04:53pm 05/06/2003
mood: aggravated
music: Your Own Disaster Taking Back Sunday
The little kids just got here, with blue hair and asking for beers. I'm not quite sure whats worse, them or my parenst who just complained and complained tht their house wasn't clean enough althought it's perfectly fine. They just bitched at me to be ready to go to work, which yes I understand I have to wear my uniform to work mom, and yes I know that I have to change, I can't go naked. And I "Better be prepared!" And they'll be 20 minutes later than they should be. I should have taken a nap earlier so I could have missed all the yelling, they don't understand that I'm sitting around because this is the only time I'll have to relax at all, the rest of the summer will be spent working 40 + hours at 2 jobs and I feel so sick. I have a head ache and the kids aren't going to help any... so I'll stop whining now and get going to work... oh boy!