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Well hello there... [02 Aug 2003|12:05am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Rise Against-Black Masks and Gasoline ]

So this is my new journal, yes i've moved on again dunno why just felt the need, i want this one to be more private needs somewhere to put stuff down.
Yeah so Sagar's been gone just over a week and i miss him like fuck i mean really badly, he's fuckin everything to me it sucks because i honestly thought i was getting over him but obviously not. I dunno maybe i'm not meant to just yet, but after all the shit that went on before he left maybe the break is a good thing just don't seem like it.
I've just started to worry about my GCSE results and how i didn't do as well as i could have done and why is my whole fuckin life about not acheiving my potential?
And yes i will whinge in this journal and if you don't like i'd sttop reading now.
Love to all the punk rockers and moon stompers out there

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