fight catagory? Actually, its more like 1/2..he never got mad :D But yeah..we're HALF normal now ahah). I love him to no end and I better stop before this makes go back into serious!ithdrawl ....more than I already am.

Wow, that's a long entry. And narcolepsy is here so I must go get some TROPICAL punch before I go to bed. That's safe, right?


LOLOLOLZ SIMPLE PLAN IZ S3W K3WL13Z D&T: 31/08/2003 @ 5:41 pm

LOLOLOLZ HI MY NAME IS KATIE AND I HART S1/\/\P|_3 P|_4/\/!!11111111

i am really not feeling funny right now hi katie can I get a rain check


lawl hi k8 <3 pierre bye


Ungh, Hayden. UNGH. D&T: 31/08/2003 @ 5:40 pm
mood   horny
music   the masturbation song

Another porn. Weak stomachs? don't click! )


D&T: 30/08/2003 @ 4:33 pm
mood   bad
music   ousuckbecauseyoucantkeepyourmouthshutandnowyoureguiltysong

Yeah so um, besides "Wow, I fucked up. I'm really sorry, don't be mad", which probably won't even come close to working in this case.....I should just stop talking...period.


D&T: 27/08/2003 @ 7:30 pm
mood   bored
music   oasis | wonderwall

I figured its time for an actual update, or at least one that wasn't written in stars (even though sex is evil kids and petrifying. Stay away from it...and balloons. Scary scary stuff....).

For the past few days I've been at home. And for the past few days I've actually had multiple conversations with Vinnie. I missed that kid a lot more than I realized =/. *coughs* Its Hayden's fault...its always Hayden's fault. I should be packing for the new house, but my ass has become part of the couch. Jet lag, k?I really should do something because this update is becoming dull and fast. I have a whopper of a dream for you Cam babi whenever you show up. Its just...freaky.

I haven't seen Ness in a while. Well, I've seen her, but I haven't talked to her. I should do that. I am going to go do that. This update sucks but I think I was coming close to a whole week without updating, maybe more. I'll write a really big sappy one when I can come up with a muse. :-*


D&T: 21/08/2003 @ 6:35 pm
mood   scared
music   theimafraidofsexbabiespandaspenisesandredwaterballonssong

Hmm...I've got nothing to update about that someone hasn't already said so....

*is afraid of anything red, waterballoons, pandas, babies, penises and sex...will never have it again*

*hstes australia, george lucas, planes, the atlantic ocean, headaches, drama*

....*loves cam*

that is all. kthnkz bai


D&T: 11/08/2003 @ 8:31 pm
mood   thankful
music   edwin mccain | I'll be (...our song)

I was up late Thursday night shopping for his anniversary present, which due to certain circumstances I haven't been able to give him. I ended up crashing at approximately 11:00 or so though. You've already heard how he got there, so I won't rehash. Its weird though that I didn't notice he was there. I usually have a 6th sense when it comes to him, I always know when he's around. Anyway, I found him staring at me when I woke up that morning. My first thought was to jump all over him and scream that he was actually there. *laughs* I was really too in shock to do that though. I wasn't supposed to see him for another two months....and there he was.

He made all of us breakfast; his famous chocolate chip pancakes. It really is pointless for me to try and re-cap everything we've done since he's been here, not to mention boring. It just feels good to have him there. I love those evening phone calls and memorize all the e-mails, but nothing is the same as actually having him there. You can't hold people over the phone. You can't kiss them through e-mails. You miss that feeling of almost being asleep when they wrap their arms around you and whisper good night....you can't wake up in that same position with a smile on both faces.

So, I'm sitting here writing in this white box how lucky I am. According to Jeeves there are 9,935 miles between New York City and Sydney Australia. Who the hell flies that distance just because their girlfriend wanted them for an anniversary present? Three months isn't anything particulary monumental, he came just because I asked him too. I have no idea how to even begin thanking him for that. I give him a hell of a lot to put up with, from my stubborn streaks to secrets I haven't found the guts to tell him yet. *laughs* It frustrates him to no end, yet he just sits there with a smile, kisses my forehead and says, "Whenever you're ready...". He just laughs when he walks into chats to find me saying something I definetely shouldn't have said. Lets face it people, I say a lot of stuff that isn't deemed "appropriate" material to be said. He knows extremely well that I can't cook, yet he incessently tries to teach me. He has fulfilled every one of my crazy "fantasies" without so much a blink of an eye. I've still got a lot of work to do on his.

This entry isn't filled with all the poetic sayings and cheeseball lines I would like it to be. I think its partially because I didn't want to dress it up. I didn't think it needed dressing up. Do you have any clue what you do to me? I have no clue what I did to deserve someone like you, but I couldn't be happier that I did it. Every touch, hug and kiss is a reminder of how lucky I am to have you. I had a life before I met you, but you made me feel like I was actually living it. I get up in the morning to see you, to hear you, to simply be in your life. I never take advantantage of the fact that I have you. You're.....everything to me. *she tucks the hair behind her ears and chews her bottom lip* So, in case I don't say it enough...thank-you.


Its not cryptic...but just weird D&T: 01/08/2003 @ 8:17 pm
mood   weird
music   nada, nothing..soon to be ruffled blankets and pages turning

I was planning on writing a huge entry full of poetic and wise things that would everyone go "aww" but the truth is I really just don't feel like it. I don't feel like doing much of anything today...or yesterday. I probably won't tomorrow either.

So, before I go and do something crazy like...read. Hi, bye. I miss you. Your old entries are fun to read, but it made me realize that the three of us need another cross country bonding road trip. Distance sucks...and I think that is the only thing I have the energy to say right now =/


D&T: 27/07/2003 @ 12:58 am
mood   amused
music   sugarcult.

Hi, my name is Katie, I'm an alcoholic and I write good porn. I like long walks on the beach, claiming sex spots in my apartment that my roommates have already secretly de-virginized, and making everyone horny as hell by writing about my sexcapades with Hayden. But his penis isn't that big, Pierre's is much larger, sorry!

I like walking around the house naked with Nessa on Tuesdays, because that's our laundry day, and..


I have a Canadian with a light saber to fuck now, thank you and good night :).




I've been waiting for a chance to let you in.... D&T: 23/07/2003 @ 9:23 pm
mood   scared
music   michelle branch | breathe

Shoe Survey: NC-17 :D ) - Nat this button is not for you!

Do I really need to say who shouldn't read that?

....last of the emo )


How long have we been blinded? D&T: 20/07/2003 @ 3:54 pm
mood   doubtful
music   michelle branch | find your way back

So, the system sucks.

I haven't lost all hope, but I'll say faith has definetely been shaken. What exactly is there to say when the people you looked up to start break apart? The people you watch and say "If they can do it, then I can too...". The people who were true love inside and out, good and the bad. But it seems that the bad caught up with them. All the things everyone watched them deal with like pros, the things that made them like us, except they found a way to get through it, came right back. Now its threatening to break up two people who make the very definition of soul mate? So does that mean there's no room for mistakes? There are things out there that can't be dealt with, no matter how much you love each other? I always thought as long as you loved someone, truly loved someone, then everything could be handled. If you truly loved each other, there shouldn't be anything too big to handle.

It sounds nieve and like a fantasy but they were the evidence. I grew out of the night and shining armor thing a long time ago, but the happily ever after never left. That after all the dumb decisions and the rushed mistakes, there was always going to be one person at the end of the day to hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be okay, one person to call home, one person to be forever. So, does this prove that forever doesn't exist, that its all some fairy tale dream we convince ourselves of in order to be comfortable? I can't bring myself to believe its not true. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Problems can be solved by the squeeze of a hand and a little work. True love wasn't created by a disillusioned disney artist, but by people who never gave up. People that didn't let stupid fights, no matter how public, keep them apart. People who at the end of the day find home in each other. You two belong together, and I know you know that. Are you honestly willing to lose that? You kids can't funtion without each other, we've all seen you try. So, do me a favor and renew two hopeless romanticss' faith in the system.


D&T: 20/07/2003 @ 2:41 pm
I got G earlier...but then I retook it HA

Interesting, very interesting )

D&T: 13/07/2003 @ 9:15 pm
mood   horny
music   tsl | 3s a Charm




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Full Name: Katherine Noelle Holmes
Status: In love
Birthday: December 18, 1978
Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio
Residence: New York
Height: 5'9
Sign: Sagittarius
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green/Hazel
The babes: Nessa, Larter, Jess, Cam, Brit.
The guys: Hayden, Pierre, Vinnie, Sabeh, Todd, Daryl, Mike, Beck, Deryck, Jimmy.
Likes: Sleeping , gummy bears with popcorn , central park , sunsets , kissing , roomies , movies , acting , being lazy , Life as a House , lattes , Molly Ringwald , snow , romantic-comedies , Signs , gay porn , Mr. Bean , Stephen Chebskowski , lotion , lollipops , spaghetti, ER & music.
Hates: correct spelling, cooking , keeping my mout shut , being sick , sunburn , egos , mayonaise , sandles & lame cartoons



First Daughter as Samantha Mackenzie (2004), Pieces of April as April Burns (2003)The Singing Detective as Nurse Mills (2003), Phone Booth as Pamela Mcfadden (2002-03), Abandon as Katie Burke(2002), Wonder Boys as Hannah Green (2000), The Gift as Jessica King (2000), Go as Claire Montgomery (1999), Muppets From Space as Joesephine Potter (1999), Teaching Mrs. Tingle as Leigh Ann Watson (1999), Dawson's Creek as Joesephine Potter (1998-2003), Disturbing Behavior as Rachael Wagner (1998), The Ice Storm as Libbets Casey (1997)



Katie was born Katherine Noelle Holmes in Toledo, Ohio on December 18th, 1978. Born two months premature, she spent the first few months of her life building her strength in the hospital, with her parents Marty and Kathleen Holmes, a lawyer and homemaker, by her side. The youngest of five siblings, Katie has always had a strong and encouraging relationship with her family, and she attributes much of her success to their ceaseless support. Her position in the family group taught her to be a strong-willed individual and as a child, Katie liked to be in control, she enjoyed play acting with her immense Barbie collection and observing her elder siblings. As an indication of the cohesive group they formed, Katie has remarked that some of the hardest days of her early life were when her siblings departed for College.
Like most of her family, Katie took part in athletics in elementary school. Despite being a talented and competitive basketball player, she soon discovered that her passions lay not in sports, but in the performing arts. Supported by her family at every step, from the age of 13, Katie spent her free time attending acting classes, dance classes and voice coaching lessons. She had great ambitions, yet she remained modest and pragmatic about her chances. Katie worried that her small-town upbringing would hold her back in the acting profession.
She enrolled in Margaret O'Brien's Modeling School in Toledo and in the summer of 1995, 16 year old Katie attended an International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention, a prestigious semi-annual talent scouting event, in New York City. Katie was determined to have fun and treat the occasion as a life experience, but once there, she modeled, danced and performed a monologue from To Kill A Mockingbird, impressing the judges with a variety of skills. It was during this time that Katie decided she preferred the challenges that acting offered and from then on decided to focus her energies on performing rather than modeling.
IMTA helped to procure Katie a talent manager, who in January 1996 convinced 17 year old Katie to journey to Los Angeles for pilot season. On her second day there she met with director Ang Lee and won her first role on the critically acclaimed feature, The Ice Storm, a disturbing look at one family’s experimentation with casual sex, drink and coming of age. Katie played Libbets Casey, a precocious literature student who captures the attention of Paul "Charles" Hood played by Tobey Maguire. New to the industry, Katie was in awe of Tobey's experience and the two became good friends. Tobey later commented in an E! Revealed special that, "Katie was a beautiful, natural actress and is just a sweetheart".
After the success of The Ice Storm, Katie decided to spend her senior year at home in Toledo. She continued to indulge in her acting passions and won the lead role of Lola in her High School production of Damn Yankees.
During the 1997 pilot season, Katie balanced her studies with acting, and playing opposite her mom, she created audition tapes to send to an assortment of casting directors. It was at this time that the producers of Dawson's Creek were searching for leads, and when Katie's tape arrived they were keen to offer her a second audition in Los Angeles; but when the timing coincided with the opening night of Damn Yankees, she remained loyal to her friends and commitments, and boldly delayed the audition. Still amazed by her talent and now impressed by her dedication and maturity, the producers rearranged her audition and a few weeks later she was awarded the role of Joey Potter, a sharp witted firebrand who strives to escape her humble beginnings.
In the summer of 1997, Katie graduated from Notre Dame Academy, a Catholic girls school in Toledo, with an excellent SAT score total of 1310. She was offered a chance to study at the prestigious Columbia University, but after Dawson's Creek was picked up by the Warner Bros. television network, she deferred her entry and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where the show was filmed. Away from the pressures of Hollywood, the cast quickly became good friends. Katie had an eight month romance with fellow Dawson's Creek actor, Joshua Jackson, whom she described as her 'first love'. They still remain good friends to this day.
The success of Dawson's Creek took the young stars by surprise, and within months Katie had been on the cover of Rolling Stone, Seventeen and Entertainment Weekly. Having now appeared on the front of more than 60 magazines to date, Katie is no stranger to being interviewed. Her down-to-earth composure and natural charm has since won the heart and respect of reporters from Cosmopolitan to Arena to GQ.
Her second movie role came in the form of lead actress in the 1998 feature Disturbing Behavior, accompanied by upstarts James Marsden (X-Men) and Nick Stahl (In the Bedroom). Directed by David Nutter (X-Files, Roswell), Katie played Rachel Wagner, "Cradle Bay’s trailer trash", an outsider who discovers that all the rebellious teens in town are being lobotomized into submission. The role was a welcome change for Katie, who appreciated the retreat from the "good girl" image that she was contending with on a daily basis during the filming of Dawson's Creek.
At the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, Katie's talent was recognized when she won Best Breakthrough Performance Female for her role in Disturbing Behavior. In addition, 1999 brought the ensemble piece Go, directed by Doug Liman (Swingers). Katie played Claire Montgomery, one of a group of slightly addled twenty-something's who seek adventure in the Los Angeles underground and the strip clubs of Las Vegas. Paired with another highly touted talent, Sara Polley, both Go and Katie’s performance received positive critical reviews. Katie has said that Claire was one of the characters that she most related to – somebody trying to be cool, yet still innocent; a step behind the others while still remaining smart.
Also in 1999 was the teen drama Teaching Mrs. Tingle, directed by Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson. Katie inherited the role of Leigh Ann Watson, a straight-A student unfairly accused of cheating on an important final exam. As well as strengthening her friendship with Kevin Williamson, with whom she stayed while shooting the movie, the job gave Katie the chance to work with the legendary Helen Mirren, an experience she said she treasures. Other cast members included Marisa Coughlan (Freddy Got Fingered) and Barry Watson, who was also simultaneously working on a television series in the role of Matt Camden for the Warner Bros. production 7th Heaven. As a duo, Barry Watson and Katie were nominated for Best Kiss at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards.
Katie’s next feature was in the 2000 release of Wonder Boys, featuring Michael Douglas, Frances McDormand, and Robert Downey Jr., with direction provided by Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential). Katie’s character Hannah Green is both a published writer and a student renting a room from her English professor, Grady Tripp (Douglas), who she tries to seduce. With a script that was eventually nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar, Wonder Boys received great critical acclaim. Clips of Katie’s performance from the movie were also featured in the music video for Bob Dylan’s 'Things Have Changed', which won an Oscar for Best Song.
2000 also saw the release of The Gift. In this southern gothic thriller about extrasensory perception, Katie was able to work with one of her acting idols, Cate Blanchett, as well as Keanu Reeves, Hilary Swank and Greg Kinnear. Directed by Sam Raimi, who would find huge success just a short time later with the blockbuster Spiderman, Sam had nothing but good things to say about Katie and her performance, remarking in particular about Katie’s level of maturity.
Over the years, Katie has become a regular and popular guest on talk shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman and MTV's Total Request Live. During appearances on The Rosie O'Donnell show, she demonstrated her singing abilities with excerpts from Damn Yankees.
A couple of weeks later, Katie was the host for Saturday Night Live, where she was given the opportunity to showcase some of her hard earned skills in front of a live audience. The nationwide broadcast was her first chance to sing and dance outside of the high school productions back in her hometown of Toledo. After a nervous start in which her first joke about Dawson’s Creek bombed, Katie slowly but surely won the love of the audience. A tap dance routine with Will Ferrell surprised the viewers, a worthy impression of Drew Barrymore and a particularly funny episode of SNL’s Peepers drew large applause. The night was turned into a family reunion of sorts, with the entire Holmes clan making the trip to NYC to support her and attend the party afterwards. It was an insightful experience that showed a large audience the many possibilities of what was yet to come.
Katie became the new spokesperson for Garnier Lumia towards the end of 2001, producing an advertisement for their brightening hair color product and gracing our screens with her new red locks. Over the years, the naturally brunette Katie has tried many different shades and continues to experiment with the products Garnier offers.
In 2002's Abandon, Katie had her first chance to topline a major motion picture, which included the likes of Benjamin Bratt (Pinero) and Zooey Deschanel (Almost Famous). Her character was named Katie Burke by Stephan Gaghan, the writer and director of Abandon, who stated that he named the character with Katie Holmes in mind as a suggestion of the "power of positive thinking," in the hope that he could acquire Katie for the role. Katie Burke is a student at an elite college working under severe pressure to complete her thesis and land a prestigious job when she has to confront the sudden reappearance of an old boyfriend who disappeared two years before under suspicious circumstances. Gaghan was also impressed with her vocal abilities and in addition to singing in the movie, Katie provides vocals on the Abandon soundtrack.
In October 2002, the Holmes family graciously allowed film crews into their lives to record a special one hour program: 'Revealed with Jules Asner: Katie Holmes'. This amazing opportunity allowed the fans to learn about Katie's childhood, her experiences and her reflections, with in-depth interviews from Katie and many of her family members.
Throughout her escalsting television and film career, Katie has remained close with her family. As well as returning home every few weeks, family members frequently accompany her to talk show appearances and film premeires. Katie remains faithful to her hometown, and continues to attend many galas and charity events in Toledo, as well as appearing at the 2002 Reebok Human Right Awards in Salt Lake City and in a Ford Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with her mom.
Christmas 2002 and Katie was honored to be asked to host a national holiday celebration held by President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. The Christmas in Washington gala was a national broadcast, the proceeds of which benefited the Children's National Medical Center.
April 2003 saw the long awaited release of Joel Schumacher's Phone Booth, an action thriller in which a sleazy publicist Stu Shepard, played by wild child Colin Farrell (Minority Report), is held hostage by a sniper. Katie plays Pamela McFadden, an aspiring actress who is being pursued by Stu. The release date for Phone Booth has been pushed back repeatedly in an attempt to distance itself from the real life events that mirrored the storyline shortly before its scheduled debut. After a protracted delay Phone Booth debuted as the number one movie, a first for a movie that included Katie.
Expected to be released in the fall of 2003 is Keith Gordon’s remake of Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective. Once again Katie had the opportunity of working with some of the biggest names in show business. Robert Downey Jr. stars as Dan Dark, a writer suffering from a paralyzing skin disease who copes by hallucinating musical numbers and dreaming up paranoid plots. Katie plays Nurse Mills, attending to Dan Dark’s every need. The movie debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2003 to mixed reviews, but had already offered Katie the chance to try out some dance steps and lip synch a musical number; "It was nice, I was allowed to pretend I was a dancer for a couple of days," Katie said. It is slated for release in the U.S. on Oct. 24, 2003.
Another film making its debut at Sundance 2003 was the Peter Hedges (About A Boy) story, Pieces of April. Katie plays the title role of April Burns, a black sheep in her family who decides to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the entire clan in her tiny Lower East Side apartment, despite not knowing how to cook, a broken oven, and group of neighbors who would prefer to be left in peace. A small, independent film with a tiny budget, it boasts an impressive cast that includes Patricia Clarkson (Far From Heaven) as April’s mother and Oliver Platt (West Wing) as April’s father. The movie moves back and forth between the dinner preparation by April and her boyfriend, Bobby (Antwone Fischer’s Derek Luke), and the family’s road trip. Added into the mix is the fact that April’s mother is dying of cancer. This movie has garnered Katie the best notices for her acting abilities thus far in her career. The movie was greeted with standing ovations at Sundance and promises to be a pivotal performance in her resume. Pieces of April opens October 17th, 2003.
In May 2003 Dawson's Creek aired the series finale to the highest ratings the WB had ever received for an original program. After six successful seasons network excutives, cast and crew decided that the Creek had run it's course. Shortly afterward Katie teamed with Regency Pictures to star in a romantic comedy entitled First Daughter, currently filming in greater Los Angeles. Katie toplines as Samatha Mackenzie, the daughter of the President of the United States in her first year of college. Also cast is Marc Blucas (The Alamo, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Michael Keaton. A release date is tenatively scheduled for Jan. 9, 2004.
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