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just a late night talk about avril... December 22 2002
music - freakish, saves the day

(me= punkstar 116. chris = greengiant)

punkstar116: that avril video is on
punkstar116: vh1
greengiant41701: lol. . .
punkstar116: it's damn cold nighttttttttttttt
punkstar116: trying figure out this life
punkstar116: take me by the hand...
punkstar116: infest me with stds i don't already have...
punkstar116: pay me 20 bucks...
punkstar116: hey, 1.00 discount!
greengiant41701: lol
greengiant41701: !!!!
greengiant41701: hahahahaha
punkstar116: she probably wrote that song about prostituting
punkstar116: you know she did
punkstar116: little whore.
punkstar116: are you watching the video?
greengiant41701: no
punkstar116: i don't get it...
punkstar116: if it's a damn cold night, then why the hell are you wearing shorts, avril????
greengiant41701: lol!!!
punkstar116: i guess she thinks it'll make her more hardcore.

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December 8 2002
i've hardly ate anything all day - not that i'm trying to lose weight or anything (not that it would hurt, but whatever...) but i've just not been hungrey. and then it hit all of a sudden - grapes. i want some grapes. i remembered my mom bought a big new pack of the big purple grapes (my favorite) and i went into the kitchen to retrive them and put them in my belly and guess what?

there weren't any.

i don't ask for much, i just want some fucking grapes!!!!

sorry, it's like 2:30 am. i'm delusional.
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November 30 2002
I really dislike Ashanti for many reasons. I even hate her almost as much as Avril.
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November 28 2002
mood - weird
music - hands down, dashboard

Me -> "Ms. Rodreguiz, can you catch your thumb?"
Ms. Rodreguiz -> "You Americans are so weird...."

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November 13 2002
mood - silly
music - i'll catch you, the get up kids

I almost got my ass kicked today by some girl I don't even know.
Me and my friend, Andrew, were standing around the hallway and each person that walked by, I'd say "There he/she goessss!" as if we were talking about them, and I said that when some girl walked by. I guess she was just paranoid and got in my face and called me a bitch and started saying really profaine things to me.
Stupid me, not being able to take anything serious, start mocking her and my friend Andrew had to grab me before she beat me to a bloddy pulp.
That was funnn!

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November 12 2002
mood - odd
music - the eighth day, the june spirit

Do you want to know what's funnnn? Stalking a complete stranger. It's very fun. Just following them down the hallway and when they turn around to look at you, you dodge behind the lockers.

"Hey, there's that weird girl!" - Some kid I was stalking the other day

Nooo, I've been caught!

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November 11 2002
Being a teenager blows major chicken.
Whatever that means.
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Poop on you. November 10 2002
Yadda, yadda, yadda.
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