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20th September 2003

9:39am: to make angela happy
I have now posted something on Blurty. This will make GiGI happy. Amber is a booty butt

7th August 2003

11:31am: I'm reading a facinating book right now called "Lies My Teacher Told Me" written by James Loewen. Basically he's discussing the errors, omissions, and inconsistencies found in twelve different high school history textbooks. Due to his experience as a college history professor, he believes that,

"...history is the only field [of study in high school] in which the more courses students take, the stupider they become." (2)

Really scary to think that what has been and continues to be taught about history in high schools is basically innacurate and sometimes downright false.
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5th August 2003

11:44pm: trying again
Here I go...trying to get everything to work out. Hmmmm....
Current Mood: flirty
11:16pm: testing
Hello...this is my first time doing this....ta da!
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