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Babygirl's Journal

30th March, 2005. 5:10 pm.

[grant] youre hot
[me] thanks
[grant] wanna fuck
[me] no
[grant] lol
[grant] why
[grant] im only joking around
[me] im only 12 thanks
[grant] older on your profile
[me] no im 12
[grant] oh
[me] yes
[me] pervert
[grant] how the fuck do i know
[me] you seen my pics
[grant] ya
[grant] you look older
[me] no im 12
[me] quit making up excuses
[me] pervert
[me] no im not 12
[grant] youre not 12?
[me] why?
[me] are you not interested cuz im not 12?
[grant] youre fucked up
[me] youre sweet
"grant is now offline"

Current mood: hungover.
Current music: this very moment- k ci and jojo.

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27th March, 2005. 8:29 pm.

[wesley] whats a turn on for u
[wesley] lol
[me] um
[me] nothing
[wesley] theres gotta be something
[me] um
[me] feet
[wesley] what
[wesley] lol
[me] yes
[me] feet
[wesley] are u a virgin
[me] yes
[wesley] u like oral sex
[me] no
[me] just feet
[wesley] lol
[wesley] we should hook up
[me] why?
[me] you like feet?
[wesley] yep
[wesley] lol
[me] ew thats kinda sick
[wesley] lol
[wesley] i dont mind em
[wesley] lol
[me] ew feet are gross
[wesley] lol
[me] :S
[me] what's wrong with you?
"wesley is now offline"

Current mood: giggly.
Current music: cocum and mom.

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25th March, 2005. 4:04 pm.

[jeff] hey cutie pie
[jeff] how you doing?
[me] dying
[jeff] dying?
[me] yes
[jeff] what do you mean?
[me] im dying
[jeff] whats wrong with you?
[me] im dying, isnt that problem enough?
[jeff] but youre too young and pretty to die
[me] yes i know
[jeff] besides your dying, how you been?
[me] wtf im dying here
[jeff] is it cancer or other things?
[me] wtf does cancer have to do with anything?
[jeff] well, then whats causing...
[jeff] you know...
[me] huh? o, no, im not dying
[jeff] dying ur hair then? cuz a while ago you said you were dying
[me] i didn't say i was dying
[jeff] ya you did
[me] no i didn't
[me] that wasn't me
[me] that was you
[jeff] was not i
[me] yes
[me] i think it was
[me] i gotta go
[me] bye
[jeff] ok
[jeff] bye
[me] remember me when i'm dead
"jeffwowk is now offline"

Current mood: amused.
Current music: san andreas.

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15th March, 2005. 6:49 pm.

ha, so i redid my nexus. its great. i love it. and kristen is a bitch. and shes gonna have to die. but ill work on that some other time.

Current mood: loved.
Current music: first cut is the deepest.

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14th March, 2005. 11:38 pm.


Current mood: irritated.
Current music: mom on the phone.

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12th March, 2005. 6:09 pm.

im gonna hurt damian. i fucking hate him. but i'm not gonna do it right now. for now, ima sit here and drink.

Current mood: drunk.
Current music: dumb and dumber.

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10th March, 2005. 9:55 pm.

blah. i fucking hate being sick. so damian and chad stopped calling me. and my manager penny got fired. it's been weird. two hours til i get paid though. so im happy.

Current mood: sick.
Current music: ceiling fan.

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3rd March, 2005. 11:21 pm.

hahaha. so we were at the law courts. and jenell seen this guy she has the hots for. he can make his penis dance. :P

Current mood: uncomfortable.
Current music: news.

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2nd March, 2005. 8:29 am.

so i've been talking to ryan alot more. and damian is pissed off at me. cuz me and penny were making fun of him cuz of what he said on my answering machine. ok. so he calls one night and i didnt answer so he talks to my voice mail. i check it the next morning and hes like o i think i might care enough to love you. and im like omg wtf. so i told penny. and hes like well why did you tell penny. and im like why do you say stupid shit on my answering machine. and hes like maybe cuz i meant it, i dont say things like that unless i mean it. so i hung up. so hes all mad and wont talk to me. good. finally. hes like a weird stalker freak. and cuz hes mad at me, he wont do his job at work, which makes it harder for me when i go in for work in the morning. blah, whatever. so i get to enjoy my day off from work, by covering for penny at work. the joy. but i get to leave two hours early tomorrow for court.

Current mood: thirsty.
Current music: need for speed underground 2.

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27th February, 2005. 9:47 pm.

im happy. i got my eyebrow pierced. and now im thinking i need another piercing. and i have court on thursday, and the only reason im going is because jenell said that it fucked up her schedule. so i feel bad. ya, so i was just reading her journal. and i'm amused.

Current mood: amused.
Current music: csi miami.

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