ohOHoh ohOHoh   
04:38pm 14/01/2004
mood: morose
music: (idunevnnowut*morose*meansijusfellikputnitthr) switchfoot-24
kelly is switching school for semester
and so is lindsey
i worry about kelly
not so much lindsey
lindsey has don at her new school
kelly has no one
and she cried
i didnt know kelly could cry
i lob her
my wittoe kellogs
10:28pm 13/01/2004
mood: crazy
music: Simple Plan - Perfect
i feel like my blurty is my child and he has been neglected lately :( poor blurty
*holds blurty* i shall name you blurty..and you shall be my blurty
im such a smart ass
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turkey lurkey dap   
05:13pm 02/01/2004
mood: enraged
music: Limp Bizkit - Red Light, Green Light
i feel unappreciated
my mom and little sister are downstairs yelling at each other and watching the adventures of jimmy neutron on nickelodeon
and im listening to limp bizkit
every single guy i know is caught up in his own drama and wants to show me a little bit and im sick of it
i hate it when guys are so dramatic
get over yourself
ahhh i want to hurt someone
everybody sucks
you WHORes
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i stole it from amy haha :)   
09:49pm 31/12/2003
mood: cold
music: Limp Bizkit - Build a Bridge
copy, paste, and fill it out! :)

x I ____ Jessica.
x Jessica is ____.
x If I were alone in a room with Jessica, I would ____.
x I think Jessica should ____.
x Jessica needs ____.
x Jessica will never ____.
x I want to _____ Jessica.
x Jessica can ____ my _____.
x When I think about Jessica, I ____.
x Someday Jessica will _____.
x Jessica reminds me of _____.
x Without Jessica, ____.
x Memories of Jessica are ____.
x Jessica can be ____.
x ____ is how I describe meeting Jessica.
x Worst thing about Jessica is ____.
x Best thing about Jessica is _____.
x Jessica _____.
x I read Jessica's journal because _____.
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