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Choking on nothing, its clear in my head, im screaming for something.. [03 Apr 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Blink 182<3 ]

Im extremely bored. Ive been on the computer all day/listening to music. I made 6-7 new wallpapers. I dont know how to get them actually on my freewebs site though. I also forgot how to get the color not change to blurry when I save it.I drew 4 new pictures and colored some of my old ones(plus new ones)
Jeans dad talked to my mom last night. Im assuming he told her that it was an all day thing and that their were many bands on it. He also said that its gonna be like 25-something($). Which is a good thing. My mom said that she didnt care that much because she already said yes before. She thought it was nice of him to call and let her know about the concert too. Im so happy. I dont want to wait until August to go though. Plus, my mom said I cant go to any other concerts until after that one. Ill beg depending on how good the concert is. But it would have to be during the summer. Warped Tour is in like 82 days or something. It was on the site, haha I go just look at the countdown. Their saying the names of the bands that are playing at each date and they havent done MA/August 18th yet. Of couse, because its the last one.
No ones been home all day. Its been an okay day..yet boring. I really really want to get new clothes/cds/posters. My moms bringing me shopping soon. Im gonna get the orange yellowcard shirt and other bands shirts that arent black. My mom said I CANT get shirts for the summer that are black. She claims I have too many black ones(I do). Im gonna tell my mom I need some "summer cds",hahaha.
_Jean, do you think you could sleep over tonight?_

Im out like a fat girl at a dodge ball game,

Ive been here before a few times, and im quite aware were dying..-Blink 182-

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