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Friday, April 4th, 2003

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    Entry No.9
    I'm bouncing off the walls again, I'm looking like a fool again, I threw away my reputation....ONE MORE SONG FOR THE RADIO STATION!!!!

    I've been singing that most of today. Just that line coz i like SCREAMING out the last bit.. he he he.... I'm such a good punk rock chick when I'm happy ^^ And you know what i am happy today, i'm full of groovy geetar riffs and melodic voices mixed with rawkish screaming and god knows what other shit... he he he... but its ALL good *w00000000t*

    Anyway- today i got up late again coz i couldnt sleep all night *no prizes for guessing why^^* So came on comp before i went to school *glee* Ein was there lol, and erm... someone else... i cant remember who. Anyway was later getting to Media (baaah Ein making me late dammit) but guess who got a "perfect" from Mr Hall for her Media Studies Advanced Production Coursework Log... oh yeah.. it was me!! I got my intelligence back! w000t!!! So yes i am dead proud of myself ^^. Anyway got the nice paper of Bina for my Manga and erm... hung out with Ghalib period three.

    Ghalib is like the BEST! he he he... He's so funny and stupid, it's always good to have friend like him around, it means you're never bored!! Anyway he owes me dinner because he deserted me on rawk lunchtime (not that i minded lol i was with Tuell but you know) So we're going to Wagamama a Japanese restaurant in Islington which should be very very groovy indeed. He he he... still cant stop laughing at the fact they ALL got non camping tickets for V2003 and it's gonna cost like seven times the amount coz they have to shell out for a B'n'B for four nights in Festival Peak Time. They are all gonna be broke.

    *dances about happily*

    James comes back from Spain tomorrow. And im going to stay over at my Aunties house coz she's having a dinner party on Saturday, GAMECUBE WEEKEND! Lol yes all i am going to do is play the bloody Gamecube until Sunday morning... hours of sleep Juni will get this weekend.... 0... lol.. I cant go to that house and not stay up all night playing games it's just too hard... Anyway i think thats about it for now you know... Might write a bit more later ^^

    Juni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Current Mood: loved
    Current Music: Come Dig Me Out- Kelly Osbourne (screw it, i like this song)
    Random Entry No.2
    Your anime hair color is pink.

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    Pink!!!!! MY GAWWWWWDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Hotel Yorba- The White Stripes

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