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[17 Jun 2003|09:14am]
hey guys long time no speak lol what the hell is wrong with my layout is blurty fucking up lol anyway anyone wanna do me a layout if yes let me know i might just go to a community or sumthin.....yeah last night was so wacked out i cant even explain this shit....it was actually bizarre wanna know im me i cant write it in here its just way to weird....scary much.......anyways school is going pretty good im done now but ill be starting a summer semester soon i believe its in the middle of july oh well its all good but yeah im gonna go now and try and fix this dumb layout grrrrrr
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[28 May 2003|06:54am]
hey hey hey hey yellow to all my bitches and fellas and hoes whatever lol im on my way to work i just wanted to do this quick lil update so that you guys can know whats going on with my life ok so far orlando will not leave me alone h constantly is following me around asking me out lol hes like a lost puppy dog or some shit lol its kinda cute but yeah orlando it does get kinda annoying and yeah i know you like me but please leave me alone and stop asking me out i like you like a big brother andnothing will change that well always be friends and youll know if i like you i know i never will like you in that way and im sorry if i hurt you but thats just the way i feel i cant make myself fall for you its just ot happening that way i hope that you arent mad at me because i could never live without you as my friend you always help me out and i love you for that.....if you want ill help you find a girl that youll like just as much as you like me i promise youll get over me im not that great so i just dont understand how you like me you know well on that note another subject my sister might be preggo :X yikes i hope not shes only 15 and she comes to me with this monday while we were eating hotdogs shes asked me wat i would do in her situation i said id stab the guy who did this to me because her boyfriend is 18 yea jailbait huh lol well i gotta get going to work leave me some comments so i know you all still luv me please
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this is for my blurty people [22 May 2003|12:48pm]

just thought id have that sighn made for you guys and thanks to a great community that made this for me to put it up in your journal heres the link http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-5/194442/katiety.gif

well hope you enjoy thanks...and thanks to taintedthoughts for this awesome sighn
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[17 May 2003|02:25pm]
yeah im doing an update today lets see what did i do last night hmm i went out to a friends house for a while did some naughty things with a barbie then we went to eat at some diner i came home at like 12 or something like that then i went back out we went to some club called luxe it was so fucking cowded i couldnt even move my fingers so yeah we didnt stay there long then we decided to go to my friend stacys house and wake her ass up we climbed in her window scared the shiznit outta her then we all made her come out in her pjs which by the way were so cute they had my little pony on them haha i was like take that off and give it to me now but i wouldnt have relaly made her or would i have hmm i guess youll never know hehe. my friend fucked a lezbian and made her straight he must be really good huh lol well thats my update basically today is shitty out and im just going to sit n watch tv until i feel like going out probably not till later though peace
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[14 May 2003|10:59am]
hey guys yeah friday i saw this wicked fight yo haha!!! like 100 people showed up to kick the shit outta these dumb ass bitches haha, but anyways im almost done with finals go me right you know you all love me, i talked to orlando last night he keeps asking me out i was like damn you damn you lol i love him but as a brother type get me orlando haha well im out i have to get to a final now ttyl peeps

_ /\ _ ¸.·¤**¤·.,¸,.·¤**¤·.
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[05 May 2003|09:02am]
hey all yea long time no speak right lol yeah well i have been busy with these damned finals and shit!!! Wish me luck lol i have about 5 of em today. So anyways its near the end of college for this year wow it really went by pretty fast......orlando liked me omg right yea i know youd never fucken know he hides it well he told me friday night and i was like awww hes like thats all you gotta say to me i was like sorry i feel your more like a brother to me i no ouch right lol but thats how i feel about him theres nothng there between him and i. But anyways guys im still single and its almost summer ah come on any hot guys out there for me ??? I NEED A MAN!!!!!! but whatever i have my girls for the summer so ill be ok as long as i got them!!! I LOVE U GIRLZ. anyways im out so leave me some loves please thanks fr all of you that do comment on me ttyl

_ /\ _ ¸.·¤**¤·.,¸,.·¤**¤·.
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[30 Apr 2003|10:39am]

Your Stripper Name is Britney!

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see all you bitches in the strip clubs!!!! HHOOORRRAAAAAAAAAAAA
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[30 Apr 2003|10:15am]
Have you
smoked: yes
. drank: yes
gotten stoned: yes
gotten drunk: um yea
had sex: yea yea i have ima naughty kittie
stayed in your pj's all day: uh yea phhhh
left your state: Yes
left your country: Yes
drank milk straight from the carton:strawberry milk baby
x. tripped up the stairs: of course i fell up the up escalator
x. rubbed a Buddha's tummy:well no but i rubbed joshes tummy does that count?
x. wished upon a star: Yes
x. ...had it come true: I wished on so many I'm not sure
x. slapped someone: yes, i slapped this chick karen once and it was scary
x. danced like a maniac: im a maniac maniac
x. gotten paid for a dance: of course not ::smirks::
x. given/had a lap dance: given
x. chased a butterfly: yes and ive caught it to
x. given a seagull alka-seltzer: thats cruel...::runs and gets alka-seltzer::
x. slept under the stars: once :-) yes i have!! with someone special
x. gone on a cruise: YES! :-D
x. driven a motor boat: yep my step dad owns a motor boat shop
x. put salt on a slug and watched it shrivel up: yea i have
x. gone to a concert: Yes
x. head banged: umm yah
x. ran from invisible terrors: YEA AAHHHHH invisible bin laden HELP!!!!
x. lost yourself: Yes
x. found yourself again: no im still running amuck
x. eaten bugs in any form: when i was like 3
x. burned stuff just because:fire haha
x. been called a pyro: yes because i am
x. seen a ghost: yes i ahve!!!! SCARY
x. had something published: no...
x. been in love: Yes I have
x. had the love returned: Yes :-)
x. owned a pink fuzzy monkey: pink and fuzzy it must be a chia pet
x. owned a pair of handcuffs: yep
x. ...put them to use: yea mike will tel you all about it
x. looked for a relationship on-line: no but I got offered
x. went on with an on-line relationship: nope
x. writen a message on a bill: no but i got money with stuff written on it
x. touched a cloud: lol consider fog?
x. lost someone you cared about: to many times
x. ran away: Not recently
x. punched a wall: yea sure have
x. punched a person: hellz yea
x. talked to a street sign: yeah everyday phhhhh
x. shopped at Wal-Mart for over an hour: Yes
x. ...willingly: Yes
x. been a hero: not yet i dunt think
x. shopped at Hot Topic: um yeah who hasnt

x. taken a picture of yourself: yep,model pictures with friends
x. had a journal: Several
x. worn mardi-gras beads: Yes
x. been to mardi-gras: nopers
x. been a porn star: nope
x. heard of Blind Melon: No
x. heard of Vacationland: No
x. heard of Black Apple: No
x. started a trend (a good one): kinda
x. been to a rally (for a cause, not a pep-rally): yea ok why not
x. cried because you were forced to watch cheerleaders: No i was one actually
x. tripped someone who was demonstrating school spirit with your mind powers: noper
x. given up on your dreams: sometimes?
x. had your dreams come true: nah
x. seen someone as your guardian angel: Yes
x. protested the national anthem by not standing when everyone else does: uh no

x. been to a sit-in: i don't know what that is
x. had a pen-pal: yep
x. met someone famous: ive met many famous people ive met ryan phillipe ive met justin timberlake,christina aguilera, natalie portman, (my friends dad is a body guard hahaha sux for you all)
x. streaked: yea
x. flashed someone: yea
x. been mooned: yes)
x. gone out with one of your best friends: yep
x. put a message in a bottle: yea
x. sent a telegram: No
x. recieved flowers: Yes
x. listened to a sea-shell: Yes
x. been stung by a jellyfish: yea
x. been on TV: yes
x. burned your bra: yea i lit my first bra on fire
x. played tag when you were over the "acceptable" age: hehe I still do

x. notice patterns in the time (11:11, 12:34, etc...): yea right...?

x. had your mom show off embarrassing baby pictures of you when your were little to your friends/boy or girl friend: yea but i was cute then wtf happened
x. been arrested: No
x. been put in jail: Nope
x. been put on trial: No
x. re-named yourself: not really
x. followed someone in the mall to observe what they buy: yea
x. followed someone just because: Yeah
x. been stalked: yes!
x. stalked someone: nope
x. worshiped someone: well no
x. lived a day like it was your last day: I dunno
x. had your 15 minutes of fame: I think
x. been part of a mosh pit: yeh they are so fun!
x. been self-conscious: no
x. been in a band: yea
x. started a band: yea
x. had a real conversation with your parents, with NO lies whatsoever: yeah
x. sat and watched smoke float through the air: yeh it's fun
x. skinny-dipped: yes
x. listened to someone pee to make them feel self-conscience: lol yes
x. been concieted:nopers
x. walked/ran in the rain: love to
x. wanted to be somewhere with someone so much it made you cry: yeah :*( poor katie
x. where and with who:with this kid mike he doesnt want me :*(
x. played a practical joke: Yes
x. had a practical joke played on you: Yes
x. been to Australia: not yet i guess one day ill have to check it out

*************More Questions*******************
20. Animal: hamster maybey a horse
21. School Subject: break time
22. Boy Name: Jared
23. Feeling: my hand is broken off from this thing
24. Ice Cream:choclate chip`
25. Vacation Spot: Carribbean
26. Store: mmm hot topic much
27. TV Station: abc and lifetime for woman hahaha men suck
28. Number: 69
29. Soda: orange all the way we have our own lil orange soda club
30. Gum:wrigleys i guess i dunno

01. Cried: nope dont cry anymore
02. Bought Something: Yes
03. Gotten Sick: no
04. Sang: Yes
05. Said I Love You: Yes
06. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: Yes...
07. Met Someone New: Yeah
08. Moved On: from what?
09. Talked To Someone: Yes
10. Had A Serious Talk: No
11. Missed Someone: Yes
12. Hugged Someone: Yes
13. Kissed Someone: yes today oh im a naughty kittie
14. Fought With Your Parents: Yes
15. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: yea i have ....maybey i can have this one maybey hopefully no?
16. Had a lot of sleep: No
17. Wanted This Survey To Be Over: I'm anxious, yes


01. In Five Years: Married
02. Job:home maker nah just kidding iwanna be a nurse
03. Goals: To have a successful marriage and great family


01. Get Motion Sickness: nope bring on the spinning rides
02. Have a Bad Habit: are u kidding all people alive and breathing has one
03. Sleep with a Stuffed Animal:yea
04. Like to Drive: Love it
05. Type with Fingers on the Right Keys: nope
06. Drink: sometimes hehe
08. Any Other Drugs: No
09. Know Anyone Who Drinks Underage: yeh lots
10. " " " Smokes: Yes
11. " " " Does Drugs: Yes
12. " " " Lost Their Virginity: Yes
13. " " " Worships the Devil: No


08. Gone to Church: Yes
09. Read the Bible: yes
10. Been in a FIght: yea sorry tolina i wuv you much
11. Stayed Home on the Weekends: Yes
12. Been in the Hospital: nope unless you count when i was shot out of my mothers vagina
13. Went Swimming in the Ocean: yes


Hugging or Kissing: Kissing
Mud Wrestling or Jello Wrestling: Never done either
White Milk or Chocolate Milk: Chocolate Milk
Deafness or Blindness: Deafness
Sandals or Shoes: Shoes
. Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi all the way!
CD or Tape: CD
Rain, Sun, or Snow: sun is so nice.
Pen or Pencil: Pen
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
Black or White: Black

Thing You Purchased: food im a blimp haha
TV Program You Watched: my father and son
Movie You Saw at the Theatre: none i hate the movies
Time You Were Grounded: uh nooooo
Words You Said: get off me
Words You Typed: "yeh"
Phone Number You Called: chris
Person You Talked to on The Phone: obviosusly chris idiots
Thing You Ate: i dont member
Thing You Drank: orange soda
Song You Heard: mandy moore love you forever
. Friend You Saw: danny
Person You Hugged: mara
You Got a Real Letter: um nobody writes me lol
my blue eyes

[29 Apr 2003|10:57am]
hey all like my rainbow brite thing inbetween my comments? well ttyl ill update promise i had a good time at mels so ill write lata peace out
_ /\ _ ¸.·¤**¤·.,¸,.·¤**¤·.
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[28 Apr 2003|12:21pm]
sup all yea im soooo bored like i cant do anything tody because my friends are dickweeds, they are all doing something and im left here all alone ***does sad face*** well not really i just didnt feel like going to see a movie haha so its really my fault but im blaming them so it doesnt bother me as much. anyways people when you add me to your friends list let me know because i see that theres someone i dont know who added me and i dont know who they are lol its all good but i just would lke to know so that i could add you back and comment on your journal aighty aight. im listening to return of the mack how great is that song yea yea yea its old true but its a awesome songsaturday i wen tto the bowling alley....hhahaha theres this guy there that kept asking me out i was like how about you lick my asshole then well talk.i love the bowling alley its awesome haha. its fun to chill at accept for all the little teeny boppers there that id love to punch out man they make me sick they are like 10 and sluts already. they wear the hoochiest outfits its like helo go to fucken teen niht already at united skates go away from here. neho hoo leave me some posts peeps please thanks a bunch... Katie
_ /\ _ ¸.·¤**¤·.,¸,.·¤**¤·.
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im a newbie... [25 Apr 2003|02:06pm]
hey all my names katie i live on longisland in massapequa, im 19 years old, i was told about this journal by my friend melissa and a few others so i thought id give it a whirl since im always online and i like to meet new people so yea this is pretty neat thats to bluebabe69(melissa) for my awesome journal layout. Currently i am in nassau community yea it sux here i hate it im going to be going to another college next year well hopefully haha. ok well ill tell you all abut myself here we go....

o1. full birth name: Katie alyssa
o2. hair colour: dirty blonde
o3. eye color: blue
o4. height currently: im like 5'6
o5. glasses/contacts: neither
o6. birthdate: August 12
o7. zodiac sigh: leo baby!

o1. have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: yea right now actually haha
o2. have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex/did: def
o3. do you have a "type" of person you always go after: as long as they are chill ill like em
o4. want someone you don't have right now: yea
o5. ever liked a close guy/girl friend: yea
o6. are you lonely right now: umm not at all
o7. ever afraid you'll never get married: not really
o8. do you want to get married: def
o9. do you want kids: um well let god tell me when i have em

o1. room in house: my room
o2. type of music: anything really
o3. song: um i like jt rock your body
o4. memory: i dont have a good one
o5. day of the week: Friday/Saturday
o6. color: blue and purple
o7. perfume or cologne: vannilla feilds
o8. flower: rose
o9: month: summa

o1. cried: no
o2. bought something: yea a cd
o3. gotten sick: no
o4. sang: yeah
o5. said i love you: yeah
o6. wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: yeahh
o7. met someone new: no
o8. moved on: from what?
o9. talked to someone: yeah!
10. had a serious talk: nope sorry
11. missed someone: yeh
12. hugged someone: yeh
13. kissed someone: yeh
14. fought with your parents: nope.
15. dreamed about someone you can't be with: yea all the damned time it kills me
16. had a lot of sleep: yeh

* ? future
[do you want to get married] yes!
[if so, what age would you like to be married] whenver it happens as long as it happens before in 30
[who will you marry] um justin timberlake haha i wish
[what do you want to do when you grow up] im going to be a toys r us kid
[where will you live] in justins mansion
[do you want to have kids] didnt i say yeah?
[if so, how many] however many
[what would you name them] For girls i like the names crystel,Taylor,Mackenzie rose,Selena,for the boys id say, Christopher, Jayson,Zachary and nicholas
* ? favorites
[color] um didnt we cover this purple dammit
[food] pizza
[movie] id have to say um cant hardly wait ah thats the shiznit right there
[tv show] south park def and family guy
[beverage] * ok orange soda i have a club called the orange soda club for the lovers of ornage soda join it
[alcoholic beverage] yea sure why not oh your asking what kind um rumplemints baby all the way
[subject] subject hmm
[teacher] none
[radio station] 106.1 bli,z100
[book] any
[holiday] my birfday
[sport] no
[fast food] McDonalds
[color to wear] id say red it brings muh eyes out
[number] 69
[place to eat] i duno.....
[ice cream flavor] mint choclate chip

* ? other questions
[do you drink] yea
[do you smoke] no .....
[do you consider yourself attractive] um look at me do you think so?
[do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy] i can be
[do you have a cd burner] yeh

ok now that you know a little about me yea add me to your list please !!! :)

_ /\ _ ¸.·¤**¤·.,¸,.·¤**¤·.
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